Thursday, May 17, 2007

my kids rock...and hello computer land!

My son is a soccer superstar. I know we all have those days when our kids drive us wonky. I am so proud of my boy! He is in soccer for the first time this year. When they had the tournament last weekend, the other team was short handed and my son volunteered to play for the other team so they wouldn't have to forfeit. He played as if he were one of their own. Gotta love that kid!


This is my gal hamming it up at her recital...this girl practices faces in the mirror! Jeanette took way better pics before than I did, but these are all I have for now...and I concur with Jessi, we were in "star"? mom hell!

she is the first one on the left. We watch the rehearsal and Jeanette starts singing "what ya gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk..." I told her she is built like J-Lo who just happened to be voted one of the world's most beautiful people...and rich people pay money to get a stellar boo-tay like hers. Momma loves ya baby girl!

YAY! My boy finally figured out how to sit up all by his big self. I am so proud of him. He seems to have caught on to everything all at once. He loved being outside on the grass with the big kids.

I txt messaged this pic to Vaughn's dad when he was playing with his sister's headband. Daddy didn't like it so much...I sent it with the heading "I really did get the little girl I always wanted". How cute does he look? Blackmail photo for his 18th birthday. Hee Hee.

this kid..just makes me laugh!
Kudos to the chicas at One Little Word they are now world famous...and hey, I know some of them, so can i be famous in a "guilty by association" sort of way? lol!
I am going to give some blog love, and hopefully this weekend, revamp the ol blog here and finally load some web albums of SCRAP BOOKING! no more msn password. yay!
Oh, I received Ronda and Chanel's circle journals, they are awesome! I can't wait to add my pages this weekend! Renee...I have your bed all made up comfy cozy, it is free of cookie crumbs, crayons and stuffed animals that go bump in the night...if you hear anything suspicious, I am blaming it all on Tams!


Renee said...

Love all the pics girl and the ones that JJ took were awesome of your girl....she definitely loves to ham it up!!! Oh and about things that go bump in the night...we must make sure to make awful snoring noises and nasty smells and all sleep in the same room...Tamsy likes out she's a night owl and will be pinballing it down your halls...oh wait..that might be me....lmao...See you tomorrow!!!

Stacy said...

tee hee i figured out a way to get shantal into dancing i told her she could wear makeup and now she wants to try lol!!

Lynn said...

totally cool pics!!!!!!Especially the one of your little girl, oops i mean boy!!!!! lol have a great night!


Linda said...

way to go on the soccer. that is so cool. My kid sings that song all the time, out loud, everywhere, and she's flippin 17...I wish she'd stop. She's even makes my little Abbielicious dog dance to it...much to Abbie's disdain. LOL pics, love the blog...take care chica.

Ronda P. said...

So glad you got a post in! Love all those pictures, especially Vaughn or is it Valerie! Girl we aren't famous...just notorious!

Jude said...

Your little soccer superstar is so cool, playing for the other team. I love it! And the dance pics, adorable... where does she get that photogenicness from??? LOL. (is that even a word? photogenicness? Oh well, if not add it to the Jude dictionary with knockedupedness.)Boy in headband, that picture should come in handy someday!