Sunday, December 03, 2006

winter wonderland

Here are my little snowmen! Ireland and Kian look like I sent them to school at 5 in the morning! It was 8 but man was it ever dark out! I am trying out this new photo thing and it is pretty cool.Porter went out at nine to make snow angels and came back like 5 minutes later looking like a portersicle! Vaughn just wears his cute hat cuz it's so damn cute!
Kinda cranky at my DH today. I am thinking the D won't be standing for "dear" kinda subbing in "damn" or "darn" or ...yeah I'll keep it clean. lol! He decided to work his days off so i had to cancel my plans for the weekend. (Sorry I couldn't make it Lynn).
So I made a five second trip to Edmonton and shopped like a mad woman to get some last minute gifts. I will have no other chance to get to the city. I am looking at my DH thinking heeloooo, salary! Heloooo!!!!! your wife only gets ONE day kid free!!!!Grrrrrr!
Anyway big kisses to Chris thanks for that discount card bebe! I scored some cool stuff. Bought Vaughn some baby camo pants. I will have to post a pic cuz you will all say awwwww until you just can't stare at him anymore.I shared my disocunt card with this guy at the gap cuz he didn't have one and I had heart palpitations soo bad! I felt like a SHOPLIFTER or something. I think they should just give everyone the discount for the weekend.
I am taking the Oprah pay it forward challenge. I am going to best buy to get a new tape today.Look on her website and see what you can do girls:)
Off to take some pics, finish some UFO's and will post later today. I have kinda been a slacker. Big blog kisses for all you mommies! I am putting in my two weeks notice.


Lynn said...

You gotta love the DEAr husbands sometimes..... anyway sorry you couldn't make it enjoyed a great night apple cider pizza and some great scrappin anyway maybe next time!!! So talk about cute kids lovin that sweet little hat, adorable!!!
Have a great Sunday!


Kimberly White said...

Two weeks notice for what Tannis??? Have a fun day creating! Happy sunday to you!

Stacy said...

?? two weeks for what hun??share more lol!!!

Renee said...

Great pics...and wow I'm exhausted just reading about your shopping!!! Sounds like my time on Saturday...who knows we may have passed each other in our shopping tornadoes lol