Sunday, March 11, 2007


Well, here is my "I am so amazed with myself" butterfly. Heidi had an acetate bird with paint on it for our AYTR class. I used an idea from Jennifer McGuire in this month's Creating Keepsakes mag. She used rub ons on a transparency. i decided to use rub ons on some acetate that I got at staples. i free hand cut a butterfly, edge the outline with black paint then used basic grey, wholly cow rub ons on it.
I loved it, there are a couple of views, the calender is the bottom half of my calender for the class.
Been trying to finish scrapbooking my mexico album. I did Jeanettes first and it was hard to decide what pics to include since we only took 600 PHOTOS! I was emailed about 10 more from some friends we made in mexico. I looked at the pics and was like, who is that???? Oh it is me, maybe one or two many tequilas. Nothing crazy, I just don't remember being at that photo shoot. ROFLMAO.

This is my completed art challenge. I love the photo shoot pics. thanks Jessi for not making me look like I just had a baby... oh wait I did! Can I still use that excuse after 6 months? Ha Ha! Update, I have actually lost 48 lbs and Jessi saw me in a 2pc bikini from mexico. She said i don't look half crazy, which is good.Won't be posting them anytime soon. Still got 20-30 to go by June so we will see. the 6am gym mornings are killin me I tell ya! Kato and Chris have been troopers but there are a few mornings when i was all alone... Chris, i promise your thighs will stop hurting and you'll be dead sexy by the time we run in banff, I will even wear cute running shorts with ya!

well, off to scrapbook, for all the smarties, I am going to post the LSAT questions. There will be two. The first person to post the correct answer in the comment section gets a RAK from me! SO get some rest tonight, these are crazy! Kinda like i ever used that again in my real life!


Milk Can Momma said...

Your butterfly is totally gorgeous! Wish I could see it IRL!

Renee said...

This looks freakin' amazing Tannis! Great job!

Anonymous said...

looks awesome girl!!!!! I have been out of my scrapbook room for to long....but with all these mind altering drugs right might be fun to see what i can do ...if i dont kill myself with a cropadile first!lol

Lynn said...

great picture of you Tannis! Gorgeous and love the layout too!!!!

Ronda P. said...

That is awesome. Love that butterfly and you are one beautiful chick!