Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All Martha'd

Well thanks Tammy! I took my inspiration from you to snap some christmas pics. I love my pier one alcohol trays, they are stainless and red glass. Found the martini glasses at the bay for...25cents on clearance!!! I am not kidding. I wish they had more but I only scored six. Had to buy the fresh roses at costco- they have opened sooo pretty. I think I am going to put off cleaning until saturday after my dear? children are sleeping so it will still be clean on sunday! Little devils- gotta love em. I seriously need to get my stuff for the table and goody! The epicure lady came today. If you haven't tried the grand marnier cranberry sacue- you have not seriously lived... this stuff is heaven! Yep- curves be damned, I am having a teaspoon on my all white piece of turkey! I don't even care if I have a jiggly ass!
I have tried to stop by everyones blog but it is christmas so if I missed anyone, sorry and Merry Christmas. I will try to post in the midst of my crazy schedule. I can't wait cuz our little nephew Parker is coming next week, he is bringing mom and dad, but this kid is adam sandler funny.
Plus I think he is cuter than gerber baby cute!!! I will post pics of his mug when thye arrive. i am sure he would love to be famous in blog land. lol!


Lynn said...

great pics Tannis, Have a great Christmas!


TammyBrownlee said...

You certianly Martha'd it girl!!! It looks awesome!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Nice score on the martini glasses!!

Speaking of Adam Sandler...i am a huge fan of his....did you catch 8 Crazy Nights on tv last that

Have a great day!

Stacy said...

looking good tannis!!!!!

Kimberly White said...

Looks like you are getting right into the festivities!!! Wishing you a very merry Chritmas! Kim

Ronda P. said...

Love those photos & I love those martini glasses! Oh one of my favorite desserts is a grand marnier souffle! Yummy! I will have to try that suace!

Renee said...

I love of my fave's all over my kitchen..and if I were at your house right now...well that stuff would be swiped when you weren't lookin'! LOL! Have a great Christmas girlie! Will be passin' through Red Deer tomorrow we head up to Whitecourt lol

Karla said...

Ok so I am calling Oprah about Sarah and Martha about you! Girl you house looks Grad A bomb!!!!! I love all the Christmasy decorations and all that! Just wonderful! You have a bright New Year kay? -Karla