Monday, November 20, 2006

what a weekend

This weekend was so fun! I participated in my first ever online crop! I was so ancy to try and complete every challenge and it was amazing how much I got done. My favorite LO was these two of Vaughn. (thanks Leslie Lightfoot for the inspiration to use real patterns on my lo) I also finished Ireland's birthday pics and a bunch more.I think I am so crazy, this week I am going to try and do the challenges from the crop in October. It may be a way to get lots done! I never made it to bed before 2 both nights so I am suffering from lack of sleep.Thanks to stacy who I scored some cool seven gypsies binding tape from. It was the perfect way to finish of my mini album for HOF
you so should have stayed longer! I hope you got all your projects done and Karla you finally got to crop with the girls, so to speak!You put out some amazing stuff!
Today I started dayhome again. I have three sweet little boys and one little girl-yay! another female in my house. They all only come like 12 days a month so it isnt too crazy and I have some extra cashola for supplies or shopping or whatever.Check out all my layouts in the L2S gallery. To any who haven't checked it out my stuff is under cakemommy1. take care!


Karla said...

Dude...I love you guys. Sorry have not been INVOLVED like most of you guys. Honestly the holidays are taking up a lot of my families time. But as soon as I can I'll be chillin' have a great thanksgiving chick! -Karla

Kimberly White said...

Tannis -- it was a fun weekend adn yes I should have stayed longer - next time I will. Love those layouts you did - so beautiful! Happy you are enjoying your new dayhome kids!