Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Curves ahead

My sister has been going to curves for a while. Since she is blind she had no use for the book. She gave it to lucky ol me. This was seriously my last resort! I decided to follow the menu like a rocket scientist and see what happened. Well I lost four pounds from yesterday to today! No joke! I am sure it is water weight but cool cuz who wants to look like a baby beluga? Not I. My cousin wanted the book so I am just sending her the menu each day for the next day.

Trust me, it was hard walking by the plate of chocolates and smelling them...true trust of willpower. (well okay, I did sneak one!)
That pic of my son is from last year. I want to do some this year but haven't been real inspired yet. Maybe today I will steal dh new camera and get creative. It is so freakin cold I just want to snuggle under a cozy blankie. Felt like Martha last night so Bonnie, Anne, Chris and Pearl are getting a little pick me up today after I drop Porter at playschool. take care of you girls!


Kimberly White said...

Love this card Tannis! It's so pretty! Good for you - following that diet! (I'm terrible at them). Hey - I'd love to scrap this weekend - I'll fill you in on the specialists. Call me and will set up a time for sunday!

Lynn said...

Good for you and how can you not sneak one?? I have no will power at all especially at Christmas!!Have fun later!

p.s. Love the card, amazing!!

Karla said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEE girl if you stick to it and it works then you just might get me to startin'!!! You can be my ghinny pig! LOL!!! Seriously though...good luck on that kay? And snuggle up tight and enjoy the holidays! -Karla

Ronda P. said...

That is such an awesome layout! That books sounds great but I have no will power at Christmas1 Good for you!

Stacy said...

i love this card!!!love i can read the letters today lol!!!

TammyBrownlee said...

good for you girl....a sneak here and there ...nothing wrong with that!

Love the card girl!