Tuesday, January 09, 2007

hijacking can be fun!

hey gals! Finally got some pics going on this FIREWALLED FROM HELL computer I have been hijacking. You get blocked for anything! So here are the kidlets at West Ed in the Polynesian room. I am sure with the exception of Ireland holding Vaughn up by his head, the kids all had fun. Vaughn loved laying on the bed and "talkin" to himself as there are mirrors on the ceiling. (Yes my husband made all the same lewd, he wishes jokes that all of your husbands would have said.No I don't need a mirror on the ceiling with an every angle view of my big ass!) It went way too quick. You don't even get the room for 24 hours and they are kicking you out. Thank goodness it was half price day.
...and since I got noooo kisses on new year's eve, here is one for all of you, feel free to kiss the screen. Just joking! It was a very mellow party. I did get a juicy tidbit of gossip...Pearl and Darrel are giving Charter a sibling! Yipee! By the way, brat- nice keeping quiet. I dropped of a hefty bag of maternity cuz I knew she was "trying" and low and behold she already was. She was savin it up to make a big announcement. Can't wait to do my Martha for a baby shower. yup, already plannin it. Maybe bebe will be born on September 6th like my lovey, how cool would that be?All who were here, just got the 9000 prints back from costco today so I will be forwarding them onto you guys for your mini albums. Almost have mine done.
Here are two cute little muffin heads! This is Vaughn and Ethyn. I was tempted to give Ethyn some of the good stuff to fatten him up but resisted. Not every baby needs cellullite on their thighs, sorry vaughn but it is true. At least you heard it from momma. Runs in the family. ROFLMAO!Ethyn was born a week after Vaughn but was due a week earlier. apparently the highlight of their weekend was hangin out sucking on their fingers. We took the drive to whitecourt to see Candice and her crew. there was this one stretch of road that I swear was "groundhog day". I'm like, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet? It was freakin cold!! I had to wear...socks!!! Yes, you read it correctly, I wore socks in the winter time and for three days in a row. We just kinda vegged but it was nice. The highlight- besides seein you Candice cuz you know I love ya (shitdisturber!) was she has a jacuzzi tub in her master bathroom that is like the size of an eight man hot tub!!! I sparked that bad boy up. I came home and brought candice's other two to Red Deer. I am patient, but I tell ya, call CFS if you must but the next time I am in a car with Dorrian for three hours straight- I am giving the kid some cough syrup with codeine!! He has one volume- loud and no shut off valve! Gotta love him.I survived. P.S. candice- payback is a beyotch! Your turn is coming.
last but not least here are the snowman balls I made for our sleighride in heritage ranch. It is rice krispie balls and I coated them with white chocolate. I used a cheezie for the nose and added it with more chocolate after the ball was dry. The top hats are full size marshmallows coated in dark chocolate then I set them on a round pool of chocolate for the brim and choc chip eyes. Cute! I wanted to eat em up but I am on a diet...oh well. I am at a stall and aven't lost any pounds in the last week and a half but I have lost 5 inches so it's all good. How is everyone elses goals going? Let me know. I will visit blogs when I can. Miss ya- no posts on L2S but I will be back soon when I can override this computer. I will leave my blog love as soon as possible. Hey Karla? Karla? Has anyone seen this gal? Did she get lost in a sea of deadlines and tape runner? Checkin ya out on scrapologie- reach for the stars baby cuz pretty soon you'll have a whole sidewalk of fame with your name on it! Big Cyber kiss for ya.. mmmmmmwaaaaa!


Ronda P. said...

So glad you have updated us, I've been missing you girl! I gave you a big fat kiss & now my screen has to be clead....LOL! So proud of losing those inches. Doctor gave me the go-ahead so now it is time to take my big butt to the gym! Catcha when we can!

Lynn said...

this is some goooodddd reading, loved it! Great to catch up! Fabulous pictures you have the cutest kids ever! Have a great night and loooovvvveeee the snowmen they are so freakin cute!!!


Cheryl Wray said...

Great blog and, boy, did you have a lot going on!
Your kiddoes are just adorable--and love their names!
And the snowmen? Too cute!!

Kimberly White said...

You are back .... missed you girl! Love those pics! We need to get together and scrap sometime soon!
PS those snow men are awesome!

Karla said...

Hey dude I'm here!!! Haven't died...YET! LOL!!!! Thanks you so much for being down! You are always lookin' out for a sista! Hey I am returning that cyber kiss!!!!! those kids are cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Karla