Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I take your challenge Karla!

Well, I think I am up to the challenge to share the quirks that are just me. Lucky for those of you reading who dont know me personally, I talk...A LOT! not kidding. It is one of my worst traits at times and other times it is my best. All depends on the day... you knwo those ones when you wish you would have just shut up?

Things I tend to repeat...besides myself lol

I love using brown ink

love the Rhonna swirlies of any kind

I am all about pink, black and brown paper

i love vintage and shabby chic stuff

i do millions of little girl LO's cuz I am surrounded by a sea of boys

I want to try so much

- I love the Ali style but haven't quite mastered it yet

-I want to complete a book that I saw an Idea for on the big picture(I took the photos and they are being developed as we speak:)

-I want to try Heidis big picture class- registering tomorrow!

-to think outside the box more

-try a whole new line of PP and make it work, I am not risky enough when I scrapbook

Things I am cranky without

- an intravenously fed line of pepsi

-dixie chicks CD playing or James (my boyfriend) blunt

-my brown ink pad

-my zig fineline marker

- my sewing machine- I kept breaking needles when doing my HOF mini album- thought the world would end

-my computer, thanks for fixing it HB

-my kodak easy share-which isnt working right now grrr!

Weird things I do

- i also talk to myself...and answer when no one is looking

-I simultaneously work on 6 things at once- can't stay focused

-also say look honey, aren't I amazing?

- Talk about scrap celebs as if I actually know them...right Jessi roflmao

-get very creative between 1 and 3 am...maybe lack of sleep ?

-stage scenes to photograph, my kids are like oh here we go again

- when the gals go out, we always take at least one photo of the skinny pose and one of the kissy face. I love the kissy face!

Okay, this pic is a bit blurry but they are always fun-

All the other weird thngs I do, I am keeping to hard to make good friends these days ya know?

Dear Santa,

I have had very few psychotic episodes this year. Please bring me the following in very prettily wrapped boxes

- a digital camera that doesnt suck

some computer software

a trip to mexico for my birthday-seriously

Well I am being paged my sweet babe who is hungry...again. How much can one little boy eat? I mean seriously that is like 15 times today! He is 14 lbs already at two months old and started out at 7. Must be a record


Karla said...

Girl you are one of a kind!!! I LOVE the fact that you talk a lot cuz it is always so FREAKIN'FUNNY! I love you girl. And I am so feeling you on the whole late night creativeness thing. What's up with that? And I answer myself too...sometimes!!! LOL! thanks for being a 'DORK' and being so honest. Holla at you soon -Karla

Stacy said...

lol what fun i may have to read karlas challenge !!!

Kimberly White said...

Thanks for the honesty lady! Vaughn's already 14 pounds - wow wow wow, that's some good food you're giving him! Hope you're having a great day!

jessi said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! did I tell you I ran into ali just the other day?? too funny