Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa baby...I've been an awful good girl!

Well girls, how has it been in blogland? Here are the christmas pics at a glance. Lovin Amanda- she dyed my hair...twice. The first time, all hormonal hair went almost black!!! So picky bitch me went back and she blondied it up for me, lovin her. The kids did get their top picks for christmas. Kian is too funny- his list was short. An ipod nano, a remote controlled gas powered car and his own cell phone. Santa was unfortunately out of about $1000 dollars!!! Yeah, he didn't get everything on his list. Just the IPOD. Shucks. Porter got his leapster Imax and Ireland was lovin her baking stuff. Vaughn just smiled about everything. Don't we wish they all were like that.
Finally tracked down Tam at the Children's place for a special delivery. Hope you love your wall words. Nice to finally put a face to all those great layouts. I feel sooooo bad for ya girl. there was only like 3 million people in west ed!! There was a line up at Hollister of like 150 people. I'm sorry but i would never want to buy an article of clothing badly enough to wait in line for an hour to get in a store, look then wait in line another hour to pay for crap!Who has this kind of time.
I did buy a sweet bathing suit from this half naked cougar in swimco. I mean, I wanted to buy her a shirt to put on cuz it was just wrong!! I bought an awesome reversible pink and black Guess bathing suit. I am going to challenge myself girls... be afraid the next few sentences are not for the weak of heart.
I have lost 12 pounds already. If i manage to lose and get my goal weight by feb before i go to mexico, I will post my (YIKES!!!) beofre photos. BAwhaaahaaaa! No laughing. But hey, if the after photo looks good then why nooot. So apparently my friend said I am going to go play pool and have a beer with her so she can tell me about her redneck christmas. Bye gals- check ya later!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All Martha'd

Well thanks Tammy! I took my inspiration from you to snap some christmas pics. I love my pier one alcohol trays, they are stainless and red glass. Found the martini glasses at the bay for...25cents on clearance!!! I am not kidding. I wish they had more but I only scored six. Had to buy the fresh roses at costco- they have opened sooo pretty. I think I am going to put off cleaning until saturday after my dear? children are sleeping so it will still be clean on sunday! Little devils- gotta love em. I seriously need to get my stuff for the table and goody! The epicure lady came today. If you haven't tried the grand marnier cranberry sacue- you have not seriously lived... this stuff is heaven! Yep- curves be damned, I am having a teaspoon on my all white piece of turkey! I don't even care if I have a jiggly ass!
I have tried to stop by everyones blog but it is christmas so if I missed anyone, sorry and Merry Christmas. I will try to post in the midst of my crazy schedule. I can't wait cuz our little nephew Parker is coming next week, he is bringing mom and dad, but this kid is adam sandler funny.
Plus I think he is cuter than gerber baby cute!!! I will post pics of his mug when thye arrive. i am sure he would love to be famous in blog land. lol!

Monday, December 18, 2006


To all of you who have all your christmas last minute stuff done- a big stick outie tongue to you! Courtesy of Vaughn. Yes, I do have other children but they go to school so who else to take pics of? I don't want him to be in therapy saying- My mom didn't love me! Look at this baren album! He has the funniest faces and makes me laugh, so even though he is sticking out his tongue at you- bet it makes ya smile!
I went to Kim's to scrapbook yesterday. Her husband did this amazing job of refinishing their basement! i am so sucking up so he will come to my house and take the carpet off my stairs! I had a tough time deciding what to bring, had to find a sitter last minute...blah blah blah. So anyway, I was on Sarah's blog and saw an amazing layout. I totally scraplifted it and I love it even more cuz it is of my two little monsters!For those of you who haven't seen her stuff, it is amazing. She is a designer extroirdinaire, (can't spell this morning!) It is tough for me to choose what to bring because i am used to having all my supplies handy.
Big kisses for you organized girls who come here and scrapbook and seem to have everything at your fingertips! I am just not that organized. So much to do! Our whole family (siblings, spouses, kids 30ppl) are coming for Christmas eve. I have so many little things to do!!! Maybe it would be a good idea to take my computer to be cleaned so I can stop going to everyone's blog and get some work done! I just love seeing what you crafty bitses are up to everyday though!
I got these awesome giant felt snowflakes at fabricland. i am using them as placemats because we have a big square pub table and regular mats are too big. I will post a pic of the table all done. After dayhome kids leave today, I am getting a clear tablecloth to protect them. Only 7 more sleeps til christmas- I was informed three times today by all of my children.
Mean momma- last year my eldest unwrapped and rewrapped his gifts, with the one i caught him opening, he had to donate to the christmas bureau and it was the thing he wanted most. I got smarter this year. I removed temptation and numbered all the presents and wrote the corresponding number on a paper. LOST THE PAPER!!! Luckily I remember who went first and so on. happy wrapping girls.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy Day

How gorgeous is this wreath? If you are reading this Karla, I am "feathers and all crazy"! It just screamed buy me, so I did!Cheapskate though, I am waiting for the matching little trees to go on clearance before I buy them. They'll make a nice decoration for our new year's eve party. You'd have to be crazy to buy all the "feathers" at regular price. Damn you WINNERS.The staff discount there is only 10% or I would work there. I think I pay the lease there every month! It goes really well in our house because most of our fixtures are black. It has been a crazy busy couple of days! My friend had a cookie exchange so Vaughn and I got all done up to go. Nice to be out of my standard issue track suit for a few hours. I think the ladies who have kids in my dayhome were scared that I had on makeup and jeans! And it is official, my kid is a giant! There were two other babies at the exchange and they weighed 17 lbs each. The moms were like oh your 7 month old still has those new baby features. I'm like yeah cuz he's only three months old. They go whhaaaaaat?! They couldn't believe he was 16 pounds! Givin him the good stuff baby! Little curves update- lost 8 pounds since monday! I was so good, no egg nog and only 1 square at the exchange. It was tiramisu nanaimo! Never heard of it before but let me tell you people, I think I about died and went to heaven. Savoured every morsel.
Porter's Christmas concert was also today. He was an elf. He looked so cute! I think his favorite part was eating the snacks afterwards. He is in the middle in the grey sweater. He practiced all his songs all week long NON STOP!!! I thought if I heard "three little christmas trees" one more time, I just might lose my mind. When he sang it though, you could hear him and I was so proud, like, yep that's my boy he knows all the words.
Going to see my best girl Cerys in the city today. I can't wait! She is in school there.I also decided to let my kids see my estranged mother. Haven't seen or spoke to her in a year.maybe I am feeling the christmas spirit or whatever but I told her I would drop the three big kids off for an hour. My family is no Beaver Cleaver, well maybe the cleaver part.lol! Everyone is just not entirely normal. I am torn between feeling obligated to let them go and the mother instinct in me screaming back away! Too crazy of details for a blog. I'm not kidding my life is an unintentional soap opera. I can't even make this shit up! Each day I lay down to slepp and think , "Phew, made it through one more day without anything too crazy happening" and unfortunately it is because I am not around my immediate family members. We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Curves ahead

My sister has been going to curves for a while. Since she is blind she had no use for the book. She gave it to lucky ol me. This was seriously my last resort! I decided to follow the menu like a rocket scientist and see what happened. Well I lost four pounds from yesterday to today! No joke! I am sure it is water weight but cool cuz who wants to look like a baby beluga? Not I. My cousin wanted the book so I am just sending her the menu each day for the next day.

Trust me, it was hard walking by the plate of chocolates and smelling them...true trust of willpower. (well okay, I did sneak one!)
That pic of my son is from last year. I want to do some this year but haven't been real inspired yet. Maybe today I will steal dh new camera and get creative. It is so freakin cold I just want to snuggle under a cozy blankie. Felt like Martha last night so Bonnie, Anne, Chris and Pearl are getting a little pick me up today after I drop Porter at playschool. take care of you girls!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Domestic Goddess...

Hey girls. Was a busy day. I went and made chocolates with my sister, step mom, sil and a bunch of others. We all cranked out a bunch and shared them.I feel bad becuz my sister wanted to help but she is blind. I gave her a tip from one of my classes- rice krispies and chocolate. Mix together drop on spoonfuls on wax paper and let set. My step mom made this caramel...tomorrow it will be like"Hi this is Jenny, what up with the fat ass you collected on the weekend?" Sorry Ms Craig!I ate way too much of it! I could have barfed.
My sweet babes is feeling a bit better. I swear he suffers from narcolepsy. I mean this kid eats and sleeps.He doesn't even stank up his diapers daily. He did cough up a big nice slimy gooober on me, not nice! I feel so bad cuz he can't tell you what he needs.
My camera still won't upload pics, the cable is loose or something. Grrr!
DH went to costco for some stuff for a cheeseball- came back with a sweet new digital camera- no cheeseball stuff. He says I couldn't find it. I sat wondering hmmm...is that because electronics is no where near the dairy section? just a thought. Maybe i will be scamming this camera when he brings it back from work.
Domestic Goddess and Ann please post a link to your blogs or galleries. Anyone new to my blog, please include a link so I can see who is visiting. Love to meet new people and see there stuff, thanks for all your blog love.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Yesterday officially sucked! Vaughn and I went to the doctor and he says no more gym for me! I have only been going a week and I am now on another prescription stemming from complications with my cesarean. So more lab work, more drugs, no cleaning the junk outta my trunk! Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse ...it did.
Vaughn was having trouble nursing wednesday night cuz he had a snotty nose. i thought that was all it was. By yesterday morning his breathing was very rattly. We had him checked out and they put him on steroids and an inhaler. The doctor is "hoping" we caught it in time as he said it could easily escalate to the point of Vaughn being hospitalized and on oxygen and ventolin and nebulizers as he is only three months old. My poor babes.
We had a very long night. He would wake up and just WAAAAAAA! And it had this horrible drag from having a tough time breathing.Then of course when he settled in I was wide awake listening for this croupy breath cuz I was worried he would stop breathing.Come on mommies, i know I am not the only one who checks on their baby and looks to see if they are breathing just in case..He missed his feeding at 5 and is still not up. I hope he is just having a good rest and not too sick to eat.
So off I go to another sleep deprivation day. To my sweet friend who offered to come sit while I slept LOOOVING you baby! That is yes, yes and yes. Sleep would be fabulous!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What we wished for!

Normally I wouldn't pick this cheesy border but hey there wasn't a big selection. I'm standing in line looking ahead like who would order that? Then I saw the selection and I'm like yeah I'll take that one. Nice. It was a free pic day for babies at our mall so hey saved me 15 bucks. Yeah, you read that correctly 15 bucks. Times that by 4 kids for a santa pic. Call me cheap but I remember when Kian was little and it was like 2 bucks. K I'm letting that go now. Going to SCAN my christmas mini album to post at l2s my camera won't work. Love having a plan b.See ya in the gallery girls.

Family christmas

Here are some of the photos of the kids for our christmas card. Love Vaughn smiling at his big sissy. Sooo sweet. This boy has more chins than a phone book in China! What a chubby !
We decided to go with this one. Vaughn had no smiles for this one but he's just a cutie pie so all is forgiven.I love having a baby in the house again except...them homemade christmas cards. About that, if anyone was expecting one...keep waiting if it doesn't show up in the mail! LOL! I may sent one or two to my best girls and everyone else gets the pre-made. That doesn't mean I don't luv ya!
I am certifiably crazy. My dd brought home a sign up sheet for her class- she signed me up to make cookies for their party. Um... hellooooo daughter, mommy made like 300 for the cookie exchanges!!!! But mommy, your cookies are pretty so I said you could make some. How do you say no to that? She is a diva with a capital D this girl.
So I took out the molasses and butter and oh joy, I am making some more freakin cookies tomorrow. I love her, and secretly I love making the decorated sugar cookies and gingerbread. My computer is on strike for uploading pictures so that is why I have been slacking. Try and upload some of these when I get them done.
Thanks for all the blog love girls! Renee- checked out those spoon sisters and almost wet my pants girlfriend!Sooo funny. how do you guys find this stuff? Tried to order the tatoos for the elderly for my FIL cuz my DH told me to but they dont ship to canada. Bummer.

Monday, December 04, 2006

winter smiles

Look at that would ya! My dh is actually putting lights on my house! We made bets on how many lights it would take because he said I bought too many.I won, he lost! Ha HA! I get a new pink cozy housecoat from la senza.The next pics are of my little Etnies bad boy. Canadian baby was here today so I snapped a few pics of my own after they left cuz Vaughn was all smiles. He looks so cute. Right after I took these though, he barfed all over himself. Nice...The bottom two are my dayhome kids Carson and Lexi, what sweetie pies huh? So i just thought everyone would enjoy these little smiles as much as me. Day one is off to a good start for body for life. Hey Stace- I can be your motivator. But you have to weigh in today and weekly and I am like Gestapo!Set your goals and write em down so they are concrete. Are ya up for it? Phone me:)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

2 weeks notice

Yeah girls- the two weeks notice is on this whole mommy thing. Having one of those days where I think no matter what it will just go worng. baby blues day or whatever. Just looked and I spelled the word wrong- wrong! So not changing it either!!! I need a little break. so quoting my new favoritest (yes I know that is not a word) book
"She woke up one day and threw away all her excuses. Celebrate her accountability."
So I am starting the gym tomorrow and getting rid of thirty pounds by my birthday in march but hopefully if I am diligent, it will be more like 50. I am done with excuses and the feelings of poor me.
"Martha Mommy" is back on duty tomorrow so look out world!

winter wonderland

Here are my little snowmen! Ireland and Kian look like I sent them to school at 5 in the morning! It was 8 but man was it ever dark out! I am trying out this new photo thing and it is pretty cool.Porter went out at nine to make snow angels and came back like 5 minutes later looking like a portersicle! Vaughn just wears his cute hat cuz it's so damn cute!
Kinda cranky at my DH today. I am thinking the D won't be standing for "dear" kinda subbing in "damn" or "darn" or ...yeah I'll keep it clean. lol! He decided to work his days off so i had to cancel my plans for the weekend. (Sorry I couldn't make it Lynn).
So I made a five second trip to Edmonton and shopped like a mad woman to get some last minute gifts. I will have no other chance to get to the city. I am looking at my DH thinking heeloooo, salary! Heloooo!!!!! your wife only gets ONE day kid free!!!!Grrrrrr!
Anyway big kisses to Chris thanks for that discount card bebe! I scored some cool stuff. Bought Vaughn some baby camo pants. I will have to post a pic cuz you will all say awwwww until you just can't stare at him anymore.I shared my disocunt card with this guy at the gap cuz he didn't have one and I had heart palpitations soo bad! I felt like a SHOPLIFTER or something. I think they should just give everyone the discount for the weekend.
I am taking the Oprah pay it forward challenge. I am going to best buy to get a new tape today.Look on her website and see what you can do girls:)
Off to take some pics, finish some UFO's and will post later today. I have kinda been a slacker. Big blog kisses for all you mommies! I am putting in my two weeks notice.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Aezine Challenge

okay so this is my first ever Ali challenge.Thanks for some inspiration from Karla I totally love her style!So to try on her style a layout must have a few things- circles, a smidge of red somewhere, use stamps somewhere and she usually has a "K" but I used a "v" for Vaughn.Last but not least rounded corners here and there and journaling that is inconspicuous. I love how this LO turned out. Not my usual but I lOOOOve it.it seems so "clean" and even though I used patterned pp it doesn't look too busy to me. And hey Ali girl- thanks for puttin us up to the challenge:)

about gallery

Forgot- anyone who wanted to look at my gallery- click on the link under "she had designer resources" where it says"Tannis's gallery" just uploaded some new stuff:) P.S. Janna- how do I find your blog? What is your L2S name under?

I wanna be just like you...

My two monsters baking cookies for their
"cookie exchange"
thanks to easy bake. I am glad they want to be just like me, but not exactly.(Yes, my son is wearing his sister's PINK disney princess pj's.Long story but she REALLY wanted a baby sister. Gotta give a girl credit for improvising right?)
Okay, so today i am going to rant...and rave! rant first. I am registered for the Heidi Swapp a year to remember class. It costs like $300 and then they emailed me that shipping is another $80 bucks! I paid it because if you go to big picture
and read all the trailers etc from Heidi, you would probably fall in love with the class just like I did. I am all for sharing ideas too because it helps us all grow as scrapbookers but outright stealing?! I went to yahoo to find the class message board and inadvertantly came across this Ashburn Family Scrapbooking (ROBBERS:(who were offering Heidis class for $150 bucks!
I'm like Whaaaaaaaaaat?!! I thought this was possibly in addition to BPS.They have their little copyright thingy in the corner and bells and whistles offering every Heidi product etc. So initially I'm pissed thinking I have so been scammed here. Then i dig deeper and discover one of these uncreative scraplifting robbers registered for her class and is COPYING EVERYTHING TO THE LETTER and selling it as a class through their store without Heidis permission! I emailed her and she obviously didnt authorize it but I wanted her to know.
The worse thing is that people are registering for it! Some may not have the sense to dig deeper and think it is okay others, know and don't care. Normally I don't blog and bash but I am sorry, today I just feel compelled. Now everyone doesn't have to get all up in my s##t, but I invite you to email them telling them how wrong it is www.familyscrapbooking.net. Maybe they will feel guilty enough to stop.
K- 'nough bout that. Time for the RAVE!! I am almost done my Ali challenge, signed up for her newsletter. She suggests you "try on" someone else's style.Who else could I choose but the amazing Miss Karla Dudley! I fell in love with a layout of hers from the L2S gallery. I stayed up until one working on it and I am tired this morning but still deliriously happy over how it turned out. Seriously people- I think I must be half asleep because I am thinking on taking on a huge project that is business related,gonna make some calls today. I will keep you in suspense as for further details but I will update you on the progress. you can find out whether I really just needed more sleep or if my sleep deprivation has led me to a viable business venture. Keep blogging! Oh and don't forget about the shit disturbers i previously mentioned:)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Martha would be jealous

Okay- crafty me was feeling energetic. Check out Ireland's birthday stash! I Love how this stuff turned out and I am not even done yet but had to share! Old fashioned garden party... I can't wait!
Okay so here is the proof of my productivity this morning. I am loving this whole day home thing cuz I keep my J-lo butt out of bed after the kids get on the bus rather than going back to sleep!!
I made 144 ginger spice cookies and packed them in my little paint can tins then Porter and I made Poinsettas. The first two were all fancy then he wanted to help...so the rest kinda look like pink daisies with yellow sugar all over, but hey...they taste damn good. Martha will be calling soon for the recipe:)So to all you procrastinator girls..I'm tagging ya to get cracking. Kudos to Chris for also gettin a head start on her birthday bags! Am I rubbing off on you? You could be the next Martha...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

gallery is working!!

okay, so maybe my gallery isn't new york worthy- I saw some amazing ones while there- but it is my own little version of amazing...to me:)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jesus has arrived!

YAY! Didnt have to hunt my bebe down on ebay. One of my friends who think they are funny said that Hallmark was sold out of this set. I asked them to pick it up for me cuz I had too many dayhome kids- but niner was just messing with my head! SOOO mean! But okay, funny too. I mean I was up all night on ebay and I am thinking you cant have a nativity set with no bebeJesus!
Ireland helped me set it up. Totally cool on the mantle because we have these little pot lights, doesn't it look like it was meant to be? I love love love it! I know, I am a psycho! And congrats to the three girls who are getting a star. No one left there email but luckily two I knew and I had to hunt you down Lynn but I am resourceful!
I am so freakin busy, I was invited to two cookie exchanges but I am really lacking motivation to bake right now. I made some low fat banana bread (cuz I am trying to lose the ass I gained while pregnant), and I am telling you, dont do it! Put the sugar in and savour every bite cuz this s@#* was nasty! I mean the kids wouldnt eat it. I had a piece and it tasted like cardboard, we threw it out.
I made super cute tins for the cookies though. i will post them tomorrow. I found awesome mache mini picnic baskets at michaels and I am dying to paint them. Ireland is having an old fashioned garden party for her next b-day and these said BUY ME! um... yeah her birthday is in ...august... but in my defence we are having the party in May cuz her brothers is the next month and no kids come to summer parties. I like to be organized plus this is going to be a fun project. Bye for now -gotta do a batman cake!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Check out my RAk!

check out my RAK! Okay, every year our kids bring home tags off a tree at school for those less fortunate. We buy one thing for four kids that are the same age as our kids. Kian, my eldest says to me "How come this kid asked for a hoodie if he could ask for anything?"

I then explained that when you dont even have the necessities, sometimes even though you want toys, you know you need a hoodie more. So then I got to thinking about the word RAK. In the scrapbooking world you always hear about RAKs. Random acts of Kindness. So see the beautiful star and tag? I am on a mission.

I am extending the invitation for everyone to bring back the meaning of Christmas. The star is left on someones bed and you do something nice for them.They take the star then do something nice for someone and leave the star on their bed and so on. So I made some-not exactly like the pic and the first three people who post their email in my comment section get one! I am going to start this with my kids as a tradition.

For the month of December, I am going to try and help them to use it once a day. I hope it reminds them to enjoy the little things and not to think Christmas is about toys. All I ask is that those of you receiving a star, also extend three RAKs to people outside your home. I am sending flowers to a friend who was bummed out, a babysitting coupon for another couple who I know would enjoy a night out together, and another little surprise to a friend who just inspires me in many ways.

So feeling festive- even though every store is sold out of my baby Jesus willow tree set that I need to complete my nativity scene.I am going shoppin on ebay. Early Merry ho ho to all:)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay so here are the before and afters of my wall. I look especially gorgeous in my pj's I know. Don't beg, I will not be giving away autographed copies of this photo! I stood in front of it so you can see how big this is. I pretend I am 5 foot 3 but probably I am a bit shorter. I informed Matt there would be a line up for these but no one can order one just like mine. I was going to hang a frame in the middle with 9 opening s that has our family pics in it but I just love it so much right now that I dont want to cover it up just yet.
So i guess that is all for now, santa has some shopping to do.Look at my bebe! he is getting so big and cuter by the minute. See you in your blog world:)

Monday, November 20, 2006


okay, my camera batteries died so I will keep you in suspense until tomorrow but my bare wall is dressed thanks to Matty. Ilove you MATTY! This is one of my hairbrained ideas from a magazine that was like WOW! Even my DH took a pic of it with his camera phone(I caught him!) so until tomorrow... soak up the suspense, I am wallowing in amazement, still! Did I already say I love it? Oh, cuz I love it!

what a weekend

This weekend was so fun! I participated in my first ever online crop! I was so ancy to try and complete every challenge and it was amazing how much I got done. My favorite LO was these two of Vaughn. (thanks Leslie Lightfoot for the inspiration to use real patterns on my lo) I also finished Ireland's birthday pics and a bunch more.I think I am so crazy, this week I am going to try and do the challenges from the crop in October. It may be a way to get lots done! I never made it to bed before 2 both nights so I am suffering from lack of sleep.Thanks to stacy who I scored some cool seven gypsies binding tape from. It was the perfect way to finish of my mini album for HOF
you so should have stayed longer! I hope you got all your projects done and Karla you finally got to crop with the girls, so to speak!You put out some amazing stuff!
Today I started dayhome again. I have three sweet little boys and one little girl-yay! another female in my house. They all only come like 12 days a month so it isnt too crazy and I have some extra cashola for supplies or shopping or whatever.Check out all my layouts in the L2S gallery. To any who haven't checked it out my stuff is under cakemommy1. take care!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I take your challenge Karla!

Well, I think I am up to the challenge to share the quirks that are just me. Lucky for those of you reading who dont know me personally, I talk...A LOT! not kidding. It is one of my worst traits at times and other times it is my best. All depends on the day... you knwo those ones when you wish you would have just shut up?

Things I tend to repeat...besides myself lol

I love using brown ink

love the Rhonna swirlies of any kind

I am all about pink, black and brown paper

i love vintage and shabby chic stuff

i do millions of little girl LO's cuz I am surrounded by a sea of boys

I want to try so much

- I love the Ali style but haven't quite mastered it yet

-I want to complete a book that I saw an Idea for on the big picture(I took the photos and they are being developed as we speak:)

-I want to try Heidis big picture class- registering tomorrow!

-to think outside the box more

-try a whole new line of PP and make it work, I am not risky enough when I scrapbook

Things I am cranky without

- an intravenously fed line of pepsi

-dixie chicks CD playing or James (my boyfriend) blunt

-my brown ink pad

-my zig fineline marker

- my sewing machine- I kept breaking needles when doing my HOF mini album- thought the world would end

-my computer, thanks for fixing it HB

-my kodak easy share-which isnt working right now grrr!

Weird things I do

- i also talk to myself...and answer when no one is looking

-I simultaneously work on 6 things at once- can't stay focused

-also say look honey, aren't I amazing?

- Talk about scrap celebs as if I actually know them...right Jessi roflmao

-get very creative between 1 and 3 am...maybe lack of sleep ?

-stage scenes to photograph, my kids are like oh here we go again

- when the gals go out, we always take at least one photo of the skinny pose and one of the kissy face. I love the kissy face!

Okay, this pic is a bit blurry but they are always fun-

All the other weird thngs I do, I am keeping to myself...so hard to make good friends these days ya know?

Dear Santa,

I have had very few psychotic episodes this year. Please bring me the following in very prettily wrapped boxes

- a digital camera that doesnt suck

some computer software

a trip to mexico for my birthday-seriously

Well I am being paged my sweet babe who is hungry...again. How much can one little boy eat? I mean seriously that is like 15 times today! He is 14 lbs already at two months old and started out at 7. Must be a record

Sunday, November 12, 2006

crafty witches

okay so lately my daughter has been expressing her creativity in less than admiral ways.she cuts up shapes and paper dollies like nobody's business!That is so fun she thought hmmm, I bet I'd make a great hairdresser, snip snip, I bet my new outfit from the gap would look great with little circles cut all around the hem, snippety snip. Wow she thought I am amazing with scissors, the next Dolce and Gabanna! I can expand into a textiles line and cut up this quilt that has been handed down!!!
But alas, every designer runs into a snag, hers - mommy wearing her angry eyes and a handful of fabric scraps in hand! So I confiscate all the scissors and lock them in my scrapbook cabinet. Today she comes to me with these puppy dog eyes and says
"Momma, would I please be able to borrow some scissors to make a craft?
"No, you are unable to use them until next week and then only with supervision" she stares me down and I swear made a little tear in her eye and says ,"okay mommy"
I am on the phone with my husband and I get up calmly and leave the room and burst into tears! I hate to see what 10 years will bring. Damn! This girl is GOOD! He laughs as he has missed out on the new manipulation face. I think she practices them in the mirror! All you moms out there with little girls...watch out for these little crafty ones, I salute you!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


This boy! Look at that smile. I could just eat him up! He looked so cute in his little gown and he was smiley boy. Father laughed because Vaughn laughed as father poured water on him.He never cried once though other babies did. It was an awesome day! Everyone gathered at the house and I think I saw Andrew (Godfather)get that look- like hey, we should make us one of these baby people. I'm trying to help ya out Anne. lol. Anyway, wanted everyone to see this beautiful smile and be remember that we should not measure our time in minutes but by moments.

Friday, November 10, 2006

still got it

Amazing, I am still able to complete a cake project. It took me forever but I love how it turned out. Hopefully no one notices the odd fingerprint where big brother tested for quality. Today was a good day. We met some new kids who played with Ireland and Porter and they never drove me crazy. I guess they ran out of ideas yesterday.lol.Vaughn is wide awake totally unaware that he will be such a special boy tomorrow. I know I am biased- but he is sooo cute! Just love him even though he still isnt a girl.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

People have said that I am certifiably crazy cuz I plan my childrens birthday right down to the treat bags, a year in advance sometimes. Today, three of the four drove me insane! One picked up when the child before ran out of steam. Is there a God? Is he playing tricks on me? When they were asleep I started on Vaughn's baptism cake for Saturday. I painstakingly cut "lace" details into the gown. Once I got going I was like yay me! I then realized that I do this because I love them even though there are days when I'd love to...you know. Anyways, I haven't made a cake in months. I was excited to see the details take shape. I want the kids to look back and say wow! Mom made sure that my day was special because she loves me. I hope that Vaughn will know how special he is to us not only on this day but everyday. I know I am crazy mommy with "angry eyes" sometimes because these kids make patience a bad word on occasion...but gotta love em you know. All are sleeping and I am almost in tears to see Port snuggled up with his arm around Vaughn in mommas bed. Makes it all worth it.I will post the finished product tomorrow. I am excited for the kids to see it. Gnight all u late night bloggers

cakemommy returns!

okay, so I have had people tell me how I need professional help cuz I plan my childrens birthday parties a year in advance right down to the coordinating treat bags. Tonight I started making Vaughn's baptism cake and I was reminded why I do it. I haven't created a cake in months. I painstakingly cut "lace" into the gown for hours and added pearl dust... the baptism is three days away. I do this because I want my children to look back and know how specail they are to me and how I am glad for every moment I get to share with them.The cake should be done tomorrow and I will post a pic but I was so excited that I had to write. I wanted to post the beginning tonight but of course my "rechargable" batteries werent charge. Maybe cuz I take too many pics?...nah!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

taking the long way around

Candice and me waiting in the snowflakes for her "flakey" boyfriend.lol yay!! i finally made it to the DCX concert. It was amazing!I was a little special ed in the picture taking department but it was tough when the lighting changed every few seconds. I was under the weather and didn't even shop when I was in the city. Luckily after throwing up and a little nap, I perked right up!

Friday, November 03, 2006

dixie chicks or bust!

Okay, so I got a reminder about the chicks concert... like I would forget! I have only been waiting about 8 months since I bought the tickets. My best girl Connie is visiting this weekend, too fun! Also- I am considering purchasing a new business. Lots going on. I am so excited! Work from home- generate some cash flow (to spend at Winners lol). Maybe my 'luck o' the irish' is finally kicking in. Took freakin long enough!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

hey there little red riding hood...

okay, besides the babyfat I still have in every photo- me and my DH had a fun time at the adairs annual halloween party. He was so bad! At least I was having a good hair day! Happy Halloween to all of you! Never lose that kid spirit. I say dress up until you are too old to dress urself!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Blue-est baby

Okay, so my baby is almost two months old. I thought the whole baby blues thing would wear off. I think maybe I am the only mommy who sits up at night fretting over what ifs and crying. Talk about crazy!! I miss the good old days when I bitched about my job and mundane things. I feel like I am on the outside watching my life. Four. Can I do this? Only five more days until a mommy break. Think I need one. Heres to hormones and babies and all that jazz. I am the blue-est baby!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

too cute to spook!

Too cute to spook! How true. This is our annual halloween party. Kian was a party pooper but its the age. Gotta love him anyway. Dad? In costume? That is scarry! LOL

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I have been posting LO in my gallery. check them out!

There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. I decided to read the book (Thanks Heidi Swapp) She- By Kobi yamada. I love the quote "She designed a life she loved". It speaks to me because ultimately, we are responsible for doing just that. There are some things you just know- like always wanting to be the mom of four. Other things you learn along the way but from now on I am trying to focus on enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the bumps in the road. thanks for sharing the journey.

She...designed a life she loved

Just getting started.