Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jesus has arrived!

YAY! Didnt have to hunt my bebe down on ebay. One of my friends who think they are funny said that Hallmark was sold out of this set. I asked them to pick it up for me cuz I had too many dayhome kids- but niner was just messing with my head! SOOO mean! But okay, funny too. I mean I was up all night on ebay and I am thinking you cant have a nativity set with no bebeJesus!
Ireland helped me set it up. Totally cool on the mantle because we have these little pot lights, doesn't it look like it was meant to be? I love love love it! I know, I am a psycho! And congrats to the three girls who are getting a star. No one left there email but luckily two I knew and I had to hunt you down Lynn but I am resourceful!
I am so freakin busy, I was invited to two cookie exchanges but I am really lacking motivation to bake right now. I made some low fat banana bread (cuz I am trying to lose the ass I gained while pregnant), and I am telling you, dont do it! Put the sugar in and savour every bite cuz this s@#* was nasty! I mean the kids wouldnt eat it. I had a piece and it tasted like cardboard, we threw it out.
I made super cute tins for the cookies though. i will post them tomorrow. I found awesome mache mini picnic baskets at michaels and I am dying to paint them. Ireland is having an old fashioned garden party for her next b-day and these said BUY ME! um... yeah her birthday is in ...august... but in my defence we are having the party in May cuz her brothers is the next month and no kids come to summer parties. I like to be organized plus this is going to be a fun project. Bye for now -gotta do a batman cake!


Kimberly White said...

Okay so your nativity scene is gorgeous! Love that lighting! And you are the most organized woman I know - planning next year's birthday party! You go girl! Kim =)

Lynn said...

This is great!!! Mind you your whole blog is really good... I was totally confused, as you could probably tell for one I don't ever win stuff and then I wasn't sure what i was supposed to do!!!! talk about crazy!! Anyway if you don't have my address send me an e-mail to and I will give it to you again!! So sorry again but Thanks I am totally excited and I love the RAK idea, awesome! I was thinking about that this morning when m ten year old was whining about her "book orders" from school.... Brother!!


Karla said... you ever chill??? LOL! You are an on-the-go gal!!! I love that though! And once had my butt ROLLIN'! That bread situation just got me all teary eyed. Leave it to Tannis to brighten my day!!! Love you girl!
And Love the mantle!!!
Later -Karla

Tammy Brownlee said...

it looks wondeful! Cant wait to set mine up!!!

OMG had me peeing in my pants about your banana bread!!!! LOL....too funny!