Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Check out my RAk!

check out my RAK! Okay, every year our kids bring home tags off a tree at school for those less fortunate. We buy one thing for four kids that are the same age as our kids. Kian, my eldest says to me "How come this kid asked for a hoodie if he could ask for anything?"

I then explained that when you dont even have the necessities, sometimes even though you want toys, you know you need a hoodie more. So then I got to thinking about the word RAK. In the scrapbooking world you always hear about RAKs. Random acts of Kindness. So see the beautiful star and tag? I am on a mission.

I am extending the invitation for everyone to bring back the meaning of Christmas. The star is left on someones bed and you do something nice for them.They take the star then do something nice for someone and leave the star on their bed and so on. So I made some-not exactly like the pic and the first three people who post their email in my comment section get one! I am going to start this with my kids as a tradition.

For the month of December, I am going to try and help them to use it once a day. I hope it reminds them to enjoy the little things and not to think Christmas is about toys. All I ask is that those of you receiving a star, also extend three RAKs to people outside your home. I am sending flowers to a friend who was bummed out, a babysitting coupon for another couple who I know would enjoy a night out together, and another little surprise to a friend who just inspires me in many ways.

So feeling festive- even though every store is sold out of my baby Jesus willow tree set that I need to complete my nativity scene.I am going shoppin on ebay. Early Merry ho ho to all:)


Stacy said...

this so sounds good tannis !!!!

jessi said...

look at you taking this blog thing by storm!!! love the wall too! might have to get one in my apt!

Lynn said...

i saw your post on Kims blog... Love your blog, wow and love the wall it is absolutely fabulous!!!


Kimberly White said...

Tannis - what a fabulous way to get your family thinking about the real reason for the season! Gorgeous stars! You are so talented girl!

Tammy Brownlee said...

love the idea...i am for it!!! I already have someone in mind to start this!

Happy shopping girl...hope you find it!

Karla said...

Wow hon...this is going to make a diffence! I am so glad you gave me this idea!!! You sure a beautiful and SILLY soul!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!