Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I wanna be just like you...

My two monsters baking cookies for their
"cookie exchange"
thanks to easy bake. I am glad they want to be just like me, but not exactly.(Yes, my son is wearing his sister's PINK disney princess pj's.Long story but she REALLY wanted a baby sister. Gotta give a girl credit for improvising right?)
Okay, so today i am going to rant...and rave! rant first. I am registered for the Heidi Swapp a year to remember class. It costs like $300 and then they emailed me that shipping is another $80 bucks! I paid it because if you go to big picture
and read all the trailers etc from Heidi, you would probably fall in love with the class just like I did. I am all for sharing ideas too because it helps us all grow as scrapbookers but outright stealing?! I went to yahoo to find the class message board and inadvertantly came across this Ashburn Family Scrapbooking (ROBBERS:(who were offering Heidis class for $150 bucks!
I'm like Whaaaaaaaaaat?!! I thought this was possibly in addition to BPS.They have their little copyright thingy in the corner and bells and whistles offering every Heidi product etc. So initially I'm pissed thinking I have so been scammed here. Then i dig deeper and discover one of these uncreative scraplifting robbers registered for her class and is COPYING EVERYTHING TO THE LETTER and selling it as a class through their store without Heidis permission! I emailed her and she obviously didnt authorize it but I wanted her to know.
The worse thing is that people are registering for it! Some may not have the sense to dig deeper and think it is okay others, know and don't care. Normally I don't blog and bash but I am sorry, today I just feel compelled. Now everyone doesn't have to get all up in my s##t, but I invite you to email them telling them how wrong it is Maybe they will feel guilty enough to stop.
K- 'nough bout that. Time for the RAVE!! I am almost done my Ali challenge, signed up for her newsletter. She suggests you "try on" someone else's style.Who else could I choose but the amazing Miss Karla Dudley! I fell in love with a layout of hers from the L2S gallery. I stayed up until one working on it and I am tired this morning but still deliriously happy over how it turned out. Seriously people- I think I must be half asleep because I am thinking on taking on a huge project that is business related,gonna make some calls today. I will keep you in suspense as for further details but I will update you on the progress. you can find out whether I really just needed more sleep or if my sleep deprivation has led me to a viable business venture. Keep blogging! Oh and don't forget about the shit disturbers i previously mentioned:)


Lynn said...

You know it really bugs me when people do stuff like this!! you would think they would feel guilty but I don't think they think anything of it!!!
Good luck on your venture keep us posted... The kids look like they are having a ball!


Kimberly White said...

Tannis, good for you for looking into that class! Hopefully Heidi will do something about it. I think you are going to love the class even if it costs you $380 (although it would have been nice if they had told you upfront). Have a great day lady!
PS. We'll have to talk about the wedding cake because I volunteered to make it and I have no idea what posessed me to say yes!