Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have been Mia! Sorry, i try to dish out my blog love yesterday and I will finish the rest today. I want to catch up on everyone cuz I miss you gals. I have been creative for the last night or two and I am suffering from lack of sleep. I did this layout of my daughter and though it's simple- I LOVE how it turned out!

This is a clock I made from a little AYTR inspiration. it reads "She always made to dream". It is hanging in my scrapbook room.

Here are my dusty old art cards that i haven't posted. I am almost caught up and will try posting them weekly. I am on this big organization-time management thing.

Here is the other side.

Okay Kim, a big thanks for tagging me.
The game is's harder than it looks! Here are the rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They MUST be real places, names, things...NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name: Tannis
1. Famous Singer/Band: Tanya Tucker- also how I got my name which is really "TANYA"!
2. 4 letter word: time
3. Street: Taylor Drive
4. Color: teal
5. Gifts/Presents: tiara-with diamonds please!
6. Vehicle: toyota tercel
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: t-shirt
8. Boy Name: Tim
9. Girl Name: Taylor
10. Movie Title: The lake House (the counts as a word right?)
11. Drink: tequila!
12. Occupation:tulip
14. Celebrity: Tim McGraw-yummy!
15. Magazine: Time
16. U.S. City: Topanga
17. Pro Sports Teams: are you kidding me? Toronto Blue jays
18. Fruit: Tomato
19. Reason for Being Late for Work: Toe broken- but the high heels were pretty!
20. Something You Throw Away: trash ha ha- hey kim: Ketchup bottle after it's empty
21. Things You Shout: TIM! TIM! OMG! IT's TIM MCGRAW!
22. Cartoon Character: Timmy Turner

I am not sure who has been tagged on this yet so I am going to tag Sarah, Amber and Bethany. Now I am getting away from the computer. I have to go to the doctor. Don't you love how they call you up and say come in we have news but they wont tell ya? If it's bad, why do I want to drag my butt down there with four kids in tow, and then drive home being a complete wreck! Wouldn't it be safer to tell me the bad crap so i can be at home feeling miserable rather than sitting in a parking lot composing myself wondering if I will make it home without having a meltdown? Anyway, I love the stuff you gals have been pumping out and today is the new word at OLW so check it out!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Long weekend wasn't long enough

Renee and Stacy

this is a teeny sneak peek at my circle journal that is heading your way Chanel

this is our sad face cuz we had to say bye bye to Renee
I vowed to meet all the amazing gals I know from blog land and......RENEE MCDOUGALL is the first supestaaaaa I am shouting out to! She came and scrap booked with us Red Deer girlios! Stacy and Kim came over and we got all jacked up on pepsi!!!! I really have to lay off this stuff. It's all good for the first 20 minutes until the caffeine headache sets in.
We had our mojo going until about 3 in the morning when we finally had to shut it down! We were kinda tired.
Well...the long weekend isn't over and as promised Renee, I never posted the pic of you and jess. jessi was sick so she didn't get in on this scrap book action. Check you gals later.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

my kids rock...and hello computer land!

My son is a soccer superstar. I know we all have those days when our kids drive us wonky. I am so proud of my boy! He is in soccer for the first time this year. When they had the tournament last weekend, the other team was short handed and my son volunteered to play for the other team so they wouldn't have to forfeit. He played as if he were one of their own. Gotta love that kid!


This is my gal hamming it up at her recital...this girl practices faces in the mirror! Jeanette took way better pics before than I did, but these are all I have for now...and I concur with Jessi, we were in "star"? mom hell!

she is the first one on the left. We watch the rehearsal and Jeanette starts singing "what ya gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk..." I told her she is built like J-Lo who just happened to be voted one of the world's most beautiful people...and rich people pay money to get a stellar boo-tay like hers. Momma loves ya baby girl!

YAY! My boy finally figured out how to sit up all by his big self. I am so proud of him. He seems to have caught on to everything all at once. He loved being outside on the grass with the big kids.

I txt messaged this pic to Vaughn's dad when he was playing with his sister's headband. Daddy didn't like it so much...I sent it with the heading "I really did get the little girl I always wanted". How cute does he look? Blackmail photo for his 18th birthday. Hee Hee.

this kid..just makes me laugh!
Kudos to the chicas at One Little Word they are now world famous...and hey, I know some of them, so can i be famous in a "guilty by association" sort of way? lol!
I am going to give some blog love, and hopefully this weekend, revamp the ol blog here and finally load some web albums of SCRAP BOOKING! no more msn password. yay!
Oh, I received Ronda and Chanel's circle journals, they are awesome! I can't wait to add my pages this weekend! Renee...I have your bed all made up comfy cozy, it is free of cookie crumbs, crayons and stuffed animals that go bump in the night...if you hear anything suspicious, I am blaming it all on Tams!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

a tag, some pics and waaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Well Jeani tagged me so here goes ( blonde girl had to call in the big guns to change this tag from German to English...but I'm pretty right???)
1. Where is your mobile? anywhere I am...practically glued to my head!
2. Your Partner? In crime? She's at carl' partner partner:(
3. Your hair? Always long, never short
4. Your mom? In Fort Saskatchewan, always at work
5. Your dad? Doesn't visit me enough cuz I don't have Tiger Woods golf on nintendo
6. Favourite thing? my computer these days!
7. Your dream in the last night? I dreamed of a beach
8. Your favourite drink? Water
9. Your favourite Car? If it's paid for and the insurance is cheap AND it fits all my kiddos...I LOVE IT!
10. The room where you are? scrapbook room/playroom
11. Your last partner? big fat LIAR but gotta love him!
12. Your fear? That my tumor turns out to be cancerous!
13. What would you like to be in 10 years? On a beach with someone I love
14. With whom did you spend the yesterday evening? hmmm...who's reading this? I plead the fifth.LOL!
15. What are you not? a lawyer ...yet
16. What was the last you did yesterday? stole a kiss from my sleeping babe
17. What do you wear right now? shorts, and a jimi hendrix t
18. Your favourite book? SHE_ Kobi Yamada- READ THIS BOOK!
19. What was the last you ate yesterday? watermelon
20. Your life? Is not where I expected to be but right where I want for today
21. Your mood? always a little giddy
22. Your friends? are a small circle but they are the ones i know are TRUE: love ya gals
23. Whereby are you thinking right now? drive kids to school
24. What are you doing right now? trying to type fast enough to finish this post so kids arent late for school!
25. Your summer? so anticipated! Andreanne coming, a US trip...oh my!
26. What runs in your television? haven't watched it in FOREVER
27. When did you laugh the last time? this morning at my bb
28. When did you cry the last time? yesterday...seeing kids sad to see daddy leave for home
29. School? um...don't tell my prof i am on computer blogging rather than doing essays!
30. What are you hearing right now? chatty kids
31. Favourite weekend activity? To sleep late...I hear ya
32. Dream Job? Earn much, work few- hey mine too Jeani
33. Your computer? dell
34. Outside of your window? grass and boring front yard
35. Beer? coors light, saving calories!
36. Mexican food? only if it is pansy spice... as in hold the mexican!
37. Winter? only if i can find some cute accessories ha ha ha
38. Religion? Catholic but on the fence about some tids and bits
39. Vacation? i have 2 planned
40. On your bed? beautiful toile blanket
41. Love? Isnt all it's cracked up to be!I say boys are stupid...throw rocks at them!
oh yeah, i tag Amber and Anam
and i am not as quick on the draw as jess because she had my camera card and reader but in case you never saw them there, here are a couple of pics we took just for giggles...we were going with the whole redneck woman thing, I am often barefoot in my front yard with babies on my hip so...if the shoe fits- don't wear it!

she's not photogenic or anything is she??? I say...

how do you spell pllllllllltttttttt? Or whatever sound that makes? you know the one jess

let me hear ya say "hell ya!"

serial kisser in training...ha ha, lessons next weekend see YOU there...yes, i will upload the videos to facebook!

and us gals swapped supplies for the Ali challenge and had some yummy eats...Kim,this boy is 100% cutie pie! Look at those curls! And Stacy gets a big whoo-ah because I think she brought a donation that could fill a scrapbook store (sorry if Randy is reading!)So, the crop for kids is getting a big donation from us, if anyone is not going but wants to donate, drop off hear and we'll fill the mini van to the roof!
here is the waaaaahhhhhh! I will be computer less at least until Friday or Saturday. But, it is a good news bad news deal. My dad's business partner is putting a new hard drive in my computer so no more password (sorry Morgan) and I can get on yahoo, and all kinds of cool stuff! But no visits to blogs. So I will come visit and give out a whole bunch of love on the weekend. Check out my new links for Anam, Chanel, Jude and the cool gals from my circle journal.
Amber- thanks for the little note on my Jenni bowlin order! How sweet are you! I love the is amazing! I can't wait to make something, these papers are delicious people!
Speaking of delicious and to answer Jude finally! My babe is eating food! Not the pansy in a jar food, but arrowroots, fried rice, teeny bits of chicken, the entire gerber graduates line AND he is drinking his milk from a sippy cup! He grew up overnight soooo, Jude, when that babe is born, come on over, stay a spell and I will snuggle up that little lovey while you nap and read books. If the commute is too much, I'll just hang out at your joint baking cookies until the baby says it's first words which of course will be "tannis or martha" ha ha.
bye gals, gonna miss you:(

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

like a party...

I have been saving this little tidbit cuz it made me laugh until I almost peed my pants! I get an email and it is something like this (don't want to embarrass you funny gal)

"you are cracking me up. Do you have a deep sexy voice? That's what i imagine it's like. Like a party in a gorgeous body"

Is that the sweetest thing you ever heard or what? So thanks for the compliment...can't wait to meet you and sing "smelly cat" for ya (inside joke ladies.)
here are some more of the :( HOF layouts. Some were totally not my style but I was like Karla and posted what I thought they may like. No such luck.The whole arrows layout, I kinda liked it but I thought yep, that's something similar to what keepsakes has had in it before so i don't know if I love it, but i know they didnt!LOL!

this isn't a HOF just one I scraplifted from Heidi!

I know this first page is blurry, so oops

this is part 2, it is my life list inspired by the journal of the gal from 9-11

this was my 2pg LO for 4x6 photos, I am not into the whole Becky Higgins use 87 photos on your layout, cuz yes I too can cut my pictures into miniscule bits and put them on some paper, but I like to check out every dimple and detail...without a magnifying glass!

sorry, this one is a tad blurry too but it's the arrow one

this is a Lute inspired one just for giggles. thanks for l;ooking, off to blog surf!