Tuesday, May 01, 2007

like a party...

I have been saving this little tidbit cuz it made me laugh until I almost peed my pants! I get an email and it is something like this (don't want to embarrass you funny gal)

"you are cracking me up. Do you have a deep sexy voice? That's what i imagine it's like. Like a party in a gorgeous body"

Is that the sweetest thing you ever heard or what? So thanks for the compliment...can't wait to meet you and sing "smelly cat" for ya (inside joke ladies.)
here are some more of the :( HOF layouts. Some were totally not my style but I was like Karla and posted what I thought they may like. No such luck.The whole arrows layout, I kinda liked it but I thought yep, that's something similar to what keepsakes has had in it before so i don't know if I love it, but i know they didnt!LOL!

this isn't a HOF just one I scraplifted from Heidi!

I know this first page is blurry, so oops

this is part 2, it is my life list inspired by the journal of the gal from 9-11

this was my 2pg LO for 4x6 photos, I am not into the whole Becky Higgins use 87 photos on your layout, cuz yes I too can cut my pictures into miniscule bits and put them on some paper, but I like to check out every dimple and detail...without a magnifying glass!

sorry, this one is a tad blurry too but it's the arrow one

this is a Lute inspired one just for giggles. thanks for l;ooking, off to blog surf!


Renee said...

great layouts girlie!!! So you ready for us crazies on the long weekend? My shackles may be off for the weekend...look out it's crazy time!!!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous layouts!!!!!What were they thinking???? they are DEfinitely missing some of your talent!!!! Have a great day!


Linda said...

Awesome los. Love the life list and the baby...OMG he is just too cute for his own good...bet he knows it too. Hey...do you have a deep sexy voice? LOL Have fun girlie. xoxxox L

Jeani said...

Love your layouts!Very great!

Please take a look on my blog. You are tagged ;)

Jude said...

I LOVE these Los... and I did not know you sang smelly cat... do you take requests as well??? :) Your Lute inspired LO is cool, I love that picture of you... By the way, how is the little man eating these days???