Sunday, November 12, 2006

crafty witches

okay so lately my daughter has been expressing her creativity in less than admiral ways.she cuts up shapes and paper dollies like nobody's business!That is so fun she thought hmmm, I bet I'd make a great hairdresser, snip snip, I bet my new outfit from the gap would look great with little circles cut all around the hem, snippety snip. Wow she thought I am amazing with scissors, the next Dolce and Gabanna! I can expand into a textiles line and cut up this quilt that has been handed down!!!
But alas, every designer runs into a snag, hers - mommy wearing her angry eyes and a handful of fabric scraps in hand! So I confiscate all the scissors and lock them in my scrapbook cabinet. Today she comes to me with these puppy dog eyes and says
"Momma, would I please be able to borrow some scissors to make a craft?
"No, you are unable to use them until next week and then only with supervision" she stares me down and I swear made a little tear in her eye and says ,"okay mommy"
I am on the phone with my husband and I get up calmly and leave the room and burst into tears! I hate to see what 10 years will bring. Damn! This girl is GOOD! He laughs as he has missed out on the new manipulation face. I think she practices them in the mirror! All you moms out there with little out for these little crafty ones, I salute you!

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Karla said...

Oh .....My.....GOODNESS!!!! I can not believe that. She cut up all that stuff? Wow! I really don't know what I would do. You handled it really well. And your husbands reaction would be like my husbands! No sympathy I tell ya! You stay up girl kay? -Karla