Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey make me laugh...and Gerber, you're onto something

see this fabulous smile???? Apparently those Gerber folks are onto something. I never offered him the steak but I saw this stuff and figured why not. What do ya know, this giant baby wanted some sustenance he could literally sink his into! He was gobbling this crap up like there was no tomorrow. So yay me too cuz I don't have to feed him the pureed "is there a God" smells bad, baby food.It says 12 months and up on the label and he won't be 8 months for another week, as afore mentioned, I think the CFS people already have my number.
Also, I have said this for a while but here are some of my posts for HOF. No it isn't a Vaughn fest and yes i have four children...I just figured i could save money on therapy later by trying to have as many layouts of Vaughn as I have of his siblings at the same age.

this was my scrap space and although I have changed it about ten times since I took these photos, this is what it was last november.

this wasn't a HOF entry I just submitted it to keepsakes and canadian scrapbooker. If they don't like it whatever, I love this pic!

this is a little blurry but it was for the photo segment. i love how Vaughn started to fall asleep and I caught this little teeny smile as he drifted off.

last but not least, there was my journaling entry. This is when I was in a state of "knockeduppedness" thanks Jude I freakin love that word hahaha!This girl is slap your knee and pee your pants funny, so check her out. Sooo, anyhoo, I was all hormonal and a little bit crazy. I had issues with having yet another boy so I was all in denial and I was this crying train wreck. In the end I cried cuz damn! he is just a cutie pie and I decided to keep him! (as if I wouldn't have).
And a special little tidbit for my possible blog stalker. i guess we will see if you just "skim" the contents here or read them. I know you pay attention and don't miss much but....(don't kill me for writing about you!)
chivalry is not dead!I met this guy who was fresh of the pages of a "miss manners" book. Kudos to his momma because you don't find boys like this everyday you know.I sat and tried not to talk his ear off (shuuush Jessi, it is possible!)He was actually one of those guys with a lot of interesting things to say and lunch turned into a VERY long lunch and an afternoon of chatting.He dated those former bachelor contestants who met him and fell in love after about five seconds...not to pick sides here but I can see why they did (don't get a big head I DONT LOVE YA!). He braved the baby gap and gymboree so I could shop!Also hit a skateboard shop to get Kian a DC t (it was some serious mommy brownie points thanks again!)So now to figure out why we met...I'm reading the Celestine Prophecy.
Last but not least, apparently I am having a little scrap session at mi casa May long, so it will be friday evening, all day sat and all nite sat, I'm going to have to pack it in after that, might have to see if I can get a "date" for a big run around downtown calgary....


sohpiasmom said...

Great layouts, Tannis! I'm loving that picture...too cute! I visited Jude's site and really like it...including the new unpubbed blog!

Stacy said...

we have to get together and chat about this lol when did this happen ?? my kids never ate the taboo babyfood they always got what we got in the blender and i feed it to them they loved it!!

Linda said...

Tannis....i loooooooove those los. my fav is definitely the middle one though...that baby face is kissin cute. Isn't Jude's blog just a hoot...that girl can do some serious writing...and scrapping...thanks for the love on my blog.... and yes Abbielicious Kisses is my little girl's name...

xoxoxox L

Lynn said...

Great layouts! WOW! And that picture of your little guy could definitely be there commercial! Lol so Cute! Hve a great day!

Jude said...

Awww... love for the knockedup one, that is making my day! And from one talkaholic to another, I know it must have been a hard lunch!LOL. If a man braves more than one store in a day, he is a keeper. :)
I love your LOs, especially that picture of you and the baby... so sweet!

Karla said...

LOL!!!!! Girl you have me rollin!!!!!!! The LO are cool as hell and I can't wait to see what you all make on Friday.

Oh...and FYI...I didn NOT make that journal!!!!! Ranjini, the owner of Scraologie, did! LOL!!!!! Dude..if it gets you into more trouble with your husband then just keep letting him think I did it! :) Pretty though hu?

Chat soon honey

Jeani said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your banner is awesome. I like it too!

your layouts are great. especially the "I adore you"-Layout! great job!