Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What we wished for!

Normally I wouldn't pick this cheesy border but hey there wasn't a big selection. I'm standing in line looking ahead like who would order that? Then I saw the selection and I'm like yeah I'll take that one. Nice. It was a free pic day for babies at our mall so hey saved me 15 bucks. Yeah, you read that correctly 15 bucks. Times that by 4 kids for a santa pic. Call me cheap but I remember when Kian was little and it was like 2 bucks. K I'm letting that go now. Going to SCAN my christmas mini album to post at l2s my camera won't work. Love having a plan b.See ya in the gallery girls.


Lynn said...

This is totally cute!
Have a good night, and can't wait to see your album!


Renee said...

Oh how sweet! I love the pic!

Karla said...

Ok...that's it...I'm sold! This is sooo sweet. Your son...Santa...the freakin' darling! Love this hon! Congrats on such a special moment!!! -Karla

Anonymous said...

a little cheesey....but oh so cute!