Wednesday, February 28, 2007


well, well, well... we surfed and came across Renees hump day hotties and all we can say is yowza! the old internet cafe is kinda busy. we are going to upload some pics. last night was a first for me and my bad girl jeanette we went to a foam party! they fill up the whole bar with foam and you dance. some of us short people kinda suffer because i can´t swim with bubbles up my nose! It was a little crazy.jeanette says, no i am not going in the bubbles...i am going to be pretty. so i put on the bathing suit and pony tail figuring she can snap the pictures...oh what happened?
well you will see from the photos, the hump day hotties were out a day early, too bad momma is married! wink...okay, so i let the army brat from minnesota pick me up out of the bubbles, who am i to shut down a boy who is picking my drunk ass out of a big pile o bubbles? Renee, i am not doing so good in the getting a tan department. they bring you tequila tequila at nine in the morning, then you nap and wake up at suppertime and then you go to the next activity.
we saw ¨grease¨in spanish last night at our hotel. the dancers were pretty good except all the girls had a little camel toe going on in the costumes department.
these photos have been carefully selected for your viewing pleasure...I like Renees picks but these boys are bad aaaaaaaassssssss! Too bad all we did was look:(

Thursday, February 22, 2007

just full of good things

the fed ex guy came today with a box of goodies. Unfortunately, I lent my photo card to jessi to upload our little photo shoot and I borrowed Morgan's camera and he didn't feel like getting the cord out. Sooooo, you will have to wait to see a pic . I got the entire valentines line! A set of five chipboard hearts with different sentiments, a chipboard set of "love" letters, 3 different sheets of alpha stickers, valentines ribbon, a pack of 24 clips, 20 foam stamps, a tag of index stickers and some sparkly valentine word stickers. Making memories was very generous!
this will be the last post until March 3rd, it is arrivaderci chicas! I will be sure to upload all my pics to my space as soon as I get home. (J if you are reading this, please edit creatively, tee hee hee). i am going to miss my baby bear sooo bad, everyone download "Godspeed" by the Dixie chicks and listen to it. I sing it to him every night. i am no dixie but he loves me! Wish you all could come. I am not kidding about next year, start saving those pennies gals...quit spending all your coin on scrapbooking supplies! I will catch up on every blog post when i get back, til then, have an awesome week!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

anyone have $97.00????

I can't even believe this!!!! I am the last minute trip booking queen and I always get deals. Can you imagine my eyeballs popping from my head when I received my email from travel zoo that return airfair to MEXICO - cabo san lucas, peurta vallarta or cancun is only $97.00 RETURN airfair!!!!!!!!So anyone who seriously wanted to go to mexico, get your credit card out... go to flight or sign up for travel zoo and book it, hurry cuz the first trip leaves on feb 24-march 3, the second one is feb 27-march 6 and the last one is feb 28-march 7. They leave from calgary or edmonton-sorry to anyone who is further. Hey Renee, meet ya there?
My company I booked with said If i saw a cheaper deal... I am phoning them tomorrow morning at the crack of my a%#! Maybe I can get a little refund, maybe not like I said I am...."thrifty", the worst they could say is NO!
I had fun last night playing with my goodies from Ronda (big kiss), and Ireland loves the pages. She wanted me to take photos of her in her ballet stuff because I wanted some of just the boys. She said don't you want some of just your girl? Well, of course! So off she went for the pink lipstick and tutu.

I visited this week's scrapjack and this is my version.

This is a pick of Jessi, me, Kim and stacy from our photo shoot ala my living room. If I get a chance I may upload more tomorrow, if not see all you bad ass girls on March the third. hey...anyone in the Red Deer area interested in having a French exchange student let me know. Our Andreanne's little sis wants to come this year, but Andreanne, " not love my sister very very", translation- no way in hell is my sister staying with me! Hope everyone has an awesome week. I will miss you guys!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A big box of Sunshine

I made a complaint about our LSS. They are behind the times in terms of product. If their sister store in Calgary can't sell something, it goes on clearance at all the stores. When they finally do get something in that you love, you have to buy all you could possibly want cuz you aint ever gonna get more. So.... see the photo above? It is not my goodies from making memories , it is from a real sweetie! Ronda! I had mentioned how I loved the boho line and we had one of the frames, one selection of brads and 2 different types of ribbon. yippee. Ronda said they had a ton of this stuff at Target. So even though it was cloudy, even though we had a freak 10 minute snowstorm, I got a big ol box of sunshine when I grabbed the mail.
She never sent one or two frames- she sent me this whole mess of goodies! I had to hurry home cuz I almost peed my pants! I think it was an especially good day, cuz this particular mail pick up didn't include even ONE bill! that is all. I am going to play with my new stash! I may squeeze in a post tomorrow, my hairdresser is going to try and pretty my hair pretty before I go to mexico. In case anyone is having winter blues... go to belair or travel zoo (you gotta sign up) and you can go to Cuba for $200 bucks. Calling all blog sistas- I am puttin it out there- next year, same time, chick trip! Any takers let me know. I always book last minute because it is cheaper but you can get a week inclusive for 700, that is mazatlan, all inclusive, air, hotel and taxes...such a good deal I am taking Jeanette. She says what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, as if "I" would do anything bad....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

art cards, curious george and such...

I know that i am a little crazy but I had to sneak in my sons room with the camera...he was all snuggled up with his curious george, and George looks curious. It looks as though he is going to climb right out of the bed. this is the perfect toy for Porter because Porter is always "curious" getting into stuff then saying I don't know who did that mom, maybe it was my maginary friend. Yeah, like I will believe that one. Aren't they the best when they are sleeping?

I have had my art cards done for a while but hadn't uploaded them so here is a front and back view of them. I tried to put them in order.

...and my baby is growing soooo big! He went from eating 4 ounces of milk every 3-5 hours to 8 ounces every two hours! He is a porkchop! 20 pounds already. So we tried the pablum...this stuff gags me to no end! I hate the smell but he loves it. He figured it out pretty well after the first three or four spoonfuls. Last but not least, I didn't get my surgery on Wednesday, they weren't able to do it. I am going back to see my specialist and probably have to have a complete hysterectomy. Always an upside though right...don't have to keep worrying how I kept getting pregnant...LOL! Just kidding. I am trying to be positive. So I am out of my funk today. I am taking the kids tobogganing and I am going to visit everyone's blog and see what ya crafty beeyotches have been up to. Missed ya!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines to me?

Here I thought I was going to have a valentines like every other.Boring. Well I taught my first Wilton class in over a year. It was chocolate making which was fun. I made up my treats for the kids. I took pics of 2 cakes I made but can't upload. Maybe tomorrow.My girl Ronda is looking out for me! Lovin you! I won Making Memories Valentines giveaway! Everyone go and check out their blog site. I already love their stuff and now, I am lovin them even more.

Well, here is why my valentines was officially sucking big arse! My FIL went to have surgery for prostate cancer and it turns out is inoperable. You never know what kind of curve balls life will throw at you. Now he is being sent to Vancouver to see a specialist and hopefully it all works out. This diagnosis hit a lot closer to home for me. I found out the source of my afore mentioned tummy troubles.They did not leave anything behind, thank goodness cuz I love Dr.Cassis. It turns out that I have not one but two tumors. One on my liver, which was totally found by accident because the tech was thorough (2 hour ultrasound and pee your pants) and one on my right fallopian tube. So today i go for surgery. Happy Valentines to me.Also, it is day surgery so they drug me up, cut me up, then kick my dopey butt to the curb. Kim loves me and is a mean (in a good way) nurse, so she said shell make sure I'm not dying. Love ya Kim.
My son Porter, did wake up and say Happy Valentines and give me a big kiss. I am hopin my bb wakes up before i go so I can get some real slobbery kisses! He is such a sleeper inner, gotta love him.So I am trying to be positive and hope that I don't get the same news my FIl got but keep your fingers crossed.
My Heidi AYTR class, came in handy before I even knew it. The theme was if you love them tell them and I have. Phew. I will be out for a few days but maybe I can get someone to update my blog for me. Happy Valentine's Girls...Oh and Karla- I hope that whole leg shaving thing panned out with minor injuries! LOL!

Monday, February 12, 2007

you already knew...Dixie Chicks Rock!

Natalie Maines is ready to make nice!( at least someone is- you know who you are and I'm not, subliminal message here)As if there were any doubt that my chicks rule!For any naysayers- I am sticking my tongue out at you right now.Buy their album- heck buy two so you have one for in the car and one for the house. I am probably the only person with a four year old boy who knows all the words to I'm not ready to make nice...and beautiful by my boyfriend James Blunt. Porter is a great singer though. And they have declared that they aren't really a country band, so all of those who made fun of me for listening to new country, I am mooning my screen just for you.
And on the Mexican homefront- got my confirmation numero. JJ and I are leaving on February 23 and we will be back on March 2nd. It will be 11:45 when we arrive so by the time we throw our bags in our room we can drink margaritas as it should be noon by then. ha ha ha
For Renee thanks for the "booblicious" comment but I am seriously dying of embarassment! Not one of my best pics, also- kinda got that free boob job when I had baby that hasn't gone away yet, tee hee, oh well, it will come in handy in mexico while I am there with barbie maybe no one will notice my other jiggly parts! You know I love you Barbie!

Pics of my chicks from their concert in calgary- not the best but oh well

I finally checked out the crazy gals at
Scrapjacked and this is my lift of Elsie's layout. So maybe it isn't totally finished, I may add little tids and bits cuz it needs a bit more going on, but I completed it!!!! I have been kinda scatterbrained and unfocused these days. So tell me what ya think. Just for the record- the hot brunette in the photo is Andreanne. She is our exchange student from Quebec and will be back this summer and I am supposed to "find her a boyfriend please please". She is FIFTEEN so if you have a NICE son, brother, cousin who is about that age let me know. Oh- if he speaks french that is a plus. Tannis's hookup blog is now closed for business.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

renees friday five- yes I'm a day late

Roses Are Red your friday 5

Well, I am a day late Renee but better late than never
1. What is your favorited red food? there is this marinara sauce and it is so thick, I love it but I don't remember who makes it, love cherry lifesavers and nibs licorice too.

2. Do you own any red clothing? A tommy hilfigger sweater and almost nothing else. Not like I'm not a "hey look at me" girl, but it doesnt suit me very well

3. Name one item you can see right now that is red. A stack of unopened printer paper, mouse pad, a red ball my kids didn't put in the toybox and some envelopes for valentines cards

4. Have you ever run a stop sign or red light? Meeeeeeee? Nooooooo, never ever ran either (lying like a dead man in a coffin!!!!) Um, doesn't everyone roll through stop signs if no one is coming, you know the tree in the forest theory- if no one is there to see you, it kinda never happened?

5. Do you ever get so angry that you "see red"? Oh I've gotten way angry the whole last week and when i look back on it, I just can't let it go. then I'm like grrrrrr! At least it has simmered down into a pale red.
That is all for now- oh- I must issue a warning for anyone clicking on my new link Jeanette- this site needs to be rated parental guidance but OMG is she a funny girl, she is like a sista. We have only known each other a little while- since birth, so about 30 ish years.She will be accompanying my ragged butt to mexico. More later have a great weekend

Friday, February 09, 2007

If you love them...tell them

Here is my AYTR layout. I want to give a big cyber kiss to the following ladies:
and you can check all of them out via my blog links. You can see for yourself why I love em! Each is their own amazing and unique self. P.s. Rhonda- I stole your banner title for my page cuz I just loved it. And last but not least, my JJ, Cerys, Connie, ZOe and who wouldn't pick their kids. Last but not least, my adopted (almost) daughter, Andreanne who is coming again this year for student exchange. That's all.

Independence Day

Want to know something funny? I seem to start almost every blog post I make with the word okay. I bet you are all wiser and at peace with the world being enlightened to this unknown amazing fact. Sooo anyhoo... there has been a lot going on at mi casa these days. We have a rental property and my husband insists on selling it because "it is too much work" . I stood back and thought ... yeah...cuz you do so much there...AS IIIIIIIIFFFFF! It has all fallen on my shoulders and quite frankly I am okay with it. Now we have great renters and I am liking the old bank account getting a bit chubbier each month. It is no buffet or anything yet but in time right? Well, whatever, you pick your battles. We are selling it. I had the appraiser come and appraise both houses and I had a little pee in my pants! I am officially a responsible adult with property, RRSP's and investments and everything. Who knew? For those that do know me, I only pretend to be an adult. In certain company I have been known to jack around, laugh like a hyena and act all crazy making the way afore mentioned kissy face (maybe in October post somewhere?)
Seems like this little wave of independence has migrated onto my children. You may sit thinking that is a good thing.
I had a big fat cry when my daughter decided, I AM CUTTING MY HAIR OFF. huh? what? what in the heck was she talking about? I had hair to my butt as a little girl, I always was the flower girl, she has this gorgeous blonde hair to her butt and it has natural curl to it. I bit the bullet... and I cut 6 inches off her hair. Waaaaa! She was happy as a pig in a mud pile but me on the other hand... then she says "does my haircut make me look seven?" uh still look six and a half. Why do kids want to grow up so fast?
Then there is my big boy who takes matters into his own hands (not like anyone I know tee hee) You know how your parents say they hope you have a kid that is just like you? well... I have one... and maybe that isn't all bad. My son had commented to me how kids at school seem to get anything they want. Later we watched an episode of Oprah about spoiled kids etc. The "expert " said that if a parent loves their kid it is their job to say no sometimes.
My nine year old pipes up..."Gee mom, you must love me A LOT because you always say no". Ouch! I explained that it is better to earn special stuff or things that are valuable rather than having everything you want handed over. It teaches you not only to appreciate the things but also how hard you have to work to buy stuff. (Dr.Phil would be so proud I know).
So one day he was mouthing off and I said get a job while you still know it all and you'll see how far your money goes
him- fine I will!
me- fine! (not one of my prouder moments)
The next day the Advocate (our local paper calls), my son applied for a paper route and got one in the cul de sac behind our house. Well, alright then. So today he got his very first paycheck. I was sooo proud of him. The first thing he wanted to do was open a bank account. We made a deal that half of everything he earned had to go into savings and he was okay with that.
So horray for independence. Oh, and Stacy, you may be sucking my blood on Wednesday so please find the teeniest, tiniest needle ever and don't tell the blog world how unindependant and wussy I really am! I am going to the hospital all by my big self. I am going to post my LO for AYTR tonight and look for you. The goal was to tell people you normally wouldn't how much you love and appreciate them. So to all my blog sistas- a big smooshy kiss! MMMMWAAAA! I am thankful for all your love and kind words cuz some days ya really need em ya know?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've been tagged!

okay, First i am going to answer Renees five questions
sooooooome people call me cheap, but I am a girl who grew up in low income housing people, it is called THRIFTY!!! I seriously never buy cd's or anyhting because it seems you spend 20 bucks then you like 2 songs!!Cuz my friends knew I was "thrifty" I often got music for gifts. Can't remember first cd I bought but I remember the last ones...does that count? I bought dixie chicks- listen to Godspeed, I sing it to Vaughn. I'm no Natalie Maines but he loooooves me!
I listen to music typically only when I am in the car. Occasionally I turn on the radio at home and I listen to big 105 or 95.5
Favorite genre? Is dixie chicks a genre? roflmao!!! screw the whole texas thing, I think they are the real deal and i know every song of theirs by heart. Hey...are you guys still there?
I rarely ever watch music tv but on occasion if I flip I land on that artist on trial...I am telling you this is funny shi#! And I have to say it...justin Timberlake is sexy but he is NOT bringing sexy back. I could jab my eyeballs out with a hot poker when I hear this song. It makes me throw up in my mouth and swallow it. Why? because my sorta found him on the edge of the road and adopted him cuz we had no choice brother, puts the capital G in gay and sinks it in his "macho salmon" pink shirt. U think I am kidding...i'm not, I think he has leather chaps and a little whip too...nothing against gay peoplebut Jessi and Stacy are probably rolling on the floor laughing saying OMG she is NOT kidding. you only have to meet this kid once and he gives gay people a bad name, they would gay bash him!
(I said I have nothing against gay people right? I am becoming a lawyer so this is my unofficial disclaimer, I especially like gay girls...girl power and all that jazz)
Grammy's- I don't even remember when regular tv shows are on and I get freakin pissed when I do actually remember the day and time and some awards three hour long blah blah speeches thing is on...there is a scene!

A=Available - I also am available to scrapbook anytime and I am going to leave this question blank.
B=Best Friend - ZOE!!! I love you chatty cathy
C= Cake or pie - definitely cake for baking, decorating,not for eating...I am a professional decorator and too much cake, cant eat it, smelling but pie? banana cream
D= Drink of choice - pepsi intraveinously!!! but I am on a harsh diet so water, mmm love water (I just lied)
E= Essential item you use everyday - oil of DELAY honey!
F= Favorite color - pink...and pink... and I also like all shades of pink and maybe taupe/brown
G= girlie girls!!! Love them,got one, get yerself one!
H= Hometown -Taber, AB-taber corn People!!! It is canadian famous!
I= Indulgences -getting pics of my kids, my cozy pink blanket that i RARELY share and scrapbook supplies but I tend to hoard them
J= January or February - february cuz i believe in true love, yes I have been bumped on the head a couple times
K= Kids and Names -Kian, ireland, Porter, and Vaughn and maybe someday when I am certifiably crazy my dream of baby Ainsley will be realized, can't let it go just yet
L= Life is incomplete babies and my camera!
M= Marriage date - June 7,1999
N=Number of siblings- do I really have to answer this? 10 and I will save the explanation for later
O= Oranges or apples - oranges especially as in juice (maybe a nip of vodka, tee hee)
P= Phobias or Fears - kay, not sure who is reading this, should I be honest?I have this thing where I hate to be alone. Never single for long when i was younger, love having girl sleepovers cuz hubby is always away. there I said it- not cuz I am scared of the dark or anything though, just like the companionship
Q= Favorite Quote - Renee- love your quote...I am basically in love with any Kobi Yamada quote. Every girl reading this buy this book!!! this fits for today...well actually for this last week: She said bye-bye to unhealthy relationships. Celebrate her happiness (k still waiting for the happiness part cuz I am kinda crushed right now but to the "voices" I get it)
R= Reason to smile - um hard to find em today but big one- My JJ, you know I still love ya girl and that will be to the grill 4 you, not worth it
S= Season - winter cuz I have always been able to sneak in a little hot vacay, yippee!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people - Kim, Stacy, Rhonda
U= Unknown fact about me - funny answer Renee! Um, i am kinda like an open book cuz I rarely shut up and guy Kim if he read this would be like yeah...right.Hmmm... how deep do i dig girls, Karla is so honest and real I feel kinda obligated but on the other hand, don't want you guys to be like la la la la earmuffs!!! K- real and honest- I am hard on myself because I never want anyone to be able to compare me to my mother...ouch I know but I had a little break down the other day because my daughter said "you look like grandma" don't be thinking I am a meanie, I could have my own reality tv show cuz I just couldn't even make this shit up
V= Vegetable you don’t like - Zuchinni
W= Worst habit - it is also my good trait, but when I am nervous i never freakin SHUT UP!!!! nervous chatter, then others notice and say something so i get more nervous and get verbal diarrhea and you know how diarrhea progresses, yeah...something like that
X= X-rays -can't remember ever having them but my man's man boys racked up the ol x-ray dept last year!
Y= Your favorite food - some things are staple but I really love this layered salad, how do you pick one thing...seriously?
Z= Zodiac Sign - pisces

K here is the super easy yummy salad recipe
in a bowl chop 1/2 head of lettuce any kind ya want
then add 1 cup cooked, drained peas that are cooled
top that with 1 cup HJELLMAN"S mayo(not miracle whip)
add 6 hard boiled sliced eggs on top of that in a layer
top with 1 pkg of bacon that has been chopped, cooked, drained
serve. This is awesome for pot lucks because it NEVER gets soggy!!! Keeps in the fridge for days and my kids will eat it all in one sitting if left to their own devices.
it is 12:45 in the morning and Kim and I had a marathon phone chat. A life in review and I loooved it. I miss having my Zoe to spill my guts to about everything and nothing. Also, I am a night owl and most of my pansy(but Ilove you) friends are all in bed. Personally i can survive going to bed at two or three and getting up at 7 am. Not a sleeper. Usually catch up on a saturday and sleep til 10, even my Vaughn has this routine to a science. He eats at 7 am and snuggles into my armpit and sleeps in...not from the bad smell, hey quit laughing! I just sniffed my armpit and it still smells good...dove deoderant case anyone wants to get a stick.
lovin ya later in blogland. Just one more note that Kim and I concluded: We are glad to have this community of friends. Thanks for all your support and if anyone needs a little extra to vent or whatever and can't spill their guts here, I am an email or phone call away (

Friday, February 02, 2007

calling all computer experts

yay my computer is back...or not so yay. I pay a hundred bucks and get my computer back to discover...they haven't fixed the problem!!! I can't get on msn but at least I have internet. Almost every site I try and go to is blocked. My special ed husband passworded the computer from our "kids" (cuz is so threatening) and he forgot the password!! I'd like to think I have baby einsteins who could crack his code but seriously if you used the password "pepsi" or whatever- they would never figure it out.
Apparently you need the password to take it off, and yes I have tried to uninstall but it shuts the computer down completely when you try that. SOOOO a big shout to all my blog friends ( if you are still there wondering where the hell I have been or just gave up already), please if any of you, your husband , boyfriend, brother in law Jed or any other person you know can help me get this off, I am begging for some expert advice. I promise to send you a hundred air kisses in return for your knowledge!
I have to say, I have missed our long chats everyday and catching up...but I especially missed Renee! I love you the most b'cuz you are super amazing (am I sucking up enough yet?). So everyone go to her site and you will agree, she has hot half naked men there, some good listening, and you can get in your daily ab exercises from all the laughing at her insightful thoughts.
Oh, you heard it here first, Karla must have been chosen for HOF and they contacted her already or she is Dt ing on eleventeen sites cuz this girl is more MIA than me. At least you can check her site and see what jaw dropping projects she has been working on, I have been wallowing ( you know who you are and I hope you feel super, guilty!!)and I bought cool product to make myself feel better. Maybe this weekend at Kim's, I can finally pull out of the funk and have a yay me moment. Stacy, you're bringing um...beverages I heard?
the Heidi class is bass ackwards cuz all month we stare at a white 12x12 square and get the assignment the last week and you put it in the calender and don't get to look at it cuz you need the number part of the following month. Products aren't working as they should...the dew is off the rose here people. Love Heid's product concept- Advantus people- helloooo! Someone is snoozing in the adhesive department, you should check they aren't "stuck" on how to work their machinery.
look for me on your blogs girls , I am about to go surfing...