Sunday, December 10, 2006

Domestic Goddess...

Hey girls. Was a busy day. I went and made chocolates with my sister, step mom, sil and a bunch of others. We all cranked out a bunch and shared them.I feel bad becuz my sister wanted to help but she is blind. I gave her a tip from one of my classes- rice krispies and chocolate. Mix together drop on spoonfuls on wax paper and let set. My step mom made this caramel...tomorrow it will be like"Hi this is Jenny, what up with the fat ass you collected on the weekend?" Sorry Ms Craig!I ate way too much of it! I could have barfed.
My sweet babes is feeling a bit better. I swear he suffers from narcolepsy. I mean this kid eats and sleeps.He doesn't even stank up his diapers daily. He did cough up a big nice slimy gooober on me, not nice! I feel so bad cuz he can't tell you what he needs.
My camera still won't upload pics, the cable is loose or something. Grrr!
DH went to costco for some stuff for a cheeseball- came back with a sweet new digital camera- no cheeseball stuff. He says I couldn't find it. I sat wondering that because electronics is no where near the dairy section? just a thought. Maybe i will be scamming this camera when he brings it back from work.
Domestic Goddess and Ann please post a link to your blogs or galleries. Anyone new to my blog, please include a link so I can see who is visiting. Love to meet new people and see there stuff, thanks for all your blog love.


Kimberly White said...

I think I need to hang out with you more lady - then your "martha" qualities would wear off on me - those chocolates sound deeelicious.

Lynn said...

Wow, sounds yummy!!! Glad your babe is getting back to normal! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

enjoyed the chocolate a little too much eh girl!!!! lol

So glad to hear the little one is feeling better...hope you are too!

You are forgiven my dear friend....i would have dropped my ass for a chocolate party too! ;o)

Next time for sure!

Renee said...

Hmmmmm what's Christmas without Chocolate?!? and cheeseballs...but hey I'd take the digi over the cheese any day....glad to hear the babe is feeling better.