Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey make me laugh...and Gerber, you're onto something

see this fabulous smile???? Apparently those Gerber folks are onto something. I never offered him the steak but I saw this stuff and figured why not. What do ya know, this giant baby wanted some sustenance he could literally sink his into! He was gobbling this crap up like there was no tomorrow. So yay me too cuz I don't have to feed him the pureed "is there a God" smells bad, baby food.It says 12 months and up on the label and he won't be 8 months for another week, as afore mentioned, I think the CFS people already have my number.
Also, I have said this for a while but here are some of my posts for HOF. No it isn't a Vaughn fest and yes i have four children...I just figured i could save money on therapy later by trying to have as many layouts of Vaughn as I have of his siblings at the same age.

this was my scrap space and although I have changed it about ten times since I took these photos, this is what it was last november.

this wasn't a HOF entry I just submitted it to keepsakes and canadian scrapbooker. If they don't like it whatever, I love this pic!

this is a little blurry but it was for the photo segment. i love how Vaughn started to fall asleep and I caught this little teeny smile as he drifted off.

last but not least, there was my journaling entry. This is when I was in a state of "knockeduppedness" thanks Jude I freakin love that word hahaha!This girl is slap your knee and pee your pants funny, so check her out. Sooo, anyhoo, I was all hormonal and a little bit crazy. I had issues with having yet another boy so I was all in denial and I was this crying train wreck. In the end I cried cuz damn! he is just a cutie pie and I decided to keep him! (as if I wouldn't have).
And a special little tidbit for my possible blog stalker. i guess we will see if you just "skim" the contents here or read them. I know you pay attention and don't miss much but....(don't kill me for writing about you!)
chivalry is not dead!I met this guy who was fresh of the pages of a "miss manners" book. Kudos to his momma because you don't find boys like this everyday you know.I sat and tried not to talk his ear off (shuuush Jessi, it is possible!)He was actually one of those guys with a lot of interesting things to say and lunch turned into a VERY long lunch and an afternoon of chatting.He dated those former bachelor contestants who met him and fell in love after about five seconds...not to pick sides here but I can see why they did (don't get a big head I DONT LOVE YA!). He braved the baby gap and gymboree so I could shop!Also hit a skateboard shop to get Kian a DC t (it was some serious mommy brownie points thanks again!)So now to figure out why we met...I'm reading the Celestine Prophecy.
Last but not least, apparently I am having a little scrap session at mi casa May long, so it will be friday evening, all day sat and all nite sat, I'm going to have to pack it in after that, might have to see if I can get a "date" for a big run around downtown calgary....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My life is ...

a stroll on the beach. As near to the edge as I can go.Thoreau

Just found this quote on an old layout. i still love it. I was looking for something in particular and total score!!! I found a bunch of old, but loved layouts. So hey, I am posting them just for giggles...and giggle you will. One features Jessi, former SAHM. Ha Ha Ha...

and yes, I need help cuz I just can't stop KISSING people and doing the kissy face. What is that???? I guess it could always be worse right? I could be grabbing their butts or something. Hi. My name is Tannis andI am a serial Kisser. I think I have been one for about 5 years now and I know that admitting I have a problem is the first step.
This is my layout from my 30th birthday, (last year ha ha)and I still love it, I am going to have to read the 30 things booklet cuz i forget what's in there...and am I having a good hair day or what??? Hey Jeanette, sorry I cropped you out of this pic, I do have the original on my bulletin board for all the world to bask in your fabulousness (and hey Jess, ps, yes that was a word, not as good as "smartier" but close)

Yeah, screw that! Anyhoo have a peek...this is a little sneaky for my circle journal gals, no I haven't visited everyone's blogs yet, this peek is for Karla, Lea, Sarah, Jessi, Chanel and Anam. I can't wait to get my first one in the mail! This one is officially going out by Friday, so Anam, watch yer mailbox.

And for my other cj gals, I am almost done and will post a peek of that too. but first off...momma is asking for some advice...yes I mean me

what does this look like? A baby eating popcorn twists...but it is MY baby, you know the one who is almost EIGHT months old and REFUSES to eat anything resembling, food!!!!! He purses his lips together when the spoon comes near him, or you put it in his mouth and he does the tongue loll and lets it plop onto the bib with glee. It is not my first picnic people, I am like what the??? so hey, any suggestions are appreciated cuz I can't let him subsist off of popcorn twists alone.(don't call CFS, I think they already know my number)He lives off of formula with pablum in it. I know he looks healthy but seriously.He may eat one or two of the gerber stars. Maybe I should just say, hey lovey, here's a steak. Enjoy. I mean he is built like a brick house and all, maybe he don't want no pureed peas and crap! Last but not least, Candice brought her little skinny to my house for a visit, told her to throw ya in the trunk Renee, but she never listens to me! Candice was here from whitecourt so just some cute babies, and off to bed for me. See ya soon girls. Kiss goodnight.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tag I am it

I think I may have to do two posts today.
Yeah, so no road trip. My kids dad "fixed" my car before I went to Whitecourt and it mysteriously broke down on the side of the road. About three seconds after I pulled over, the phone rang and it's him seeing how I was making out. I'm like funny you should long story short, I stayed in Red Deer.Whatever.Cest la vie right? There is always this week!
Tagged by Jessi, basic rules- write seven random facts about yourself then tag 7 people to do the same. So here are mine in true keeping it real form:
1. Gotta retype this. lost 1-4 somewhere! I am scared of people finding out how vulnerable I really am. Yes, it is all an act! I am a damn good actress at times, but I do have feelings. I pretend to not let other people's crap bother me but it really does. Also- hate the MIL but for some twisted reason, I care what she thinks too. I need help!
2. Shakespeare I am not, but I am a poet. Now this can be good or bad. I am kinda a closet Avril. I either write about ya cuz I love you and you make me warm and fuzzy or I write cuz I secretly want you to die in a fiery car crash for breaking my heart (see number 1 again.) A lot of it is drivel, but if I do say so myself, some of this is quality penmanship. Maybe I'll post one or too and give ya a laugh.
3. I hate not being able to do something and i am so STUBBORN that I will keep at it til I can. My momma always used to say I wouldn't amount to much because I always had my nose stuck in a book. We were Rhonda poor but I moved out at 15 and put myself through college twice with hard work and scholarships and back at it I am again. I think I am the most educated (sorta unemployed) person there is!But now, I am having the last laugh, because I am the only one in my family who has owned not only one home but this is number two. We weren't even able to ever rent a house growing up,I am debt free, my kids have an education account, so hey, STUBBORN is good!
4. I am a serial decorator. Jessi can vouch. I can't have a set of dishes in my kitchen for more than a year or two then I have a compulsion to buy a new set.I manage to keep living room furniture for maybe three years.Let's not even get into the bedspread dept...
5. I think I was a porn star in another life! What is with these boobs??? Jessi and I went shopping today and she said, Hey, quit with the Carmen Electra videos or get the pole already (secretly, I wish I had Carmens body and maybe I'd get the pole in my basement ha ha ha). I thought losing 50 pounds, they'd be the first to go but nope! Went from a DD to a c and I was like whoo hoo now I can shop. No such luck.Any boys reading this...stop yer bad selves! No us gals don't stand in the mirror before a shower checking out our rack saying- damn! The girls look good!

6. Maybe Jessi got the kid clothes compulsion from me. I too put my kids clothes in their drawers in outfits. I only have one princess and I have to get the three dragons looking good to fool people.LOL!!! Ireland has more clothes than any 6 year old girl should! It's all good, I bought some for Jessi winks

7. I am the Whore of Winners! Sorry, keeping it real and all. I could be there spokesman. If they weren't so cheap (10% discount) I would work there my one shift a month to get all the good crap for cheap! I am not kidding girls, Winners- you should go!
Do I even know 7 people to tag??? Jeanette, Renee, Todd, Lynn, Deanna, Chanel, Stacy and last but not least, big kiss for Linda mmmmmmmwwwwwaaaaa! Thanks for stopping by and of course you can add me:) If my blog were all real as in a day in the life...I could have my own daily soap opera.I love to meet new people and I love visiting other peoples blogs for a day in their life.

and since everyone knows hoe Jeanette loves the "rock", look what Ireland can do...that is so hilarious. If you say guess what the Rock is cookin? She can make the crazy eyes. ROFLMAO! Just for you Va JJ

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Quick post and a road trip

First thing is first, is my banner amazing or what? Thanks Jessi, I was trying to pay attention, but I don't get it so when i want a new one, I'll take you to another one of my secret shopping hideaways like I took you to today. Big Kiss.
Secondly, Jessi was going to give me a smack cuz I was a scrapbooking crazy lady last night. At 2 am she finally kicked me out, party pooper!
I am so last minute but off to Whitecourt I go to meet Renee. Can't wait! See ya soon girlio...hey Jeanette, sorry you gotta work lady, more boys for us ha ha ha, just joking! We'll miss ya, winks!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Martha says...

Do you know what this is? It is a gigantic pile of CLEAN laundry!My girl Jeanette, came over to help cuz when i said I had 15 loads to fold, she thought I was exaggerating. Of course, Morgan sat and "supervised" beer in hand. Hey buddy! Pony up and get folding. You know what happens to burned out mommas? They get sick.

See these handsome devils? (love how Vaughn has mastered the my mom is a scrapbooker pose and no I didn't pose him this way, he did it himself)I pawned them off on the first taker! I woke up at 3 am and the wrath of God was upon me, except I didn't die, I only felt like I was about to. Jessi brought me some gingerale and a water bottle. The heat felt awesome on my spazaming tummy. Finally I fell asleep..but then, I am like what the????? i think I was so asleep I peed the bed!!! Thank freakin goodness that it was only the water bottle! It tipped over when I fell asleep and leaked. How embarassing would that of been? Oh wait, I just told you all so I guess whatever. My house did not smell of clean and lysol. Karla, please come love me cuz this gal got zero in the empathy dept from DH who could have lent a hand. The D official stands for (damn, dumb...take your pick)Wait til you get sick and I am going to drop the kids at your house after I take them for ice cream and get them all jacked up!!! Tee hee hee

How pretty am I? I know, not so pretty

I need my "smokes". I am addicted to bonne bell lipsmacker cappuccino! I have Jeanette buying one for every purse, gymbag etc too...try I am not kidding.

and of course you need the cel phone, for texting people, the house phone- and the hot water bottle- leak or not- it felt soooo good!

and last but certainly not have a good pal who brings ya the Timmy's chicken soup. I actually ate it and didn't try to figure out later with the porcelain gods if it was chicken...
also, since I have felt wretched for over a week, I am burning up the blog today girls.I was a lot pissy at my sister. SHe hands me a box of party lite stuff, a list of names and says, hey you are throwing me a birthday party in a week on sunday and i already told everyone.
key what??? Sunday is a school night and my kids go to bed at seven, I have been sick for a week, I don't have any of these girls phone numbers...and on and on. Luckily Martha is always prepared, but I wanted to dish out a little smack in the back of the head momma hey lady, i am not your servant and please would be nice.Apparently it was a sit down dinner for 15 and cocktails were at 6:30 dinner at 7 blah blah. Sooo I had to feed my family then her entourage. (thanks Stacy for not feeling well cuz I was swamped!)I do hope you don't have what I did. So anyhoo- I pulled this little diddy out of my arse and managed not to kill my sister and her loud friend Kelly. They were only 10 feet from Ireland's room and they got louder and louder. At 9:30 I said, get out, thanks for coming.

so I made a chocolate cheesecake look pretty with some repurposed flowers that finally bloomed AFTER Easter came and went and I used them throughout my decorating

Set up the table and jeanette was like- get the royal chinet and put away the china momma!Supposedly I was to have helpers to clean up, but no, it was just me, grrr

And Auntie with my kiddos who were all up way past their bedtime. Didn't get a thanks either, but you know that whole goes around comes around thing? The lady at wal-mart let me make my 8x10 pic before she printed off her 300 pics from a trip. So I guess karma can be good to ya sometimes.
Did I sleep after all that?? Oh no, I babysat! But after this kid snapped a pick of my butt crack, it was the easiest babysitting job ever. Not sure how the story will play out there but I love when I get to babysit her, better than retail therapy cuz she cracks me up!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

note 2 self and other ramblings

well, well, well...note to self: NEVER EVER EVER cheat on your hairdresser! I saw this gal at yuk yuks and her hair was amazing! I was like hey lady, who does your hair? She said- I did it my bad self I am a hairdresser. So I get her card and go there. She is about 60 bucks more than my regular girl even with a tip!!! So I specifically say, not platinum blonde and I wanted dark brown lowlights with my normal blonde. As she is doing my hair she keeps telling me "you are going to LOOOOVE me!" As my head is burning while she yaps on the phone and cusses to ehr friends, I finally say, hey, chemical burn here! So she rinses it out and my head hurts a lot. Then she is drying it and saying youa re going to LLLLove this. It is done drying and I say: No, I don't love it. It is WHITE PLATINUM blonde with BLACK lowlights! I want to scream, cry and punch her in the face all at once! I find out the other chick at the salon actually did her hair. So I am super pissed and leave without my cash! Not happy. I leave and tell J I look like a stripper!
She says no it isnt that bad. So I upload the mad pic for ya, this guy leans in real close and says hey did you work at the ecstatic(local strip club but luckily the high end one) as a dancer? I give him the screw you look, Jeanette the evil eye and say NO!
Then he says, well I wasn't trying to insult you, it's just that your hair looks so sexy...right. Soccer mom who looks like a stripper perfect! So the next day, I went and saw my regular gal with my tail tucked between my legs and she made me look normal. WHEW! OH, I also found a couple pics that were lost, so here is some love, feel it...aaaawww! Jessi and her DH.

Finally "met" Renee on the phone. Felt like I have known ya for years! I am sure in years to come I will say this.Can't wait to meet ya at the scrapbook shop on the 21st. We are planning a little road trip.And for Lynn, I am pretty sure we are coming to the concert on the Tuesday. Jessi has the tickets at her place. Maybe we can lunch. I told Renee we need to go shoe shopping with the queen of rockin shoes!

other rambling: what is the definition of uncomfortable silence? Ask Jeanette...this guy comes to Bellinnis and he is pretending that he is her boyfriend, but she is there with our friend Carl-just hanging out. The pretend boy got all jealous and stuff. Guys are stupid- throw rocks at them!

and hey Renee, remember our one in the morning msn with Jeanette? See I can still do the splits!!! Yahoo for this old cougar of a cheerleader huh? I can still do handsprings too but only for my daughter cuz Jeanette says it is creepy...(she is just jealous cuz she would kick her bum if she tried with those long legs)

and last but not least, I am ending with a big kiss from Vaughn. I just can't get enough of this cute kid! He's all kinds of cute I tell ya! Big Kiss blog ladies

Sunday, April 01, 2007

long lost blogger found!

before and afters of Porter's room

Hey girls! I finally did enough painting and spring cleaning. I still have some painting to do but I have completed enough to make an impact and I got rid of all the clutter and junk from the boys rooms.So there are a couple of before pics and one after. I still need to camo Kian's wall but we are making a bad ass skateboard ramp nightstand and i had to centre some stuff. Porter's room still needs some green above the ledge cuz the beige isn't packing enough BAM! I made the cool skull stencil all by my big self! I can't draw like Karla but it works.I prettied it up with a heidi swapp flames mask and some Rhonna Farrer stamps. I have it on good authority from an 11 year old boy that the room looks "awesome". I made the comforter sets by cutting a couple sheets in half and making duvet covers. Also the women's shelter got a stash of toys and my kids probably wont even miss them. I cleaned out my two frightening pantries and WOW! I actually have a lot of room in there. I am making Jessi upload a new section for layouts to my blog cuz I still have the damn password that my DH put on and I am using a different web service and I can't add to my blog with picasa anymore:( I am going to splurge on a new computer in about a month so I can do all my schoolwork in a snap.
I am busy busy busy. Part of not one but two circle journals. I have been having dreams about the one, it is seriously just wrong! I mean who dreams about scrapbooking....oh right, probably all of us! Had a sleepover at Jeanette's last night, funy girl!I am going to have to shower so we can shop. She's trying to get pretty like a coyote before it gets "ugly" right VaJJ? Baahaaaa, sorry girls, inside joke.
We are arranging a road trip to whitecourt to paint Renee's basement!I am not kidding Renee. If your DH is at work we could drive up on a Tuesday or something. Email me your phone number and we can arrange it..if you want. So I will visit everyone's blogs tomorrow, spring break is over and kids come home from daddy's tomorrow. No more sleepin in for this momma. Back to 6am at the gym, homework and being martha. I scrapbooked a lot so I will crack the whip and Jess can uplaod everything at once! hahaha.

had to add these last two pics for gramma on the boat...leave my bb with Todd for 5 HOOTERS in a HOOTERS shirt pickin up girls...but Damn he's cute huh? The baby...