Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tequila, art cards and a birthday holla!

well, well, well... you know how there are always three sides to a story? What you think happened, what you hope happened and the truth. Of course, George was there and I had to have my mandatory "kissy" face, and sorry Jess, you weren't looking so I thought a fake tongue in the ear pick would be great for the "no peeking kids" scrapbook and Jeanette had to sneak a kiss in too. I am sure Jessi hasn't been kissed so much in one night since her and Jay started dating!So here is what actually happened. Jessi says, I look too much like "mommy" I am going to change. Then if you were wondering why she was drinking water, coulda been cuz she had ohhh a 26 of baileys and kalua on the rocks before we left my house! I never knew ya had it in ya pansy, I mean, best cousin ever. You danced like a trooper!

I have to admit, you gals posted this pic and it is one of my favorites. I wondered for a split second if i should give J the bird or the bird's eye view...guess which one she got?

This cutie pie is Melissa. Maybe the mommy in me or whatever, she was so cute I just had to hug her! She looks like she's 18...ahhh the good old days huh gals?

Jessi, here is the afore mentioned payback, not a great pic all pg etc, J here is some payback for you too for posting the one of me looking shmammered. I was blinking!!!

Sylvio- thanks for dancing the night away and making me look good doing it! Love to two step but always have to lead, nice to find someone else for that job.

nice group pic except...hey buddy! Who the hell are ya and get out of our photo! Gonna have to learn photoshop!
Last but not least on a birthday note...I had to kiss a lot of Toad's before we found a TODD! Thanks for driving our drunk asses! Oh and here is a tip for all you girls who drink once in 3 years- first tip- NEVER NEVER eat the bar hotdogs off the cart no matter how good they smell! Also, I slept over at Jeanette's and Todd drove us back to get the car, so hence tip number two- If you throw up in someone's truck because they failed to stop and let you throw up outside (Hey Jeanette, what happened to holding my hair back? Kinda had a whole lotta throw up on my bad self, I know all class right here)DONT LET THEM DRIVE YOU TO YOUR CAR THE NEXT DAY!!! P.U. The truck smelled pretty bad, and NO Todd- I am STILL not cleaning it out so don't ask- you shoulda stopped, tee hee!

Back to my good girl image, switch gears here: Jessi and I bought some gorgeous flowers at our crappy LSS and I made this layout of me preggers with Vaughn. It says, "I can grow people". I read that on a t-shirt online once and I love it! Guys can't grow people, women are so amazing, but you all already knew that right?

Here is the front and back of my art cards 5-10.I have to admit, I am loving these little weekly bits of inspiration and I can't wait to review them. What do you have up your sleeve for next year girl? Emily

Last but definitely not least...A BIG BIRTHDAY HOLLA at our girl Karla! Inspiration has ate this girl up and swallowed her whole but hopefully she gets spit out to the blog world again cuz I for one, miss her! She is wanting to do a digi book on scrapbooking and I am sure we can pre-order so sign up! Just joking but you go girl!


Renee said...

So ummm the next time you girls plan a party in Red Deer...warn Nay Nay here ahead of time so I can break out my ropers and party on down with ya! Looks like you had one heck of a night of fun....

Have I been scrapbooking? ummmm I'm sad to say no....I've been organizing my stuff in order to move it upstairs...sigh....I miss it...maybe I'll take one day to myself this week...think that's possible??? Take care!!!

Kato said...

10 dollars to wash truck. still smells

Jeanette said...

...im dead sexy in that pic. Tiara's are great...cause you know that saying..cant be beautiful all the time...you got your payback..and its all good....were even now RIGHT?...can we pick on someone else now...ha ha...and i was holdin your head out the window...that counts right?

Lynn said...

K i have already seen the pics but it is sooooooooo good to get the third side of the story!!!! Too funny, glad you girls had such a great time! And Happy Belated Birthday Girl!!!! Hay a great day!Lynn
p.s. The layout is gorgeous, i wish I looked that cute when I was prego and the cards are awesome! I will post a pic soon of my new cutest shoes I promise!!!

jessi said...

bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahah!!! you're side is too funny!!! and I object!!! no kaluha...just bailey's on the rocks and paralyzers at the bar...LOL!!! so loving the LO...absolutely gorgeous!!! and how cute are your cards?? very cute!!! so when are we going out next??? LMAO!!! i hear renee wants to come down...LOL!!!

Karla said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all looked like you had a FREAKIN' BLAST!!!! Dude I did not know it was your birthday! GO MARCH!!!!! Say I am so glad you had a good one!!!

I will so holla at you soon

Stacy said...

ok ok apparently the oldest needs to supervise here lol!!! tannis love the bathroom pic busting a gutt!! you need to put a parental warning on that one i am so glad you had fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg...it gets better and better...lol love it....next time...you girls need a good weekend her in Edmonton...my house is open....Tammy needs a good night out!!!

Happy Birthday again chickie...love the lo and art cards...smok'n hot!