Friday, November 10, 2006

still got it

Amazing, I am still able to complete a cake project. It took me forever but I love how it turned out. Hopefully no one notices the odd fingerprint where big brother tested for quality. Today was a good day. We met some new kids who played with Ireland and Porter and they never drove me crazy. I guess they ran out of ideas is wide awake totally unaware that he will be such a special boy tomorrow. I know I am biased- but he is sooo cute! Just love him even though he still isnt a girl.


Stacy said...

k i absolutely love the cake i think you made me one something similar to it but not quitcool bet vaugh loved it !!!!!!

Kimberly White said...

Tannis, I just found your blog! Love it! Okay - you are amazing with your cake design (well and your scrapbooking too). I told my sister I'd make her wedding cake so I'm coming over for lessons lady (yes I am crazy to offer that). We should get together with Stacy and doing some scrapping soon.

Lynn said...