Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Love Affair with the Fed Ex Guy

Well, I have been in the Heidi Swapp class for almost a month and still the fed ex guy hasn't shown up to drop off my box of goodies. Apparently there was trouble with the pages fitting in the calender. I love Heidi's product in terms of concepts- she is very creative but I am thinking she needs to hubt for a new manufacturer. It never seems to work as it should. The journal spots never stick- you always gotta glue stick em, the chipboard "self adhesive" letters have never adhered to anything ever! and there are a few other things. You would think since advantus has this megga creative chick working for them, they would try hard to make her products work so she doesnt jump ship and go to another comany!
So anyhoo.... I am waiting for the fed ex guy/gal to show up. At this point I don't care- I will molest whoever shows up at my door in the brown jumper! ...or is that the UPS guy? Whatever. I guess in the meantime I will have to resort to finally starting the orginazation project I had for my scrapbook supplies. I am FLYLADY! I totally clenaed the house yesterday. then, just cuz I am such a nice sister, I was up and showered and making banana bread and bran muffins at 7 a.m. cuz the boys are working in Ingelwood this morning. Where have you blog girls been? I go to stalk blogs, and waaaah! No new posts. Whatcha been up to...

"I am the mom of boys..."

Okay, so i wanted to post the third picture first but it didn't turn out that way. For the love of God, please can I get my computer back?!!! The one I stole from my husband unfortunately had to go back to work with him. I blew the dust off this old laptop I had under my bed and plugged in the internet stick and it isn't working so hot. Anyway, when you scroll down to the third pick, you will see why I wanted it first. Wheeeew! Anywaaaay..

apparently I had a little creative mojo goin' on today. I made some cute chocolate bar wraps for the kids for valentines and one for Andreanne in quebec- hence my bad french on the wrapper.I just took the wraps off some arrow bars- Ireland loves "letting the bubbles melt" she has seen the two spazy girls commercial one too many times, and I measured some pp to fit. I ran it through the computer then embellished with ribbon by Making memories. I also inked the edges a bit and attached some extra "love" with a mini diaper pin by Making memories.I wanted the little "hershey hugs" rectangle chocolates but couldn't find any anywhere. if anyone has seen them let me know, originally I bought little boxes and painted them. On each chocolate I wanted to put one reason why I love them and put them in the box. There is still time before valentines so help a girl out if anyone spies to the newbies, I live in canada, no target here but I wish.
Here is a closer look. This one is for kian that says love you, no matter what. He acts like a teenager so i never know which day its gonna be, either I love ya or "you're the meanest mom ever!" kinda day.

Here is the pic I wanted first. For some reason my four year old deemed it necessary to store his army truck in the refrigerator. (pretend you don't see the "kabillion" take out boxes in my fridge- it was daddy's turn to cook)So I decide to inquire why it has to be there.Well, duh! apparently, the aliens are sending signals and the captain knew that they couldn't send them in the fridge because it is too cold for them to send signals there...okay, I must have missed that day in school.Glad that was sorted out for me. I would have been up all night wondering if those aliens were listening in on the ramblings of Jessi and I, top secret stuff ya know!
...and here it is, a project that was not made at 2 am! I had a sleep deprivation thing going on yesterday and crashed by 11 but I was up and showered and all by 7:30 and made this early this morning. I LOOOOVE how it turned out. I had a stack of my afore mentioned "stash" out for weeks to make some cards and I ended up using a scrap of C.I. paper (I need to marry a ceo of this company and get some free crap!), a transparency, some making memories paint and my big Heidi stamps. it says:
LOVE...isn't always so transparent but even a blind man could see my love for you. Happy Valentine's Day.
according to Miss Sassy Ireland, it is "sooo pretty". Well alright then.But, okay, when I finished it, I'm standing there like yep, that's pretty nice. The kids are looking at me like- yep you are crazy!

this is the envelope. Little tidbit, a lot of people have been using transparencies lately so here are some things i know: you can get a huge box at staples for 10 bucks rather than a buck a piece for a 4x6 at your LSS. You can stamp, emboss, sew etc on them your big self! Also I bought some invisible thread at Fanny's Fabrics (they kinda bend you over cuz it's $11.00 for one spool OUCH!!!) but it lasts a long time if you use it for transparency projects only. It is awesome because you can sew and it keeps the integrity of the whole see through bit.

Last but not least-I fit into a size 7 pair of jeans pre prego! Yay, now the next step will be getting my size 3 and 5 back from my best SB(skinny bitch) friend, Jeanette that she borrowed last summer because I intend to fit into them real soon. Jeanette you know the ones- camo capris, you took em to cuba? I am going to stalk some blogs if my computer holds out, p.s.- candice- email me a picture and I will upload it to your blog and set it up then email you the info. Bye for now, big kiss!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

transparency album

well i never thought that through very good. guess what? apparently you can only upload 5 images at a time to blogger so my last page is first. soooo what?

these pics look kind of dark here so i hope hey are easy to see! i made this album as per inspiration from Ali. I used bohemia transparency, mm glitter stickers, and daisy d's paper and cards. you can also check out some of my projects at L2S website. For all the new gals from Heidis class, thanks for visiting. Can't wait to visit more of your blogs! I stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish it and then had to be up at 7, not so great. I am glad I can finally sneak in a little nap cuz the babies are crashed. yippeeee! I am loving my Heidi Art Journal. I have been writing in it everyday because I STIIIILL haven't received my goodie box! I need to keep notes so that I can fill in the bottom of the calender. UPS guy, where the hell are ya?
Karla had a totally cool journal posted on her blog. You should check it out cuz it is super amazing!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

No laughing at me!

Well, here is my first LO for the Heidi class. I took these nasty ass pics and stared at them for a week. The january tag is strategically placed over my jelly roll, not kidding. I had a cool LO all mapped out then I got the email for this weeks art challenge. I am like whaaaat! So I had to redo it. But hey, that is what the class is all about. Stepping outside of your normal style and doing something different.
It had to use pattern paper, have a target somewhere, list your goal, deadline and five reasons for choosing that goal. I have also had some journal spots stashed and never used them. I saw Ali had stamped the edges of some and other people used them in a different way. I am trying to use up my stash of "just in case" stuff. Quit laughing Jessi- I know where you live!! I am really making the most out of it and have stopped buying so much. I found a bunch of stuff I don't even remember buying! I made a cute little baby journal for Pearl and used up a bunch of baby things I had saved.
i want to do some ufos tonight and make a bohemia transparency album scraplifted from Ali. if i get it done i will upload it. need to finish my christmas and home tour mini albums and help candice make a blog. good luck catchin up on all your projects girls!
ps- thanks for seeing my before pic and still visiting my blog in the future...girls? are you still there?

Friday, January 12, 2007

"She ignored people who said it couldn't be done"

have you ever done something and afterwards stood back and secretly said to yourself...I FREAKIN ROCK!!!!!! Well today was a yay me day. It's official- I am in pre-law studies! Thanks to Athabasca university, who gives credit for life experience, I am shavin a year off my studies and should have my degree completed within 12 months or less!
Also, I am able to work on my first year of law consecutively through online courses. I am 32 years old but I figure if it takes me 3 years I am still young enough to have a great career. I am seriously taking this year to "throw away all my excuses" and do what I know I can. For all the girls in Heidi's AYTR class, if I can do it you can!
Once upon a time I used to feel sorry for myself that my parents couldn't afford to send me to college, but I did it myself and it felt even more rewarding when I graduated.Also, during my first year of studies, I found out I was pregnant. My one fogerty fart teacher from 1900 told me to dropout, way to promote education buddy. I took summer classes and correspondance and graduated with my calss.
Not everything is easy. today I met with one of my teachers from college 9 years ago- he threw out a tidbit. hey, you should organize a ten year reunion. You know what- I am going to do just that!I believe my life could have turned out very differently if I had chosen to focus on the fact that I came from a poor family, single mom of four. My mom has a grade 7 education and unfortunately feels she should work at a minimum wage job. She has the training and capability to work as a nutritionist at a hospital and has in the past but has let her focus slip away.
Today, I also had to let go of someone very important to me. I was crushed. (Jeanette and Candice I am stronger than you think:) Sometimes you have to know that you just can't help people who don't want to help themselves and it is so frustrating when you know they can do more, be more and are amazing!
For that person if you are reading this- know that I value you and love you enough that I can walk away and you will see if you can be strong enough to "live the life you imagined". Take it from one who knows, changes don't happen overnight. If you can't even be honest with yourself though, 10 years from now, you will look back and be in the same spot.
Well I am no Albert Einstein or anything but I know what i know. And what I know is that you can turn cant's into cans and dreams into plans! For my Heidi girls and all of you, I am rootin for ya, used to be a cheerleader ( my ass was smaller then)and anyone who needs a cheerleader, I recently found myself in need of someone new to cheer for.Let me know. So instead of crying today, I am going to smile for this small victory on a path I am going to move along quickly.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A year to remember

I have finally started my Heidi AYTR class. We got our first assignment last monday and this week we were to design a journal to start writing in. This is helpful since I need a way to keep track of stuff for the month. Poor UPS gal came today. I had just came back from the clinic as vaughn had his shots and was CRAAAABBBYYY!! I laid down to snuggle then ding dong. GRRR but I go to the door and see UPS through the window and I'm like YAY! My goodies are here. I ask who it is from ....tupperware! Damn! Uh thanks...she says oh you didnt order this?
I am actually a fake tupperware conultant and I won some free stuff for recruiting 2 new members. Yes, I am thankful but still bummed nonetheless. I just "sell?" tupperware so my pantry is all pimped out and organized. It is a sickness but man it looks good. Maybe someday I will do a LO about my I found this cool leather journal at winners and added some paint and stuff and I love it.This is the outside cover. I was on Jessi blog and she answered a little tid bit from Cheryl's blog. Since it fit so well with the stuff Heidi asked us to think about, i thought I would also post my answers to it too. I challenge all of those wanting to make this year a year to remember to answer this stuff and think about how you want this year to look like and as Gwen says...Whatcha waitin, whatcha waitin for?
What did you do in 2006 that you have never done before?
Allow myself to become financially independant on someone else...didn't like that feeling much!
Did anyone close to you have a baby?
yes, candice and I had to have a baby a week apart. that was sort of fun but kinda hard to share maternity clothes, Bonnie had Coleman
Did anyone die?
Thankfully no one close to me died but some people did pass on my DH side who were elderly and it was actually for the best
What countries did you visit?
Cuba and it was amazing. I went to Guadalavecca beach and the sand was amazing!
What do you have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006?
Confidence in myself again! I am going back to get my degree and head to law school. I don't know what I was waiting for because this girl I am now is the girl I always was, just lost her for a bit and I am glad she is back.
What from 2006 remains etched in your memory?
The selfish poor me thoughts I had at the prospect of having another boy (3) and then when I had Vaughn, I just loved him so much. When I read about others struggling with infertility and one girl who's baby died during delivery I want to smack myself silly. Glad I no longer am a raging ball of hormones and I am thankful for every little moment I get to spend with my 4 beautiful children!!
Did you suffer from any illness or injury?
I had difficulties from a cesarean and many infections followed. Again, felt sorry for myself. It is being followed up with another possible surgery this February and though I thought about being angry, it can always be worse.
Who would you like to celebrate from last year?
i want to celebrate Andreanne tremblay, our exchange student who left home in Quebec for the first time and spoke mostly french and little english. You are a brave girl!We miss you and can't wait to have you back this year. P.S. I am brushing up on my French too I promise!
Who appaled you or depressed you?
Myself. I allowed myself to sucuumb to a person that I didn't want to be. I did little to change the way things were and I bitched that it was so. For all of those who listened to my griping and never punched my lights out, gotta love ya:)
Where did your money go?
To a brand new home and all new furnishings. Not a total splurge- I did garage sale all the old stuff and made a whopping $3500 and then when we moved in there was a bit more left over so I had another sale and made $385.I am thrifty and just a note, I still had some furniture from college okay?
What really excited you?
A lot! A new start, a new baby, a new home, meeting Andreanne but it was a rollercoaster being all preggers
Compared to this time last year were you happier/sadder, fatter/thinner, richer/poorer?
hmmm. How do I answer this? Okay, i will be honest. I was happier, thinner and richer last year than I am now. But I am on my way to happier, thinner and once I am out of school- not richer as that isn't important to me, but self sufficient, money makes life easier sometimes but it definitely doesn't make you happy.
Favorite t.v. show?
With the prospect of moving into the new house, I always watched channel 25. Does that count? It is all design inc. trading spaces and I ate it all up so my new place would be out of the pages of Style magazine.
Best book you read?
She, by Kobi yamada, thanks Heidi! I am telling you, this book takes all of 5 minutes to read but every girl, woman should own it! Every page I was like yeah! Here are a couple of my favorites that helped me to point this year in the right direction
She decided to enjoy more and endure less...celebrate her choices
she woke up one day and threw away all her excuses...celebrate her accountability
she discovered that she was the one she had been waiting for...celebrate her self reliance
I know- don't you just love those words?!!! They inspire me
Someone or something you miss?
Zoe, tear I miss ya girl, Cerys and Candice and Connie. All my best girls have moved and live far away. WAAAAAAA!
What did you do on your birthday and how old were you?
I turned 32. I celebrated, secretly pregnant, at Yuk Yuk's. It was so fun. People were wondering why I didn't have a kokanee or two. Didn't tell my extended family I was pregnant until 5 months when I started to show
What kept you sane?
one person. You know who you are so need for me to say so. It is nice to have that one friend who hears you piss and moan, lets you know when you are being a total shit, and loves you anyway.Thanks! I don't know if I would have made it without ya and I wish we were able to be closer but I have been known to do crazy stuff. wink!
What do you hope to accomplish this year?
Well, this may be a lofty goal but if I can pull it off, I am going to complete my 3rd year for my degree and put a good dent in my 4th year classes. I am fast tracking law school which shaves off a year or more but I am a nerd! Loved school, dean's honour roll kinda nerd
If you could do one thing in 2007 and not suffer repercussions from anyone or anything what would it be?
Well, I have already chosen some lofty changes for 2007. One major one I know will have a backlash that will ripple for some time. I am going to really start being honest with myself and others too. Not in such a way to hurt anyone but I read that the sad thing about people who don't like how their life is going, is that they don't do anything to change it. I don't want to wake up one day thinking what if and wow did I waste parts of my life that I could have spent time living. Okay enough seriousness. Others, are less obvious but if money weren't an issue:
i would travel to my top 3 places on my list: Paris, Scotland and Italy. I would suck up the ambience of every place and if it were a reality that was possible I would take all my kids along too.

Herre is some yay me stuff: I have an appointment tomorrow for GRANT application for school. Also an appointment for Friday to register for my first semester of College that will start my degree program. I am so excited to have given myself a second chance on my dreams. When done I hope to serve persons with disabilities from a legal aspect so I can combine my rehab services education in with law in such a way that I make a positive impact on those in our community who usually wound up left with no advocates.
Okay, blogger diarrea again. You people arelucky you don't meet me in real life cuz I talk LoTTTTTTT! See ya on your blogs! Any AYTR girls, please leave an addresse for your blogs

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

hijacking can be fun!

hey gals! Finally got some pics going on this FIREWALLED FROM HELL computer I have been hijacking. You get blocked for anything! So here are the kidlets at West Ed in the Polynesian room. I am sure with the exception of Ireland holding Vaughn up by his head, the kids all had fun. Vaughn loved laying on the bed and "talkin" to himself as there are mirrors on the ceiling. (Yes my husband made all the same lewd, he wishes jokes that all of your husbands would have said.No I don't need a mirror on the ceiling with an every angle view of my big ass!) It went way too quick. You don't even get the room for 24 hours and they are kicking you out. Thank goodness it was half price day.
...and since I got noooo kisses on new year's eve, here is one for all of you, feel free to kiss the screen. Just joking! It was a very mellow party. I did get a juicy tidbit of gossip...Pearl and Darrel are giving Charter a sibling! Yipee! By the way, brat- nice keeping quiet. I dropped of a hefty bag of maternity cuz I knew she was "trying" and low and behold she already was. She was savin it up to make a big announcement. Can't wait to do my Martha for a baby shower. yup, already plannin it. Maybe bebe will be born on September 6th like my lovey, how cool would that be?All who were here, just got the 9000 prints back from costco today so I will be forwarding them onto you guys for your mini albums. Almost have mine done.
Here are two cute little muffin heads! This is Vaughn and Ethyn. I was tempted to give Ethyn some of the good stuff to fatten him up but resisted. Not every baby needs cellullite on their thighs, sorry vaughn but it is true. At least you heard it from momma. Runs in the family. ROFLMAO!Ethyn was born a week after Vaughn but was due a week earlier. apparently the highlight of their weekend was hangin out sucking on their fingers. We took the drive to whitecourt to see Candice and her crew. there was this one stretch of road that I swear was "groundhog day". I'm like, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet? It was freakin cold!! I had to wear...socks!!! Yes, you read it correctly, I wore socks in the winter time and for three days in a row. We just kinda vegged but it was nice. The highlight- besides seein you Candice cuz you know I love ya (shitdisturber!) was she has a jacuzzi tub in her master bathroom that is like the size of an eight man hot tub!!! I sparked that bad boy up. I came home and brought candice's other two to Red Deer. I am patient, but I tell ya, call CFS if you must but the next time I am in a car with Dorrian for three hours straight- I am giving the kid some cough syrup with codeine!! He has one volume- loud and no shut off valve! Gotta love him.I survived. P.S. candice- payback is a beyotch! Your turn is coming.
last but not least here are the snowman balls I made for our sleighride in heritage ranch. It is rice krispie balls and I coated them with white chocolate. I used a cheezie for the nose and added it with more chocolate after the ball was dry. The top hats are full size marshmallows coated in dark chocolate then I set them on a round pool of chocolate for the brim and choc chip eyes. Cute! I wanted to eat em up but I am on a diet...oh well. I am at a stall and aven't lost any pounds in the last week and a half but I have lost 5 inches so it's all good. How is everyone elses goals going? Let me know. I will visit blogs when I can. Miss ya- no posts on L2S but I will be back soon when I can override this computer. I will leave my blog love as soon as possible. Hey Karla? Karla? Has anyone seen this gal? Did she get lost in a sea of deadlines and tape runner? Checkin ya out on scrapologie- reach for the stars baby cuz pretty soon you'll have a whole sidewalk of fame with your name on it! Big Cyber kiss for ya.. mmmmmmwaaaaa!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

and then....

and then... my piece of shit computer decided to go on strike! I hoarded some amazing photos and words for ya gals from new years and what's been going on. Here is the coles notes version. I got no kisses at midnight on new years eve cuz my arse of a dh was smashed! He also got wrecked the night before- never took a photo of me with the angry eyes but use your imagination it would be a gooder!
My bil and sil were here with their boy for a week and we spent two days at west ed. We stayed at the polynesian room and that was okay. I tried to be restrained in the shopping dept.- think mexico! Is it here yet? Can't wait to gooo ! I am telling you girls- I hijacked a computer- my husbands laptop and have been trying to visit everyones blog in one night. How will I ever survive until I get it back? I will have to do the " year in review" and be not joking since it is 2007 now lol!
It was great to see Parker ( nephew) cuz we haven't seen him in forever! he is growing so big! And talk... you would think this kid is from my side of the family.
we had a sleighride today at heritage ranch with the kids and it was so nice to hang with them, Kian snuck his ipod- sneaky bugger.
Okay- here is the meat and potatoes...WARNING NOT FOR WUSSIES
I have been having some life changing shit going down!!! I have been baby bluesing it and feeling sorry for myself. Apparently when I had my cesarean they left some shit behind, sponge or gauze or whatever. You U.S be thankful you can sue! I have to have surgery again and I feel like a bag of smashed ass. I have had to wean my babe so I can take medication to keep the infection at a dull roar until I get in, nice and I am feeling majorly guilty about that. To mask the guilt- I have kept nursing while on the medication then felt guiltier in case it is bad for him! he is for the record his happy go lucky ball of cute (stinky butt clear a room) self!guess what- boo freakin hoo! I have finally started to do some concrete planning to get myself where I need to be. I am usually so "Martha" set a goal and do it kinda girl and I have been droppin the ball lately. Actually what ball? can't find it!!I have sent away for my stuff from athabasca u to get my degree and get this jiggly baby fat butt to law school! Yes, i am 32 and ticking (thanks Ian, you little brother sucker!) for pointing it out. But hey, I am looking at only maybe 3 years of school and then a career of maybe 30 years doing something I love. Brad- you are right, I would make a great lawyer cuz I talk a good talk. i just finally started listening to myself.
I have some serious blogger diarrea going here cuz I want to get it all in. i started my heidi class and the challenge- coincidentally- was to set a goal with some concrete deadlines and why and how you will get there. So off I go to rdc TOMORROW and I have a straggler to take pics of me and keep me accountable. For my B I love ya and I am glad you are so supportive cuz without you I am lost. Glad to have that one person in my life whoI know loves me baby fat , crying mess, psychotic episodes and all. thanks:) i am scrapbookin your travel pics cuz you are scrapbooking challenged and i still love ya!lovin you! Zoe- I miss ya baby girl, Candice- move your white ass back here cuz what will I do without ya to get me into trouble?Stop laughing Dee- help me convince her that whitecourt is not all it is cracked up to b.For all you gals who posted comments- BIG KISS! LOVE YAS AND WILL VISIT WHERE I CAN STEAL A MOMENT!
I am shutting up now- gotta work at 7 am! yikers. good night jack!