Friday, February 09, 2007

Independence Day

Want to know something funny? I seem to start almost every blog post I make with the word okay. I bet you are all wiser and at peace with the world being enlightened to this unknown amazing fact. Sooo anyhoo... there has been a lot going on at mi casa these days. We have a rental property and my husband insists on selling it because "it is too much work" . I stood back and thought ... yeah...cuz you do so much there...AS IIIIIIIIFFFFF! It has all fallen on my shoulders and quite frankly I am okay with it. Now we have great renters and I am liking the old bank account getting a bit chubbier each month. It is no buffet or anything yet but in time right? Well, whatever, you pick your battles. We are selling it. I had the appraiser come and appraise both houses and I had a little pee in my pants! I am officially a responsible adult with property, RRSP's and investments and everything. Who knew? For those that do know me, I only pretend to be an adult. In certain company I have been known to jack around, laugh like a hyena and act all crazy making the way afore mentioned kissy face (maybe in October post somewhere?)
Seems like this little wave of independence has migrated onto my children. You may sit thinking that is a good thing.
I had a big fat cry when my daughter decided, I AM CUTTING MY HAIR OFF. huh? what? what in the heck was she talking about? I had hair to my butt as a little girl, I always was the flower girl, she has this gorgeous blonde hair to her butt and it has natural curl to it. I bit the bullet... and I cut 6 inches off her hair. Waaaaa! She was happy as a pig in a mud pile but me on the other hand... then she says "does my haircut make me look seven?" uh still look six and a half. Why do kids want to grow up so fast?
Then there is my big boy who takes matters into his own hands (not like anyone I know tee hee) You know how your parents say they hope you have a kid that is just like you? well... I have one... and maybe that isn't all bad. My son had commented to me how kids at school seem to get anything they want. Later we watched an episode of Oprah about spoiled kids etc. The "expert " said that if a parent loves their kid it is their job to say no sometimes.
My nine year old pipes up..."Gee mom, you must love me A LOT because you always say no". Ouch! I explained that it is better to earn special stuff or things that are valuable rather than having everything you want handed over. It teaches you not only to appreciate the things but also how hard you have to work to buy stuff. (Dr.Phil would be so proud I know).
So one day he was mouthing off and I said get a job while you still know it all and you'll see how far your money goes
him- fine I will!
me- fine! (not one of my prouder moments)
The next day the Advocate (our local paper calls), my son applied for a paper route and got one in the cul de sac behind our house. Well, alright then. So today he got his very first paycheck. I was sooo proud of him. The first thing he wanted to do was open a bank account. We made a deal that half of everything he earned had to go into savings and he was okay with that.
So horray for independence. Oh, and Stacy, you may be sucking my blood on Wednesday so please find the teeniest, tiniest needle ever and don't tell the blog world how unindependant and wussy I really am! I am going to the hospital all by my big self. I am going to post my LO for AYTR tonight and look for you. The goal was to tell people you normally wouldn't how much you love and appreciate them. So to all my blog sistas- a big smooshy kiss! MMMMWAAAA! I am thankful for all your love and kind words cuz some days ya really need em ya know?


JEANETTE said...

This message is for Kian....You Rock! Feels good to make some money hey. Good job. Proud of you. Love ya kido!

Stacy said...

i am so proud of kian to and tannis make sure you come after 315 thats when i work otherwise i will tell yeah who to go for k !!

Renee said...

What a big boy you have! You must have been so proud! What an exciting day for him!

Did you keep your daughter's hair? You could have donated it to that hair for kids who have cancer...if you kept it...might be an idea..

As for the smooches...big sloppy ones right back to ya girl!! So glad you updated!

Kimberly White said...

Independence is right! So cool for Kian - and that's a great idea about saving half (my parents made me do that too and it's what I lived off of in College and left with an itty bitty loan instead of a great big fat one! Hooray). Sniff about your daughter's hair (at least she let you cut it - I just chopped my bum length hair off myself - a week before my uncle's wedding and I was the flower girl. I'm sure my mom was impressed! Have a great day Tannis! Kim Sending you some love right back!

Anam_Kihaku said...

love the photos - love how you write - will be back for more :)