Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas week 2

Hello! This is a picture post if you ever did see one so watch out!

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Photo one is a little envelope and tag I sewed. My best friend of 15 years came to shop and it was awesome cuz I rarely see her.
day 8- unfortunately the picture wasn't great but I went to Whitecourt to see my boy for his staff Christmas party
Day9- just journaling and apparently I have the only kids on the naughty list the last few days! What is up with that?
Day 10-A little mini envelope by ek success contains journaling
Day 11- we spent outdoors as the weather has been gorgeous!
Day 12- yummy! Christmas cookies with royal icing is a tradition every year. This year I did mittens with a design I stole from Vaughn's baby gap pj's
13- New sleds compliments of Aunt Jeanette! We barely left the hill all day!
Day 14- Family and friends gathered for some Christmas cheer. The best part? Jeanette and Darcy kissed and made up (they are brother and sister)
Day 15- was a rough day. Kids and cleaning and everything seeming to go wrong hten there is a ring at the doorbell...my sweet boy drove 3 hours to surprise me and got up at 3 in the morning to drive back to whitecourt in time for work! Gotta love him!

this is my layout for one little word. I love doing the challenges but a birdie told me I can't ever win as I know too many of the judges so I'll post here. I loved this picture of Kian, he is looking so grown up.

The 2nd one is the perils of a growing baby. Vaughn is too big for 12-18 month clothes but too small for 18-24 so he has a cute little plumber crack bum!

These Christmas goodies retail for about $48.00 but the entire kit is available for $25.00 from ALbums From the Attic, email me if you would like one. It includes
one box of 6 coordinating ribbon daisy d (retail 7.99)
one box of chip board letters daisy d (retail 9.99)
one box of 72 buttons daisy d (retail 7.99)
one 8x11 sheet of Christmas rub ons daisy d (retail 5.99)
one 6x6 24 pack of paper daisy d (retail 11.99)
one maya road chip board album (retail 5.99)
It also includes step by step instructions for anyone wanting them.
I'm sure everyone will be away from blogs as christmas nears so for those of you MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best in the new year!
Check back here January first for scrappy goodness!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

२५ days

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as I am sure you all know, this is a crazy busy time of year! So here is my first week of Christmas. I am on top of things and this week is almost ready to go so my post won't be behind! I hope everyone shares their books via Ali inspired or wherever. I love Christmas!
The first pic is my cover page
day1- Ireland's first Reconciliation
day2 Photos with Santa but holy crap batman! 20 bucks for a 4x6! I remember back in the good ol days when Kian was a baby it was a twoonie!
day 3- Kian gvae his brother and sister some of the money from his paper route so they could go Christmas shopping and he took them in the stores so I wouldn't see what everyone was getting. What a great big brother.
Day four- Vaughn saw his first snow fall and was so excited. He kept pointing out the window saying was zat was zat! He loved it even more when he got to play in it.
Day 5- I let the kids decorate their tree and unfortunately Kian had a chip on his shoulder but we managed to sneak a photo of him anyway :)
Day 6- yummy! I made a bunch of basic gray paper boxes and filled them with goodies for a cookie exchange.

The next photo is some bottle caps I did up to make napkin ring holders for christmas. I filled them with patterened paper, glitter glue and little beads. I used a mm sticker for each persons initial.

Last but not least I spent yesterday making the traditional ginger bread cookies and royal icing. The kids pick a few of their best friends and give them one of these in a pretty bag in lieu of a card cuz you can't eat cards right?
Last but not least, on a more serious note...my little dayhome boy's uncle was killed in an accident today. He is the father of five. My prayers are with their family at this time but also
you never know how much time you will have with those you love, so make sure in this bad weather and everyday, you let those who are close to you know how much you love them, think twice before getting angry with someone over something that won't matter a week from now, take the time to do something special "just because".
Leave an I love you note in a lunch box, catch someone being good. Hugs for all you bloggers out there!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Photo Shoot


Well we took about 150 photos so I will have plenty to pick from when making christmas cards. Enjoy the sneek peek...and :( my surprise guest could not make it so you will be in suspense!
There is something fun coming to this blog in the new year inspired by Emily
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I hope you will all join in the fun. Rhonna also inspired as she taught a class using the quotes that was in Homespun magazine. She had students scrapbook what the quote meant to them and how it pertained to their life. I will try and post the ad if I can get the mag back from jessi! It may be hidden under a sea of boxes.
Some gals are doing journals and some art cards. Check out Chanel in my link list, she had some great quote cards mailed to her using the Heidi Swapp cards and I love them! You can display different ones on a little easel on your desk or after the year mail them to a friend who needs inspiration etc.Anyone wanting a set, I sell them at Albums from the attic for $10 per pack. Email me if you would like some.

In the Christmas Spirit, I am posting my first week of "25 days of Christmas" on Friday. I love this idea of taking meaningful photos and journaling each day, not just Christmas day. SInce I am in a Christmas mood, I am sending a random Rak to a poster so they can join in the 52 weeks of quotes and have some goodies to get started with!
Happy holidays...and YES I am all done Christmas shopping yay!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, it feels like Christmas already! I haven't meant to be a slacker but I have added 3 more kids to my dayhome and I am BUSY!!! Don't get me wrong, still lots of time to scrapbook lol! So for everyone who was wondering...someone won a pageframes prize. My blog settings have been crazy and some people haven't been able to post. I did include those who emailed and YOU can kiss Porter as he chose your name!Please send me an email with your snail mail addy.
Yes, I know it is the 14th of November but hey, these made me smile so maybe you will smile too.

you know he is my kid, this little chicken noodle always steals everyone's cel phones

again, the prize for best photo goes to auntie Jeanette! This is so hilarious! Ireland had just finished chewing an aero bar and J wanted her picture so she smiled...lol!

Spidey was winding down at this point but he was still cute. Our big trick or treater was out scoring some candy.
Okay, unofficial poll...anyone putting up decorations or do you wait until December first? I can't help my bad self! I love Christmas! Ireland and I found a gorgeous star to hang above our baby Jesus and it is so pretty.
No I am not knocked up or anything but you know how when youre preggers you get this urge to clean and clean? I have it bad! I have been spring cleaning like a crazy person and rearranging furniture and stuff. Maybe I will be ambitious and post pictures. We have a little photo shoot this weekend for Christmas cards so we will see how it turns out and I swear I will post pics...we even have a surprise addition that may be in a photo or two...until then you will have to be in suspense.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Puke and more puke and puke oh my!

hello! It seems there is a bad link on my blog and no one is able to post.My kids decided to get the 24 hour flu but they made sure to get it one after another so I had to clean it up four days in a row.it has been almost a month since i posted! Maybe that is why I feel all out of sorts...I miss my blog sistas!
I could whine and moan but it seems I can't catch a break. I have listed my house and I don't want to move but my world is upside down! Upside...I have been scrapping like crazy! I completed three mini albums and am half done my England album. If the camera cooperates, I will upload some pictures.
For you local gals, I received my new shipment of product including the 7 gypsies interchangeable stamp sets and new Maya road clear stamps.Also...da da da- I will soon be in a small supply of page frames albums! I am posting a sneak of the one I started and i love them! they are gorgeous!

This is the cover and keep in mind...this album isn't completed but I wanted to share

I did a layout for each of the kids and then in the coordinating envelope, I wrote them a letter on a matching Hambly transparency telling them what I learned about being a mom from them

I included a picture of each of them at birth and one recent one. All of the pics inside the album are on transparencies. If you haven't seen these amazing products, go here

I also finally finished a mini album from my golf weekend.

I stole this album design from the talent rusty pickle people. I wasn't able to complete my projects at Crop for Kids so I bought the kits and am making them my own at home.
Since I have had such bad luck, I figure hey, I am going to brighten someone else's day. So anyone who posts in my comments section between now and when I post next (promise it won't be so long next time ha ha) gets their name put in a draw to WIN a FREE page Frames album!!!
Go here to find out what is coming and how you can pre-order yours.Also-apparently my blog is blocking comments sometimes, if you can't post but want to be in the draw, email me your name!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Back in good ol Canadia!

ok first up...Keith Urban was amazing! I can't believe this picture actually turned out! What was better than Keith?

Being there with all of these rockin gals!

This was my official "i'm outta here photo"

and check Stacy's necklace! I am going to jack it when she isn't looking!

yes...we could almost smell him sweating...but we liked it! At the end, he said wait I wanna love someobody like you, and i think he was looking right at me. Now I'm no home wrecker but SORRY NICOLE KIDMAN!
My favorite knocked up gal had a gorgeous babe named Alden Justice...just in case you haven't checked him out or if ya have and love seing cute babies...go here.
I have been mia and not cuz I don't love my blog friends...I made it to London, Bath and Manchester England. It was so freaking amazing. Who did I go with you ask? Well, with someone who has a face only a mother could love...luckily I AM a MOTHER!

I didn't miss Jessi one bit...ok, maybe a small amount cuz I saw this poster and risked life and limb to take this picture for her in the underground!

I took this photo for Jude. This is milk in a stick and apparently it expires next year! Is that seriously possible? I drank it! It tasted awesome!

Our plane wasn't real reliable...some electrically challenging issues. We rigged up the headsets so we could watch t.v. On the way home we had a three hour delay cuz of an electrical problem....hmmm. I didn't die, which is always good.

and since I don't want to kill you with a million pics, there are more on my facebook account but here is Robin and I in St. James park which is just a 2 minute walk from Buckingham palace. It was fabulous. I am coming to check up on all you bad girls! I hope you were behaving yourselves!

Monday, September 17, 2007

ya ya sisterhood

okay, I officially feel like I should be an episode of the Divine ya ya sisterhood! I had the worst week ever! It has been raining like crazy so we have not got a whole lot done around here! I still have no fence in my back yard. I was being nice and said- cement the neighbor's first and so when it came time to cement in my posts, I had to scoop three feet of water out of every hole with a kiddie pail...super fun, don't be jealous!
We get posts in and the boys move the hot tub (onto the sod) so we can dig out a space for it and it has rained and rained...I am talking Noah's ark kinda rain people, so I still have a hot tub leaning against the fence and it is not hooked up.
I wait 2 months for a hair appointment, figured I would go darker for winter(don't know if I love it yet)

and i get a phone call that one of my kids broke their arm, passed out from shock and needs to be taken to emergency. But wait...the school didn't want to "bother" me on my cel phone so they left a message on my house phone. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING?????
It was Porter, (I didn't think it would be anyone else) and the Principal calls me the following day as Kian told them how Porter had to have surgery as he had an impacted fracture. I think they were scared of a law suit or something. I took him to emergency and waited 2 hours but they never told us how bad of a break it was. He asked for a snack and a "nice" (sarcasm here people) nurse told us where to find snacks and drinks, so he eats half a bag of cheetos before another nurse comes and says NOOOOOOOOOO! So they sent us home, no cast no drugs and we came back the next day. By the time he gets his surgery it has been 24 hours no food, water or pain medication.

baby, next time you want to spend the whole day with mommy watching return of the jedi 17 times...just ask!
I am envisioning being in the wal-mart when he says, "mommy, remember that time when you didn't feed me for 24 hours?" and he will forget to add that time I had surgery and people will be evil eyeing me calling CFS!

So I went to my first golf tournament ever! Actually, it is the first time I golfed ever! I got some fabulous prizes...for sucking soo bad!

good thing it was best ball or I would still be there. Someone knew how to golf (way to be part of the team Robin!) and he got to put his name in for the longest shot from the putt or something like that, anyway he nailed it!

my favorite part was putting and using the driver when we tee off! I look so serious lol!

I tried not to notice I was in text message hell and I got a cuddle from my boy!
I came home to a sick babe, cranky kids and to top it all off, Vaughn poops in the tub! I sat to ponder...is there a God? So aftre scooping floaties, scrubbing the tub and such I come to put his pj's on and he has pulled the entire tissue box apart while his older siblings watched him with glee...some days you just can't win!
After all the crap, I did some scrapbooking and made some things for Vaughn's birthday

I never did get to make a cake cuz I was at the hospital. I do love how the goodie bags turned out though. i used a red lollipop and alphabities MM to spell stop and I put little cars in the bags that the kids could drive on their placemats.
and i have to give out big sloppy blogalicious kisses to the one person who helped to make me saner...

in case I don't tell ya enough..I LOVE YOU TO BITS! you are the best sista from another mista that a girl could ever ask for and I want ya to know I would be lost without you! So that is all. i doubt I will post before I leave. When you give birth to my God Daughter, txt me or something and I will do a dance of joy in trafalgar square! Off to England on thursday with Robin, offf to see Keith Sexy pants Urban tomorrow and Renee is coming tonight yay! Things are looking up!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


hello blog world! I have been a bad "rocking girl blogger"! Today my baby bear is one year old! How in the heck did that happen?I have been so busy with summer, back to school and trying to finish my courses by the deadline that the computer's other lures have been hard to ignore but I have been pretty good.
I have tried to visit everyone's blog and now that school is in, I will be better. I think we are all in the same boat. I have spent a little too much time scrapbooking and not enough time on schoolwork! SInce I already bear the guilt...I may as well share right?

a pic I caught of my babe sleeping

my other babe, hee hee and all the three's are meaningful but too mush for blogger so I am not sharing but that is why no journalling on this one

these are two of my art cards and the one that says no regrets says: don't look back and regret anything because everything that has happened so far, has led me to where I am right now...and it is a pretty good place to be. A friend told me that and I thought it was very fitting and also true.
For some reason my quota of uploads for the day is complete...not to my liking but my computer feels differently about it. damn!
So last but not least: could ya get out of them there pajamas and get to the hospital and have a baby already! Dying to check what she looks like ha ha ha!
You are AMAZING girlfriend! Keep up the good work. We are all so proud of you for all you have achieved!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

scrappy Jo

does anyone know the "lunchlady song" by Adam Sandler? I totally am feeling it except I changed the words to scrappy jo instead of sloppy jo cuz I am telling you this girl has been on a roll! (Jessi don't be telling everyone about the fat reminder I got from school saying my assignments aren't in yet!)
But on a more important note: check my layout for embracing my inner Elsie! Hope you gals like it.Andreanne and I went on Elsie's site and her and her gals have the best pics! So we had an impromptu photo shoot and this is how mine turned out

Better yet though...check out this one! wow is all I can say!

this is Andreanne's and I think it turned out so awesome for a beginner. I am going to try and get her to post at SIStv so I can see what she is up to!
there was a big tear fest here people cuz she left on Saturday. I don't know what is going on but I have been crying a lot lately! MENOPAUSE????LOL! just kidding but I am not the hallmark commercial get the kleenex kinda gal. Who knows. I am also caught up on my cards so here are the latest two.
Ok- for some reason blogger won't post my pictures! I will have to post my art cards, AYTR layout, mini albums and such another day:( Totally sad about that cuz I have been one crafty gal!oh I tagged some gals in the previous post so i will rename you and you can see what it was for. Renee, Kelly, Sarah, Chanel and JEani

Monday, August 13, 2007

2 seconds

okay, a quick update, I am in Whitecourt and have been for days but I want to say a huge THANKS to Linda for tagging me as a rockin girl blogger! Thanks lady!
Thanks to Stacy for Tagging me in this fun little way to spread some sunshine.
The "rules" are:1) Send ONE card to someone you know within 7 days! (family, friends, associates, cyber people, etc.) ANYONE!!! Doesn't matter who... just do it. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they open their mailbox and see a card from you?2) Tag (yes, I know, but this is the only way to spread this) 5 people you know to do the same thing (Tag means tag them to send their own cards to their own people).3) Proudly display this on your blog to spread a little sunshine and pass it on.If you get tagged again (we can all hope, can't we), send another card! So I am tagging Renee, Kelly, Jeani, Sarah and Chanel!
I have more scrap mojo to post but am away from my computer so I will check everyone then. That's all take care girls!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

passionate blog kisses!

well well well! Since arriving home from Denver, I have been in scrap haven! I am cranking out the projects, finishing UFO's and my desk is a blissful mess! Thanks girls for getting the mojo rocking. In fact, I am feeling so effervescent that YOU get your very first RAK my dear so email me your addy and i will get it in the mail!If anyone else wants to see what her RAK contains go here
This is a long "scrappy" post with pics too. First up is the 6 x 12 layout I did in the Phunktography -scrapbook division class (Has a nice ring to it "eh" sweetie?)I also used some thin green stuff over the photo to give it a cool shimmer

Then I have been dishing out the Emily Art cards so here are my last three

my goals right now


and blessed, I am feeling so blessed right now that I made a little envelope and filled it with a bunch more cards and written on them are a ton of things I am blessed with right now.
I completed an awesome little mini album for someone special

and Hey girl! I found the perfect txt message rub ons for my little impromptu txt mini album. Thanks for rawkin your mini album and inspiring me to crank one out in a short span of time!I have started it but I will be sure to post the finished product.
Are you all about to throw up in your mouth yet?So in the spirit of one who posts kids songs and lymmerics: That is not it, no that is not all...I have been scrappin and having a ball! So if you're all turning the color of green, i am not posting just to be mean, visit this chica, and that, you will become like me and the cat in the hat! New found energy, up at 6, to sand and paint and sew and fix!
Here is this month's calender layout from AYTR

I converted this beauty (taking self pics in the mirror and everything!)

to the world of scrap, and she is hooked how about that? Up until one with ink and pens, posting layouts for her friends!
I completed 3 cj's and loved your topic and how my pages turned out!Anam dear, it is in the mail! I took the cj for you ALL THE WAY to Denver and realized it had to go to Edmonton!
So I could talk your ear of about the fabulous weekend I had with my gals Connie, Jeanette and Andreanne but what will you read about the rest of the week? Off to finish at least one essay then visit everyone's blog. MWAH!