Saturday, November 11, 2006


This boy! Look at that smile. I could just eat him up! He looked so cute in his little gown and he was smiley boy. Father laughed because Vaughn laughed as father poured water on him.He never cried once though other babies did. It was an awesome day! Everyone gathered at the house and I think I saw Andrew (Godfather)get that look- like hey, we should make us one of these baby people. I'm trying to help ya out Anne. lol. Anyway, wanted everyone to see this beautiful smile and be remember that we should not measure our time in minutes but by moments.


Kimberly White said...

What a sweet little man! Glad your day went well! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog ... by the way, Joel slept in our bed till he was 12 and a half months old and then it took me 3 weeks of no sleep and rubbing his back and turning his fisherprice fishies with their music on over and over and over while he fell asleep in his crib and then I finally just had enough and let him cry it out because I was exhausted. He's now actually sleeping in there and wakes up once or twice a night. Going out of town this week so tuesday doesn't work (I'll be back wed night). Have a lovely week!

Karla said...

Oh he is just a ball of pure cuteness!!! A Gerber baby if I'v ever seen one!