Thursday, January 04, 2007

and then....

and then... my piece of shit computer decided to go on strike! I hoarded some amazing photos and words for ya gals from new years and what's been going on. Here is the coles notes version. I got no kisses at midnight on new years eve cuz my arse of a dh was smashed! He also got wrecked the night before- never took a photo of me with the angry eyes but use your imagination it would be a gooder!
My bil and sil were here with their boy for a week and we spent two days at west ed. We stayed at the polynesian room and that was okay. I tried to be restrained in the shopping dept.- think mexico! Is it here yet? Can't wait to gooo ! I am telling you girls- I hijacked a computer- my husbands laptop and have been trying to visit everyones blog in one night. How will I ever survive until I get it back? I will have to do the " year in review" and be not joking since it is 2007 now lol!
It was great to see Parker ( nephew) cuz we haven't seen him in forever! he is growing so big! And talk... you would think this kid is from my side of the family.
we had a sleighride today at heritage ranch with the kids and it was so nice to hang with them, Kian snuck his ipod- sneaky bugger.
Okay- here is the meat and potatoes...WARNING NOT FOR WUSSIES
I have been having some life changing shit going down!!! I have been baby bluesing it and feeling sorry for myself. Apparently when I had my cesarean they left some shit behind, sponge or gauze or whatever. You U.S be thankful you can sue! I have to have surgery again and I feel like a bag of smashed ass. I have had to wean my babe so I can take medication to keep the infection at a dull roar until I get in, nice and I am feeling majorly guilty about that. To mask the guilt- I have kept nursing while on the medication then felt guiltier in case it is bad for him! he is for the record his happy go lucky ball of cute (stinky butt clear a room) self!guess what- boo freakin hoo! I have finally started to do some concrete planning to get myself where I need to be. I am usually so "Martha" set a goal and do it kinda girl and I have been droppin the ball lately. Actually what ball? can't find it!!I have sent away for my stuff from athabasca u to get my degree and get this jiggly baby fat butt to law school! Yes, i am 32 and ticking (thanks Ian, you little brother sucker!) for pointing it out. But hey, I am looking at only maybe 3 years of school and then a career of maybe 30 years doing something I love. Brad- you are right, I would make a great lawyer cuz I talk a good talk. i just finally started listening to myself.
I have some serious blogger diarrea going here cuz I want to get it all in. i started my heidi class and the challenge- coincidentally- was to set a goal with some concrete deadlines and why and how you will get there. So off I go to rdc TOMORROW and I have a straggler to take pics of me and keep me accountable. For my B I love ya and I am glad you are so supportive cuz without you I am lost. Glad to have that one person in my life whoI know loves me baby fat , crying mess, psychotic episodes and all. thanks:) i am scrapbookin your travel pics cuz you are scrapbooking challenged and i still love ya!lovin you! Zoe- I miss ya baby girl, Candice- move your white ass back here cuz what will I do without ya to get me into trouble?Stop laughing Dee- help me convince her that whitecourt is not all it is cracked up to b.For all you gals who posted comments- BIG KISS! LOVE YAS AND WILL VISIT WHERE I CAN STEAL A MOMENT!
I am shutting up now- gotta work at 7 am! yikers. good night jack!


Stacy said...

sounds like we need to go out lol!!!! i know i do after the last two weeks and tell me more of the infection and when did they finally figure it out ????

Kimberly White said...

Hey lady ... I think you can sue in Canada (although I'm not sure) and man that sucks!!!!! Can't wait for a face to face chat ... Kim
PS My cricut isn't at my house yet -- it's on backorder but I'm waiting eagerly for it's arrival!

Ronda P. said...

Ohhh My! I can't believe you have had that in there this whole time! It is never to late to do what you want, go for it girl! So glad it was a long letter so we could catch up, I was wondering where you went!

Lynn said...

Wow! good for you! missed are the action on your blog, hope you have your computer back soon!


jessi said...

hey tannis...glad to see everyone is alright! sounds like the usual!! hope to see you online soon again!! and you go girl with your schooling...that's awesome, good for you!!!! chat later!