Monday, June 04, 2007

i am in yard work hell....

Here is a catch up on the mundane. I have so much yard work to do before the first weekend in July that i want to hide under a dirt pile and rot with the wormies! It is looking sooo pretty. Hey mom, I planted some real live plants and everything!!! So boring yes but here are some after and during shots.

this is the front walk so far, I have another flower bed to plant but I thought I would forgo the heatstroke and save it for a cooler afternoon.My grass is all dead because the crazy people who designed the house had the downspout draining there and across the walkway so you have to walk overtop of it...WHY???Why?? So now, see that pretty tree? It hides the downspout from view and it drains there and out onto the sidewalk, no tripping. TOAD_ you are a god with a little "g".

and of course...we have the camera you-know-what. This gal never misses a photo op. I am signing her up for modelling at CMAC where I modeled. She is a natural!
Also- health update: my problems with the tumor/cyst that I had are still giving me trouble and the bloodwork came back and i am on yet another round of drugs. Good news they say, I have an appointment with the specialist in August/ September unless something more serious comes up and they have to bump me...I am like what the dum@ fruck? (thanks Emmerson) Hmmm...I am sitting there thinking gee haven't I waited for 6 months to get the appointment, I have to wait 3 months to attend the appointment but they may bump me???? I am also waiting for my "second opinion" appointment. Okay, so thanks for the appointment I hope the tumor isn't something that's gonna kill me cuz I kinda am a single mom of four. 17 prescriptions for my so called "bladder" infection since Vaughn was born. I'm no doctor but hey if ya don't know, say "i don't know" and find someone who does!
Moving along.
Remember this pic?

okay, I can't find the original, i think Jess may have posted it on her blog. I scanned it, printed it twice the size in black and white then cut out my eye, lips etc on some basic grey paper. I used punches, Heidi rub on words etc and came up with this cool layout. STOP reading and pat me on the back cuz I may be a contender for some free goodies! I seriously got up at 7 am and worked on this until it was done.The arrow is pointing to the word breathe but you can't see it well from this pic. Stacy and jess saw it in real life and maybe they were being nice but I did the little dance just for my bad self! Thanks for the inspiration gal cuz you rock! I also got this idea from an ad, I think it was tampax! Ha ha. You know you're a scrap booker when you notice the ad design and not what they are advertising! We are a sad little bunch, but who cares I am inspired. Also- I am planning the schnizel of birthday parties for my daughter in the back yard so off I go for yes, more yardwork. Tomorrow I am going to visit blog sistas and see what you gals have been up to. And hey lady, I am workin on something just for you-get your camera out cuz it's pee your pants funny!


Lynn said...

fabulous layout Tannis!!!!!!


Renee said...

The layout is hot woman...and the yard is coming along too!!! I can't wait to see the final product!!!!

Jude said...

Ok, we must have had the same builder because that is how one of our downspouts was orginally. When the owner put in the porch, they sunk it beneath the concrete, so it is not in the way. So, while you are out there planting your flowers, just rip up the sidewalk, sink the downspout in, and reconcrete... You could be a Home Depot commercial right? "You can do, they can help" LOL... :) Now, must I come back up across that border and kick some Canadian dr. butt? I have been wondering what was going on since they called you. Keep us posted, and I am praying for you girlie! Nice use of the Em verbology too... Dumptruck is the new insult around our home. :) Your LO is awesome!! I love that the tampon ad inspired it!! LOL... :)

Kimberly White said...

Amazing layout Tannis! Loving the landscaping. And hugs to you about all the Dr. stuff, GRRRRRRR (you know what I think about all that). Kim

Linda said...

That lo rocks lady. Hey hopin that health thing gets better really soon, don't dont dont stress about it. Stress increase the opportunity for things to get worse. Let it WILL be okay... that said... thanks for stopping by the blog...I am out here, I have been doing a lot of scrapping, some of which is for a friends baby and so I don't post that stuff. Also some father day love stuff, and I ran out of ink on my printer, haven't bought all new seven cartridges that it takes, and ordered pictures that I was waiting on. I'm also doing some different stuff for me so it's taking me time to think...honey at my age, thinking is just about the last thing I'm able to do LOL...I'm NOT that old.... So I am around, been looking at everyone's blogs just haven't really posted but thanks for the love on my blog, love hearing from you. Ok...did I beat Jude's post length.... yeah... I rock.

Anam_Kihaku said...


as for doctors - want me to come and kick their butt too ? sening huge hugs your way!!