Tuesday, January 16, 2007

transparency album

well i never thought that through very good. guess what? apparently you can only upload 5 images at a time to blogger so my last page is first. soooo what?

these pics look kind of dark here so i hope hey are easy to see! i made this album as per inspiration from Ali. I used bohemia transparency, mm glitter stickers, and daisy d's paper and cards. you can also check out some of my projects at L2S website. For all the new gals from Heidis class, thanks for visiting. Can't wait to visit more of your blogs! I stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish it and then had to be up at 7, not so great. I am glad I can finally sneak in a little nap cuz the babies are crashed. yippeeee! I am loving my Heidi Art Journal. I have been writing in it everyday because I STIIIILL haven't received my goodie box! I need to keep notes so that I can fill in the bottom of the calender. UPS guy, where the hell are ya?
Karla had a totally cool journal posted on her blog. You should check it out cuz it is super amazing!


Lynn said...

totally love this, wow you girls are talented... amazing!!

Kimberly White said...

Saw this on l2s and have to tell you -- this is one gorgeous mini book! Great lift Tannis! Wishing you sweet dreams! Kim

jessi said...

love your take on the transparency album!!! I still need to do my journal...can't find one I like!!! have a great night!!

Ronda P. said...

This is so gorgeous! I love how you used those bohemian transparencies. How smart are you!

Stacy said...

k i am trying to figure out how to do this but i may go with another idea of great lift !!!!!

Anne Thompson said...

Hi I found your site off of Lynns'. I love the transparency booklet! i saw it on Ali's blog too and really wanted to try it! I love the Bohemia line too! Anne

Karla said...

Oh...excuse me while I whpe the drool...hold on... Ok I'm back :)

Girl this is RAD and yes I said RAD. I LOVE it. You did a very well job and I am glad you stayed up that late if that meant we get to enjoy lookin' at this baby!

Thanks for the shot out. I'm glad you like.

Say...you take that well needed nap though and I will holla at you real soon

Later honey cakes -Karla