Monday, December 18, 2006


To all of you who have all your christmas last minute stuff done- a big stick outie tongue to you! Courtesy of Vaughn. Yes, I do have other children but they go to school so who else to take pics of? I don't want him to be in therapy saying- My mom didn't love me! Look at this baren album! He has the funniest faces and makes me laugh, so even though he is sticking out his tongue at you- bet it makes ya smile!
I went to Kim's to scrapbook yesterday. Her husband did this amazing job of refinishing their basement! i am so sucking up so he will come to my house and take the carpet off my stairs! I had a tough time deciding what to bring, had to find a sitter last minute...blah blah blah. So anyway, I was on Sarah's blog and saw an amazing layout. I totally scraplifted it and I love it even more cuz it is of my two little monsters!For those of you who haven't seen her stuff, it is amazing. She is a designer extroirdinaire, (can't spell this morning!) It is tough for me to choose what to bring because i am used to having all my supplies handy.
Big kisses for you organized girls who come here and scrapbook and seem to have everything at your fingertips! I am just not that organized. So much to do! Our whole family (siblings, spouses, kids 30ppl) are coming for Christmas eve. I have so many little things to do!!! Maybe it would be a good idea to take my computer to be cleaned so I can stop going to everyone's blog and get some work done! I just love seeing what you crafty bitses are up to everyday though!
I got these awesome giant felt snowflakes at fabricland. i am using them as placemats because we have a big square pub table and regular mats are too big. I will post a pic of the table all done. After dayhome kids leave today, I am getting a clear tablecloth to protect them. Only 7 more sleeps til christmas- I was informed three times today by all of my children.
Mean momma- last year my eldest unwrapped and rewrapped his gifts, with the one i caught him opening, he had to donate to the christmas bureau and it was the thing he wanted most. I got smarter this year. I removed temptation and numbered all the presents and wrote the corresponding number on a paper. LOST THE PAPER!!! Luckily I remember who went first and so on. happy wrapping girls.


Stacy said...

tannis i love that lo !!! sounds like kian is trying to outsmart mom good thing to do the number system will have to remeber that!!! thanks for the comment about shantals cake!!

Lynn said...

Love the layout too! Great job... Sarahs stuff is really good! Love the picture totally made me smile, he is sooooo cute!! Have a great day!


Kimberly White said...

Gorgeous layout! Sounds like you are one smart cookie - don't think Kian would unwrapp them again what with the perfect little consequence he got last year (at least I wouldn't if I were him!) Hope you have a great week! I'll tell Matt you want him to qoute your stairs!

Ronda P. said...

I love that picture of Vaugn, captures how I feel sometimes & makes me laugh! That page is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

love the layout girl!!!! Gorgeous!

What a smart idea!!! You smart thing you!!!

Ok...that picture of Vaughn....TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! He is adorable...i want to pinch those cheeks!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day....later girl...oh ...i pm'd ya at L2S