Friday, December 08, 2006


Yesterday officially sucked! Vaughn and I went to the doctor and he says no more gym for me! I have only been going a week and I am now on another prescription stemming from complications with my cesarean. So more lab work, more drugs, no cleaning the junk outta my trunk! Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse did.
Vaughn was having trouble nursing wednesday night cuz he had a snotty nose. i thought that was all it was. By yesterday morning his breathing was very rattly. We had him checked out and they put him on steroids and an inhaler. The doctor is "hoping" we caught it in time as he said it could easily escalate to the point of Vaughn being hospitalized and on oxygen and ventolin and nebulizers as he is only three months old. My poor babes.
We had a very long night. He would wake up and just WAAAAAAA! And it had this horrible drag from having a tough time breathing.Then of course when he settled in I was wide awake listening for this croupy breath cuz I was worried he would stop breathing.Come on mommies, i know I am not the only one who checks on their baby and looks to see if they are breathing just in case..He missed his feeding at 5 and is still not up. I hope he is just having a good rest and not too sick to eat.
So off I go to another sleep deprivation day. To my sweet friend who offered to come sit while I slept LOOOVING you baby! That is yes, yes and yes. Sleep would be fabulous!


Lynn said...

everything an wait make sure you get some sleep cause if momma ain't happy nobody is... I remember the first time my youngest slept all night and I made my husband get up and check to see if she was breathing, totally panicked!!!! Have a great day, your cd will be in the mail today!!!


Kimberly White said...

Tannis! Hope your sleep deprived day goes well ... as well as one can go. Crappy about the no more exercise ... praying that both you and Vaughn get better quickly and yes I know that feeling about checking for the babe breathing - I don't know how many times I have sat up in the middle of a sleep to jump up and check. Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog! Kim

Renee said...

You listen to Lynn girl she's so right!! I really hope things get better girl

Ronda P. said...

Ohh, I feel for you! I did check on my babies to see if they were breathing. Anthony always got Croup so that was hard. I hope you get some rest today!

Oh drop me an email & I'll build you a banner!

TammyBrownlee said...

OMG sorry to hear all of this!!! Hope Vaughn gets better soon! As for you my need to take care of yourself as well!!!!
And as a fellow mom of and hubby have done it many times...especially when we brought Nicky home from the NICU.

Hope your days and nights are better soon!

Hugs girl!

Stacy said...

k tannis if it makes you feel any better i am sleep deprived to i got none last night tanks to hubby and the fact that i had to work this am yuck and got none the night before because i had to work til 3am because we are short handed yikes as always !!!!

Stacy said...

by the way vaughn hunny you need to take care of mommy to so you had better get better soon sweetie !!