Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy Day

How gorgeous is this wreath? If you are reading this Karla, I am "feathers and all crazy"! It just screamed buy me, so I did!Cheapskate though, I am waiting for the matching little trees to go on clearance before I buy them. They'll make a nice decoration for our new year's eve party. You'd have to be crazy to buy all the "feathers" at regular price. Damn you WINNERS.The staff discount there is only 10% or I would work there. I think I pay the lease there every month! It goes really well in our house because most of our fixtures are black. It has been a crazy busy couple of days! My friend had a cookie exchange so Vaughn and I got all done up to go. Nice to be out of my standard issue track suit for a few hours. I think the ladies who have kids in my dayhome were scared that I had on makeup and jeans! And it is official, my kid is a giant! There were two other babies at the exchange and they weighed 17 lbs each. The moms were like oh your 7 month old still has those new baby features. I'm like yeah cuz he's only three months old. They go whhaaaaaat?! They couldn't believe he was 16 pounds! Givin him the good stuff baby! Little curves update- lost 8 pounds since monday! I was so good, no egg nog and only 1 square at the exchange. It was tiramisu nanaimo! Never heard of it before but let me tell you people, I think I about died and went to heaven. Savoured every morsel.
Porter's Christmas concert was also today. He was an elf. He looked so cute! I think his favorite part was eating the snacks afterwards. He is in the middle in the grey sweater. He practiced all his songs all week long NON STOP!!! I thought if I heard "three little christmas trees" one more time, I just might lose my mind. When he sang it though, you could hear him and I was so proud, like, yep that's my boy he knows all the words.
Going to see my best girl Cerys in the city today. I can't wait! She is in school there.I also decided to let my kids see my estranged mother. Haven't seen or spoke to her in a year.maybe I am feeling the christmas spirit or whatever but I told her I would drop the three big kids off for an hour. My family is no Beaver Cleaver, well maybe the cleaver! Everyone is just not entirely normal. I am torn between feeling obligated to let them go and the mother instinct in me screaming back away! Too crazy of details for a blog. I'm not kidding my life is an unintentional soap opera. I can't even make this shit up! Each day I lay down to slepp and think , "Phew, made it through one more day without anything too crazy happening" and unfortunately it is because I am not around my immediate family members. We'll see how it goes.


Ronda P. said...

Look at how beautiful you & your son look! Vaughn is adorable! A big congrats on those 8 pounds & surviving a cookie exchange. You go girl!

Kimberly White said...

Proud of you and your curves! Good work! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday afternoon!

Lynn said...

Cute Kids!!! Wow and I totally LOVE the wreath! I am with you on the whole winners thing keep those guys in business!
have a great day!


Renee M said...

That wreath is the bomb baby!!!! freakin' awesome.....V is the cutest bug!!!! great pics!

Kimberly White said...

Hey Lady - I'm going to send you a PM on Love2scrap about Sunday! Looking forward to seeing you and Stacy! Kim