Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines to me?

Here I thought I was going to have a valentines like every other.Boring. Well I taught my first Wilton class in over a year. It was chocolate making which was fun. I made up my treats for the kids. I took pics of 2 cakes I made but can't upload. Maybe tomorrow.My girl Ronda is looking out for me! Lovin you! I won Making Memories Valentines giveaway! Everyone go and check out their blog site. I already love their stuff and now, I am lovin them even more.

Well, here is why my valentines was officially sucking big arse! My FIL went to have surgery for prostate cancer and it turns out is inoperable. You never know what kind of curve balls life will throw at you. Now he is being sent to Vancouver to see a specialist and hopefully it all works out. This diagnosis hit a lot closer to home for me. I found out the source of my afore mentioned tummy troubles.They did not leave anything behind, thank goodness cuz I love Dr.Cassis. It turns out that I have not one but two tumors. One on my liver, which was totally found by accident because the tech was thorough (2 hour ultrasound and pee your pants) and one on my right fallopian tube. So today i go for surgery. Happy Valentines to me.Also, it is day surgery so they drug me up, cut me up, then kick my dopey butt to the curb. Kim loves me and is a mean (in a good way) nurse, so she said shell make sure I'm not dying. Love ya Kim.
My son Porter, did wake up and say Happy Valentines and give me a big kiss. I am hopin my bb wakes up before i go so I can get some real slobbery kisses! He is such a sleeper inner, gotta love him.So I am trying to be positive and hope that I don't get the same news my FIl got but keep your fingers crossed.
My Heidi AYTR class, came in handy before I even knew it. The theme was if you love them tell them and I have. Phew. I will be out for a few days but maybe I can get someone to update my blog for me. Happy Valentine's Girls...Oh and Karla- I hope that whole leg shaving thing panned out with minor injuries! LOL!


TammyBrownlee said...

OMG sorry to hear about this...wish i could give you some big slobbery kisses....but a cyber hug will have to do! I hope everything turns out GOOD for you and for your FIL!!!!

Congrats on the MM win...glad it went to someone as special as you!

Now off to go read about Karla's adventures with shavingher legs....not sure i want to or need to knw...but here goes nothing...big hugs girl!

Kimberly White said...

So excited about the mm surprize! Thanks for letting me know about it! Praying that today goes well- I'll be calling and probally coming over to check on you Tannis! Love ya! Kim Happy Valentine's Day missy!

Renee said...

Oh Tannis hunny..I see you're going to need more then a tonne of chocolate....My thoughts are with you as you go through your surgery. I know what it's like to have alien life forms in your not fun...I hope there is a better prognosis coming for your FIL too.

Congrats on your haul from MM...look at what you'll get to play with when you get yas girlie...keep us posted

Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs** hope its all beign and you can get new life again :) **sending miracle vibes for your FIL**

jessi said... all our good thoughts and prayers!! let me know if there is anything I can do...and congrats on the MM...totally cool!! can't wait to see what you get from them!!
ciao for now!!

Jeanette said...

For Valentines I send you nothing but my love...cause my poor ass is going on a holiday and we need drinking money..ha ha

Ronda P. said...

Oh Tannis....You are in my thoughts & prayers. I so wish I could be with you right now. So glad Kim is there to take care of you!

On another note...I've got your back! I will always look out for you!

Kato said...

evry thing will be ok . lv

Kato said...

everything will b ok . . my day was awesone . you know

Karla said...

Ha HAAA! It was cool! I shaved and had hot sex!!!! Im all good now!!!!