Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've been tagged!

okay, First i am going to answer Renees five questions
sooooooome people call me cheap, but I am a girl who grew up in low income housing people, it is called THRIFTY!!! I seriously never buy cd's or anyhting because it seems you spend 20 bucks then you like 2 songs!!Cuz my friends knew I was "thrifty" I often got music for gifts. Can't remember first cd I bought but I remember the last ones...does that count? I bought dixie chicks- listen to Godspeed, I sing it to Vaughn. I'm no Natalie Maines but he loooooves me!
I listen to music typically only when I am in the car. Occasionally I turn on the radio at home and I listen to big 105 or 95.5
Favorite genre? Is dixie chicks a genre? roflmao!!! screw the whole texas thing, I think they are the real deal and i know every song of theirs by heart. Hey...are you guys still there?
I rarely ever watch music tv but on occasion if I flip I land on that artist on trial...I am telling you this is funny shi#! And I have to say it...justin Timberlake is sexy but he is NOT bringing sexy back. I could jab my eyeballs out with a hot poker when I hear this song. It makes me throw up in my mouth and swallow it. Why? because my sorta found him on the edge of the road and adopted him cuz we had no choice brother, puts the capital G in gay and sinks it in his "macho salmon" pink shirt. U think I am kidding...i'm not, I think he has leather chaps and a little whip too...nothing against gay peoplebut Jessi and Stacy are probably rolling on the floor laughing saying OMG she is NOT kidding. you only have to meet this kid once and he gives gay people a bad name, they would gay bash him!
(I said I have nothing against gay people right? I am becoming a lawyer so this is my unofficial disclaimer, I especially like gay girls...girl power and all that jazz)
Grammy's- I don't even remember when regular tv shows are on and I get freakin pissed when I do actually remember the day and time and some awards three hour long blah blah speeches thing is on...there is a scene!

A=Available - I also am available to scrapbook anytime and I am going to leave this question blank.
B=Best Friend - ZOE!!! I love you chatty cathy
C= Cake or pie - definitely cake for baking, decorating,not for eating...I am a professional decorator and too much cake, cant eat it, smelling but pie? banana cream
D= Drink of choice - pepsi intraveinously!!! but I am on a harsh diet so water, mmm love water (I just lied)
E= Essential item you use everyday - oil of DELAY honey!
F= Favorite color - pink...and pink... and I also like all shades of pink and maybe taupe/brown
G= girlie girls!!! Love them,got one, get yerself one!
H= Hometown -Taber, AB-taber corn People!!! It is canadian famous!
I= Indulgences -getting pics of my kids, my cozy pink blanket that i RARELY share and scrapbook supplies but I tend to hoard them
J= January or February - february cuz i believe in true love, yes I have been bumped on the head a couple times
K= Kids and Names -Kian, ireland, Porter, and Vaughn and maybe someday when I am certifiably crazy my dream of baby Ainsley will be realized, can't let it go just yet
L= Life is incomplete babies and my camera!
M= Marriage date - June 7,1999
N=Number of siblings- do I really have to answer this? 10 and I will save the explanation for later
O= Oranges or apples - oranges especially as in juice (maybe a nip of vodka, tee hee)
P= Phobias or Fears - kay, not sure who is reading this, should I be honest?I have this thing where I hate to be alone. Never single for long when i was younger, love having girl sleepovers cuz hubby is always away. there I said it- not cuz I am scared of the dark or anything though, just like the companionship
Q= Favorite Quote - Renee- love your quote...I am basically in love with any Kobi Yamada quote. Every girl reading this buy this book!!! this fits for today...well actually for this last week: She said bye-bye to unhealthy relationships. Celebrate her happiness (k still waiting for the happiness part cuz I am kinda crushed right now but to the "voices" I get it)
R= Reason to smile - um hard to find em today but big one- My JJ, you know I still love ya girl and that will be to the grill 4 you, not worth it
S= Season - winter cuz I have always been able to sneak in a little hot vacay, yippee!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people - Kim, Stacy, Rhonda
U= Unknown fact about me - funny answer Renee! Um, i am kinda like an open book cuz I rarely shut up and guy Kim if he read this would be like yeah...right.Hmmm... how deep do i dig girls, Karla is so honest and real I feel kinda obligated but on the other hand, don't want you guys to be like la la la la earmuffs!!! K- real and honest- I am hard on myself because I never want anyone to be able to compare me to my mother...ouch I know but I had a little break down the other day because my daughter said "you look like grandma" don't be thinking I am a meanie, I could have my own reality tv show cuz I just couldn't even make this shit up
V= Vegetable you don’t like - Zuchinni
W= Worst habit - it is also my good trait, but when I am nervous i never freakin SHUT UP!!!! nervous chatter, then others notice and say something so i get more nervous and get verbal diarrhea and you know how diarrhea progresses, yeah...something like that
X= X-rays -can't remember ever having them but my man's man boys racked up the ol x-ray dept last year!
Y= Your favorite food - some things are staple but I really love this layered salad, how do you pick one thing...seriously?
Z= Zodiac Sign - pisces

K here is the super easy yummy salad recipe
in a bowl chop 1/2 head of lettuce any kind ya want
then add 1 cup cooked, drained peas that are cooled
top that with 1 cup HJELLMAN"S mayo(not miracle whip)
add 6 hard boiled sliced eggs on top of that in a layer
top with 1 pkg of bacon that has been chopped, cooked, drained
serve. This is awesome for pot lucks because it NEVER gets soggy!!! Keeps in the fridge for days and my kids will eat it all in one sitting if left to their own devices.
it is 12:45 in the morning and Kim and I had a marathon phone chat. A life in review and I loooved it. I miss having my Zoe to spill my guts to about everything and nothing. Also, I am a night owl and most of my pansy(but Ilove you) friends are all in bed. Personally i can survive going to bed at two or three and getting up at 7 am. Not a sleeper. Usually catch up on a saturday and sleep til 10, even my Vaughn has this routine to a science. He eats at 7 am and snuggles into my armpit and sleeps in...not from the bad smell, hey quit laughing! I just sniffed my armpit and it still smells good...dove deoderant case anyone wants to get a stick.
lovin ya later in blogland. Just one more note that Kim and I concluded: We are glad to have this community of friends. Thanks for all your support and if anyone needs a little extra to vent or whatever and can't spill their guts here, I am an email or phone call away (


Stacy said...

tannis its 5 am and i have been up all freakin weekend u know u could have called me at three if ya needed at work tee hee and you need the drinks let me know b4 i leave my house to go to kims

Renee said...

Tannis you had me splittin' a gut girl! you are a true diehard in blogland this weekend I tell ya!! And by the way I'm from Three Hills...don't live there no mo...but the parents I visit from time to time...but I'm moving farther north..EGADS!!! So I just know the visits will be fewer and farther between...gotta figure out how to remedy that!!! Hey feel free to email me too!!! LMAO!

Karla said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh lord....

Lynn said...

This is the funniest reading I have had in a long time!!!! LOL! Have a great day!


Ronda P. said...

Oh my gosh you have me laughing so hard. Cracking me up....sending you a video link to your man.

*~*Amber*~* said...

Hey girl... thanks for the comment. To answer some of ur questions... Hubby is taking Psychology:learning and memory, and corporate ediqute(sp) right now. he works full time and does school part time. we have been married for a lil over 2 years. U so sweet! Thanks for the compliment! Check back soon!

Sarah said...

Hi Tannis...thanks for popping by my blog :) Love reading your post today!!! I'm not sure if For Keeps Magazine is sold in Canada, but you can check out their website for subscriptions... You can pay be the month so you don't have to commit to a whole 12 months (I saw you were thrifty see!!)

Sarah said...

Here's the link again..I don't think it worked the last time.

Renee said...

You gonna update this damn thing or what girl??? I've been working overtime on mine for ya...what up with you??? LMAO!!!! Just had to come in and hassle you and to say hello