Wednesday, February 28, 2007


well, well, well... we surfed and came across Renees hump day hotties and all we can say is yowza! the old internet cafe is kinda busy. we are going to upload some pics. last night was a first for me and my bad girl jeanette we went to a foam party! they fill up the whole bar with foam and you dance. some of us short people kinda suffer because i can´t swim with bubbles up my nose! It was a little crazy.jeanette says, no i am not going in the bubbles...i am going to be pretty. so i put on the bathing suit and pony tail figuring she can snap the pictures...oh what happened?
well you will see from the photos, the hump day hotties were out a day early, too bad momma is married! wink...okay, so i let the army brat from minnesota pick me up out of the bubbles, who am i to shut down a boy who is picking my drunk ass out of a big pile o bubbles? Renee, i am not doing so good in the getting a tan department. they bring you tequila tequila at nine in the morning, then you nap and wake up at suppertime and then you go to the next activity.
we saw ¨grease¨in spanish last night at our hotel. the dancers were pretty good except all the girls had a little camel toe going on in the costumes department.
these photos have been carefully selected for your viewing pleasure...I like Renees picks but these boys are bad aaaaaaaassssssss! Too bad all we did was look:(


jessi said... all I am doing is laughing...and laughing...and laughing!!! good old fashioned fun as I said on jeanette's!!!

Lynn said...

This is hilarious!!!! I fell like I am right there with ya.... Hav a great time!


Lynn said...
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Lynn said...
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Lynn said...

just for the record the other two posts are my screw ups!!! I didn't think you needed three of the exact same thing!!!!

Renee said...

OMG!!! Camel Toe!!! bwwaaahhaaahhaaah!! Saw a lot of that in Cuba too and I tell ya it wasn't pretty! Tee hee!!! Gotta love Te-kill-ya in the mornin'...makes for a wonderful sunshiney day....either under the covers or in the sand....glad to hear you're having fun...ya know I'd love to party with ya take note...I've gotta come down to my ole stompin' grounds of Red Deer for some par-tay time! Rock it out girls!!!

Stacy said...

OMG!!!!!! LOL!!!!