Monday, March 12, 2007

luggage and a Rak!

well here are the tids and bits. I uploaded pics of my luggage just for Ronda.Some people collect shoes...they never have my size so i collect luggage, handbags, accessories. I have never lost these at the airport or had to wait very long to find them. i love how vibrant they are. the pink and brown roxy set is a 3pc and is my absolute favorite!

Also as promised a RAK!!!!
Got yer pencils sharpened? This isn't no pencil lines challenge. For those brave few who want to try, you get 8 minutes per set of questions. Read the paragraph and set of questions, you have 8 minutes to complete then move to the next set and 8 minutes. For the person who correctly posts the right answer in the comment section, you get a kick ass rack. i was feeling generous...studying for the lsat gave me a headache! If no one gets them right, I will send the rak to whoever comes closest just cuz I am feeling generous and I will leave this open for a few days. Ready...

Contract Workers
A building contractor must send six workers to work on a construction site. his workers include 3 electricians: Harry, Ingrid, and Jesus; 3 carpenters: Mary, Nick and Oliver; and 3 bricklayers: Andrew, Bert and Ernie. He must observe the following conditions:
Oliver and Andrew refuse to work together
Jesus and Harry always fight, so they can't work together
Jesus refuses to work unless mary is there
Mary won't work unless oliver is on the job

1) Which is an acceptable roster of workers?
a)Ingrid, Jesus, Mary, Oliver, Bert, Ernie
b) Ingrid, Jesus, Nick, Oliver, Bert , Ernie
c) Ingrid Jesus Mary Nick Bert Ernie
d) Harry, Jesus, Mary, Oliver, Andrew, Bert
e) Harry, Ingrid, Mary, Nick, Bert , Ernie

2If the contractor sends all 3 bricklayers what else must be true?
a) He sends 2 carpenters
b) He sends all 3 electricians
c) He sends exactly 1 electrician
d)He sends mary
E) He sends nick

3The 6 person crew must include
a)exactly 2 electricians
B)exactly 3 electricians
c) exactly 2 bricklayers
d)at least one of each kind of worker
e)at least 2 carpenters

4)Each pair can be sent to the job except
a)Ingrid and jesus
b)Mary and Oliver
c)Jesus and Andrew
d)Bert and Ernie
e) Mary and Ernie

5If the contractor includes andrew in the crew, which of the pairs must he also include?
a) harry and Jesus
b)Harry and Ingrid
c) Ingrid and Oliver
d)Mary and Ernie
e) Nick and Oliver

Kay, I got 4 out of five on my first one here and one more...

8 college students order a custom made pizza: it has 8 slices and each slice only contains one topping. The toppings are anchovies, black olives, canadian bacon, green olives, hamburger, onion, pepperoni and sausage.Each slice is equal size, four slices per side make up half the pizza; a slice is opposite the slice separated from it by three slices. The students are picky so observe the following conditions:

Each slice contains one topping and can only be used once
When moving from one slice to another, always go clockwise
The green olive slice must be adjacent to and clockwise from the pepperoni slice
The black olive slice is directly across from the anchovies slice
Anchovie slice can't be adjacent to the canadian bacon slice
Canadian bacon can't be adjacent to the hamburger slice

1) If the hamburger slice is directly opposite the green olive slice, which of the following cannot be adjacent to the pepperoni slice
b) black olives
c)canadian bacon
d) onion
e) sausage

2) If canadian bacon isnt adjacent to the black olive slice, which two slices could be adjacent to the onion slice?
a) anchovie and sausage
b)canadian bacon and anchovie
c)bacon and sausage
d)hamburger and black olive
e) suasage and black olive

3) Which of the following could be a series of four adjacent slices moving clockwise?
a) anchovie, sausage, hamburger, black olive
b)black olive, bacon, hamburger, pepperoni
c)black olive, green olive, pepperoni, hamburger
d)hamburger, anchovies, bacon, sausage
e)onion, black olive, pepperoni, green olive

4)what is the minimum possible number of slices between the green olives and onion slice?
a0 0

5)If pepperoni is adjacent to onion what must be adjacent to the anchovie
a) black olive
c)green olive
e) sausage

6) if bacon is opposite hamburger what is the minimum number of slices between hamburger and black olive?

Good luck, and holy that was a lot of typing. I wonder who is smartiest? Yes that is a real word, just ask her! The second one made me want to jab my eyes out with a hot poker!!! I knew there was a reason I don't like pizza, seriously I must be the only canadian who hates it but oh well.I'm out.


Kimberly White said...

Hate the second question. How do these questions help "them" decide if you will be a good lawyer????? Here's my answers:
1.a 2.e 3.d 4. a,c,e 5.b
1.a 2. b 3.???? 4.???? 5.e 6.?????
Hope you have a good day Tannis! I'm off to bed for some more beauty sleep (I've been needing a lot of it lately!) Kim

Ronda P. said...

Okay that is so freaking hard & fear of getting the wrong answer...I'm not doing it! Does that make me smart? LOL! Love the luggage babe. I can see why you don't have any trouble spotting it!