Thursday, March 15, 2007

Answers and a RAK

well well well... I am dissapointed here girls. It seems that KIM was the only one with a sharp pencil! I am sooo proud of you kim for giving it a whack. The first one Kim's answers were
a,e,d, (a,c,e), b
well you got them all right, number 4 was c by the way. They reel you in and they look so easy...then the pizza one??????I was like what the????
The answers were b,b,e,d,a so Kim got the second one right.
I am sending you a big fat rak sista!

The pic above is my version of the February layout contest for creating keepsakes.
and just cuz yesterday sucked, and last night sucked and this morning sucked I figured...hey, if ya can't laugh at yourself... So you know how the eighties are coming back???? Here is Jeanette and My version...baaahaaahahahahahah


Renee said...

whooo-eeee look at that big hair!!! egads!!!! Great pic of you gals...bff....Great layout too by the way girlie....and a little birdie told me a secret over at another blog...tee hee you're older than me...

Jeanette said... know karma..ha ha...yours is comin...ill get a pic of you on that will make you think..what the hell were we thinkin...he he
Love ya sista

Kimberly White said...

YIPEEEEEEEE! (I'm sorta smart lol!) Thanks Tannis! Love your layout - it's my pick for the cover. Have a great day! Kim