Thursday, January 18, 2007

"I am the mom of boys..."

Okay, so i wanted to post the third picture first but it didn't turn out that way. For the love of God, please can I get my computer back?!!! The one I stole from my husband unfortunately had to go back to work with him. I blew the dust off this old laptop I had under my bed and plugged in the internet stick and it isn't working so hot. Anyway, when you scroll down to the third pick, you will see why I wanted it first. Wheeeew! Anywaaaay..

apparently I had a little creative mojo goin' on today. I made some cute chocolate bar wraps for the kids for valentines and one for Andreanne in quebec- hence my bad french on the wrapper.I just took the wraps off some arrow bars- Ireland loves "letting the bubbles melt" she has seen the two spazy girls commercial one too many times, and I measured some pp to fit. I ran it through the computer then embellished with ribbon by Making memories. I also inked the edges a bit and attached some extra "love" with a mini diaper pin by Making memories.I wanted the little "hershey hugs" rectangle chocolates but couldn't find any anywhere. if anyone has seen them let me know, originally I bought little boxes and painted them. On each chocolate I wanted to put one reason why I love them and put them in the box. There is still time before valentines so help a girl out if anyone spies to the newbies, I live in canada, no target here but I wish.
Here is a closer look. This one is for kian that says love you, no matter what. He acts like a teenager so i never know which day its gonna be, either I love ya or "you're the meanest mom ever!" kinda day.

Here is the pic I wanted first. For some reason my four year old deemed it necessary to store his army truck in the refrigerator. (pretend you don't see the "kabillion" take out boxes in my fridge- it was daddy's turn to cook)So I decide to inquire why it has to be there.Well, duh! apparently, the aliens are sending signals and the captain knew that they couldn't send them in the fridge because it is too cold for them to send signals there...okay, I must have missed that day in school.Glad that was sorted out for me. I would have been up all night wondering if those aliens were listening in on the ramblings of Jessi and I, top secret stuff ya know!
...and here it is, a project that was not made at 2 am! I had a sleep deprivation thing going on yesterday and crashed by 11 but I was up and showered and all by 7:30 and made this early this morning. I LOOOOVE how it turned out. I had a stack of my afore mentioned "stash" out for weeks to make some cards and I ended up using a scrap of C.I. paper (I need to marry a ceo of this company and get some free crap!), a transparency, some making memories paint and my big Heidi stamps. it says:
LOVE...isn't always so transparent but even a blind man could see my love for you. Happy Valentine's Day.
according to Miss Sassy Ireland, it is "sooo pretty". Well alright then.But, okay, when I finished it, I'm standing there like yep, that's pretty nice. The kids are looking at me like- yep you are crazy!

this is the envelope. Little tidbit, a lot of people have been using transparencies lately so here are some things i know: you can get a huge box at staples for 10 bucks rather than a buck a piece for a 4x6 at your LSS. You can stamp, emboss, sew etc on them your big self! Also I bought some invisible thread at Fanny's Fabrics (they kinda bend you over cuz it's $11.00 for one spool OUCH!!!) but it lasts a long time if you use it for transparency projects only. It is awesome because you can sew and it keeps the integrity of the whole see through bit.

Last but not least-I fit into a size 7 pair of jeans pre prego! Yay, now the next step will be getting my size 3 and 5 back from my best SB(skinny bitch) friend, Jeanette that she borrowed last summer because I intend to fit into them real soon. Jeanette you know the ones- camo capris, you took em to cuba? I am going to stalk some blogs if my computer holds out, p.s.- candice- email me a picture and I will upload it to your blog and set it up then email you the info. Bye for now, big kiss!


Jeanette said...

Hey Momma...i read your blog and yeah I still have your pants...guess i should give them back soon hey...your doing proud of you. Never tell you that...but I am. Just know im here whenever ya need me. If ya need a gym partner im there...well ill be there in body..but my mind will be busy checkin and flirtin with the hotties. Ha Ha
Love ya Girl

Sarah said...

Hi Tannis! Thanks for popping by my blog...I know Karla raves about you, so it's about time I stopped by :) Love the photos of the car in the freezer (yes I am the mum of boys too) and your LOVE transpancy looks awesome!!

Karla said...

Creative MoJo is right!!! Girl you are on fire!!!!! LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! And I know about the whole kids surprise thing. DerRick got ready for work...went to put his boot on and found a line of pink beads in it! Oh but then he goes on to put on his other boot and of course...a line of purple beads! LOL!!!!! I could hardly stop laughing!!!! Kids are somethin' else! -Karla

Lynn said...

Love all these little goodies, amazing! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow girl you are def ona mojo roll...congrats on the size 7 jeans!!!!

You find son leaves me barbies and bratz....he hides them on his sister...freaks me ou everytime!!! i bought some almost 2 years ago and have only used them twice....thanx for the inspiration girl......they are sitting here at my computer just asking me to use them....have a great day girl!

Stacy said...

love the love card great mojo i think i am inspired and i just had a idea pop onto my head but weather i get it done another story k i am buying a scale today and i am finding a tape measure i know i have lost inches i can tell and the energy i have wowo amazing talk soon we need a scrap time lol!!!

Ronda P. said...

Okay there is so many things to comment on:
First, I hope those aliens don't come & get you!
Second: Sleep deprivation works for you! Love, Love, Love this!
Third: Those chocolates look great. You're making my mouth water. Are you trying to keep me from loosing my weight?
Which brings me to point 4: WOW! Seriously envious over the weight lose BUT so EXTREMELY happy for you!

Kimberly White said...

Tannis ... you are amazing ... all the things you think up! Wow! Love it all! (Looking forward to finding stuff in my fridge in the future, but I do find stuff in my shoes lol!) Kim
Ps Anytime you want to come over just call .... don't have the paint swatches but I still have the pails of paint!

Kelsey_N said...

Hey there!
What an awesome LOVE card! wow! I feel all sorts of inspirations to use transparencies now!
Great job on the size 7! Good for you!
I don't have kids, but I have found the butter in the silverware drawer ... (Jason!)
Have a wonderful weekend!