Thursday, November 09, 2006

People have said that I am certifiably crazy cuz I plan my childrens birthday right down to the treat bags, a year in advance sometimes. Today, three of the four drove me insane! One picked up when the child before ran out of steam. Is there a God? Is he playing tricks on me? When they were asleep I started on Vaughn's baptism cake for Saturday. I painstakingly cut "lace" details into the gown. Once I got going I was like yay me! I then realized that I do this because I love them even though there are days when I'd love know. Anyways, I haven't made a cake in months. I was excited to see the details take shape. I want the kids to look back and say wow! Mom made sure that my day was special because she loves me. I hope that Vaughn will know how special he is to us not only on this day but everyday. I know I am crazy mommy with "angry eyes" sometimes because these kids make patience a bad word on occasion...but gotta love em you know. All are sleeping and I am almost in tears to see Port snuggled up with his arm around Vaughn in mommas bed. Makes it all worth it.I will post the finished product tomorrow. I am excited for the kids to see it. Gnight all u late night bloggers

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful! You are somethin' else girl. I do think that they will look back in AW of what you have done for them and appreciate it all deeeply. I know I do with my mom. They may not let you know for a long time because of a bit of pride but in thier older years it all comes out. It's deep! Later girl -Karla