Monday, July 09, 2007

blissfully tired

It has been crazy and I am tired but I have had an amazing time this last week or so. So much going on! I made sure to catch up on all the action before posting. Good thing cuz I was tagged! Wait for my response to that...below.
Free scrapbooking stuff! Yes, that is correct. Want to know when, where and how I know...check this out and see you all there! This will be the first all day crop and I am so excited! Any commuters, you can crash at my place and Jude...I have three bathrooms so you can come too lol!

Anne Geddes in the making! You take the best photos of my babies!Thanks for kid matter what Kian says, they love ya!

Photo from Porter's birthday. In the end it rained but not before we had a ton of fun! How did my kids get so big so fast? I blinked and holy crap! Porter will be in school in September! What will I do with all that spare time??? lol!

...maybe try and teach Vaughn the difference between edibles and non edibles. He thinks everything is food. Poor child of a scrapbooking mom, gets the picture then explains we can't eat sticks, dirt, rocks etc. It totally cracked me up! I can't believe I even had time for photos as life has been so busy!

my other "baby" never seems to be able to eat without getting something on him! Do they make bibs for ten year olds that are stylish? Actually I worked at my mom's golf course this weekend and I coulda used a bib for this guy there too. We razzed him so bad...he went and bought a new shirt! It was pretty funny though! So this is Kian's "mr.Mustard" lick from Canada day. We went to Bower Ponds then to Jessi and jason's for BBQ...and the asparagus was good J...i ate it!

Haillee and Ireland with some sparklers...theya re much more sparkly though. Cuties huh?

and here she is...Andreanne! Our adopted daughter for the summer. We are so happy to have her back! She will be with us until mid august. I am showing her the Stampede, we are white water rafting and momma is teaching this girl to cook! SHe can't even make a grill cheese but by summer's end we will have an honorary "Martha"!

what is this besides a nasty pic of myself? It is a before photo of my back yard! Hence why I have been MIA! I am trying to get everything done before Ireland's party on Thursday.My best gal...

came to visit but she dove right in when i asked if she would help pull weeds and sod the back yard. "WE DON"T NEED NO STINKIN BOYS"!!!! We had this laid out in the wink of an eye! We know, women are amazing but every once in a while we have to prove it to in case the guys forget!

this is an after and it was getting kinda dark but we finished at about 11 p.m.! I will post pics of the whole deal all purdy on Thursday! In my defence, I was a little knocked up last year and did not a scrap of yard work. I am sure my neighbors like me more now because I think they were starting to wonder when I was going to clean up this eyesore. My handyman is working on the play center that is yet to be finished and i am not sure if everything will be painted by Thursday because of the rain, but at least it will be built!

This is the pic I took at 5 am just before i ran out of gas! I drove to Fort Sask to work, then to Whitecourt (saw a comedian who just happens to be fine to look at too!) then back to fort and worked etc....and so it went. In my haze of four hours of sleep per day, a girl forgets to check the gas gage! I'm rockin with my chicks and I see this orange light...yep! No gas! I go to one station and it is closed!I drive a bit further and stop at this shop and a guy tells me the station doesn't open until 7! I had to work at 7 so that wouldn't do. Then this old guy with an accent comes along and tells me there is another one up the road and I could follow him. I had a total flashback of this scary movie....but I followed him. Obviously he didn't hack me up and jack the soccer mom van, cuz here I sit but hilarious what goes through your mind so early in the morning! I made fat cash at work and we will be doing some serious shopping so get out your stash! Only ten more days until I get my scaredy cat cousin on a plane...yes, there may be adavan and funny photos...wait for them. (hey guys, Don't tell Jess if I post them k?)


Linda said...

OK you so have to post those scardey cat pics of jessi girl..... I'm lOL already. Too cute, and hey, wha cha' mean mudding on the quads, I'm sticking your sexy little butt right on a two stroke and teaching you how us bad old ladies ride (LOL). Love ya chica and totally would love t have ya visit. Oh and the pic of Vaghn with the stick..... Memories girl.... memories. hugs

Jude said...

Can't wait to see the after pictues of the yard! I have done nothing in mine this year. The three bathrooms is tempting... and I am so looking forward to Jessi's in flight shots. LOL...

Kelly said...

Holy never a dull moment:) So next time you come up definetly call because I am ALWAYS up for scrapbooking:)

Kimberly White said...

WOW! You are as busy as me these days! Love those photos and that CAKE! Wow! Have a great day Tannis! And I'm hoping to come on Sunday ... not sure if I can though. Kim