Friday, February 02, 2007

calling all computer experts

yay my computer is back...or not so yay. I pay a hundred bucks and get my computer back to discover...they haven't fixed the problem!!! I can't get on msn but at least I have internet. Almost every site I try and go to is blocked. My special ed husband passworded the computer from our "kids" (cuz is so threatening) and he forgot the password!! I'd like to think I have baby einsteins who could crack his code but seriously if you used the password "pepsi" or whatever- they would never figure it out.
Apparently you need the password to take it off, and yes I have tried to uninstall but it shuts the computer down completely when you try that. SOOOO a big shout to all my blog friends ( if you are still there wondering where the hell I have been or just gave up already), please if any of you, your husband , boyfriend, brother in law Jed or any other person you know can help me get this off, I am begging for some expert advice. I promise to send you a hundred air kisses in return for your knowledge!
I have to say, I have missed our long chats everyday and catching up...but I especially missed Renee! I love you the most b'cuz you are super amazing (am I sucking up enough yet?). So everyone go to her site and you will agree, she has hot half naked men there, some good listening, and you can get in your daily ab exercises from all the laughing at her insightful thoughts.
Oh, you heard it here first, Karla must have been chosen for HOF and they contacted her already or she is Dt ing on eleventeen sites cuz this girl is more MIA than me. At least you can check her site and see what jaw dropping projects she has been working on, I have been wallowing ( you know who you are and I hope you feel super, guilty!!)and I bought cool product to make myself feel better. Maybe this weekend at Kim's, I can finally pull out of the funk and have a yay me moment. Stacy, you're bringing um...beverages I heard?
the Heidi class is bass ackwards cuz all month we stare at a white 12x12 square and get the assignment the last week and you put it in the calender and don't get to look at it cuz you need the number part of the following month. Products aren't working as they should...the dew is off the rose here people. Love Heid's product concept- Advantus people- helloooo! Someone is snoozing in the adhesive department, you should check they aren't "stuck" on how to work their machinery.
look for me on your blogs girls , I am about to go surfing...


Ronda P. said...

I will ask my DH (a computer geek) about your issues! Will let you know asap. I think Karla is buried under HOF Deadline. Feb. 10th is approaching fast! Oh I love the style of Heidi's rub-ons but they suck! Can't stand em!

Karla said...

Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh God girl you are absolutely CRAZY!!!!! Please don't ever stop blogging and please don't ever stop commenting on mine. You bring the light into my life with yoursilly booty!

But yeah...Rhonda about right. HOF among other things. I haven't been contacted but I Will tell you this...If they do call me to tell me good news I am ....I will....Shoot I don't know but it will be BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

Later honey

Renee said...

I've missed you so Tannis!!! Ya know the next time I travel to Three Hills I will definitely have to stop in on you on my way by!!!

You crazy don't stop bloggin either you here! I love to read yours and I've missed you so! Check it out I tagged ya girl..get to it!!!

And Karla....that girl she really rocks it out and gets me giggling uncontrolably....her talent is amazing and I'm always hauling ass over to her you heard Tannis and me...go to her blog! She rocks!

Lynn said...

Can't help you out honey I have someone do all my computer stuff.... I would love to know how! I am with everyone else we are all missing your blog, its always great reading! Same with Karlas i always have a good laugh over there as well... actually i love everyones that I read thats why I am always on this dumb thing! keep it real and I hope you get your tech problems taken care of, wish I was joining you girls!