Monday, February 12, 2007

you already knew...Dixie Chicks Rock!

Natalie Maines is ready to make nice!( at least someone is- you know who you are and I'm not, subliminal message here)As if there were any doubt that my chicks rule!For any naysayers- I am sticking my tongue out at you right now.Buy their album- heck buy two so you have one for in the car and one for the house. I am probably the only person with a four year old boy who knows all the words to I'm not ready to make nice...and beautiful by my boyfriend James Blunt. Porter is a great singer though. And they have declared that they aren't really a country band, so all of those who made fun of me for listening to new country, I am mooning my screen just for you.
And on the Mexican homefront- got my confirmation numero. JJ and I are leaving on February 23 and we will be back on March 2nd. It will be 11:45 when we arrive so by the time we throw our bags in our room we can drink margaritas as it should be noon by then. ha ha ha
For Renee thanks for the "booblicious" comment but I am seriously dying of embarassment! Not one of my best pics, also- kinda got that free boob job when I had baby that hasn't gone away yet, tee hee, oh well, it will come in handy in mexico while I am there with barbie maybe no one will notice my other jiggly parts! You know I love you Barbie!

Pics of my chicks from their concert in calgary- not the best but oh well

I finally checked out the crazy gals at
Scrapjacked and this is my lift of Elsie's layout. So maybe it isn't totally finished, I may add little tids and bits cuz it needs a bit more going on, but I completed it!!!! I have been kinda scatterbrained and unfocused these days. So tell me what ya think. Just for the record- the hot brunette in the photo is Andreanne. She is our exchange student from Quebec and will be back this summer and I am supposed to "find her a boyfriend please please". She is FIFTEEN so if you have a NICE son, brother, cousin who is about that age let me know. Oh- if he speaks french that is a plus. Tannis's hookup blog is now closed for business.


Lynn said...

Love the dixie chicks, they are one of my favorites!!!!! Good for you to be getting away, I would love to but have a wedding to plan!
Love your Elsie page good for you gotta get my but back down to work, have a great rest of your day!


Jeanette said...

Im not ready to make nice either...but hey...well have some good times forgetting all our man issues when were sippin margaritas and cervas's ...start packin baby,....

Stacy said...

love the elsie page i was so hoping james blunt would kick a little more a$$ against the chicks but the chick anyway and do you think maybe potter and jesse could start a band he knows all the words to even to rascal flats what a pair lol!!

Stacy said...

meanty to say that the chicks rock anyway lol!!

Renee said...

I love the Dixie Chicks..always have...James Blunt..not so And about the Booby comment you know I loves you lots...and you know I'm totally envious of your Mexico trip...when you get back I'll be almost ready for my California trip....we so need to plan better lol Hugss

Christina Padilla said...

Awesome job on the jack! lol that sounds funny!

Love the buttons and color combo!
Thanks for playing!

TammyBrownlee said...

love love love the Dixie glad they won!!!!

James Blunt....another fav....we could so scrapbook together girl!

Great take on Elsie's challenge!!

As for word...and it aint nice!!!! lol

Kimberly White said...

Awesome elsie page girl!