Monday, July 16, 2007


I am posting a ton of pics here but there has been a ton of good things going on!

making my daughter's birthday cake was a real task! I always seem to get everything down to the wire. In the end, she was thrilled with the party.

here is the table of all the goodies
all the friends share in singing happy birthday

her favorite present? Her ROXY sunglasses. Mommy fibbed and said we were buying them for her little friend's birthday...oh the puppy dog eyes. Please can i get some and I said no that they were too expensive but maybe if she saved her allowance etc. She was not impressed with my sensible logic until she opened the box at her party and found them. It was a million dollar smile.

The greatest outdoor show on earth should be called the most expensive show on earth! I took Andreanne as she was excited for the concerts etc. Unfortunately, you had to be 18 to see any of them! Total bummer! We wanted to see the Tom Cochrane concert but they were serving alcohol.

Facebook is also a fabulous way to hook up with old friends! My buddy from St.Francis School ( count back almost 20 years ago! am i that old???) Works at stampede and hooked us up with FREE passes! Tim Gleason, you are a godsend! How sweet. Good thing too as a bottled water cost 4 bucks! I was feeling kinda violated because it was scorching hot and we needed plenty of water to prevent heatstroke! So I spent about 80 bucks on water and basic food! It wasn't even really good. But, there is always an upside....

the thrill seeker in me spotted this bad ass ride! It is 165 feet in the air, goes 70 miles an hour which is about 4 g's and luckily, gravity is probably all that prevented me from WETTING MY PANTS!

this is just after the ride and I seriously had to wipe the tears from my face! After the first loop, I was like yeeeeehaaaaaw! Poor boy beside me, said I could hold his hand if I was scared....I don't think I broke any fingers and luckily he smiled after rather than saying hey crybaby! you broke my hand! He is so sweet. Chivalry is not dead people.

Andreanne settled in on a "girly" ride. Bummer, she isn't as adventurous as me but she still had a good time.
I hope summer is keeping all of you busy, smiling and enjoying the sunshine.Update on the health situation, my surgery is tomorrow and then I am taking a little break.
do tell where this break will will have to check back on friday and see cuz I am telling ya it is pee in your pants, jump up and down, and shake your booty great! wait for it.....


Renee said...

The cake turned out great Tanny!!! love it!! And the Stampede looks like fun too..that ride looks awesome!!! Didn't know Robin went too! Cool!

Jude said...

Will you come do my birthday party next??? That cake is AMAZING!! Love how you got the sunglasses as a gift for someone else. Hmmm the 4$ water sounds like Disney... although there it was only $2.50.LOL. Glad you had a fun time though... off to the pool now...:)

Linda said...

That cake rocks, after Jude's you can do mine. Oh nope... can't do that, my birthday is this next week.... Love the cake you are too talented girl. that amazing ride that you went on is cool, we have one here in my area and when it goes down, you are hanging over the Freeway, and on the other side, looking into people's houses, lol.... might catch some action there... JK. Anyway, think the cat is already out of the bag, Ronda let it up. Have a beaut of a time, wish I was going too.

Kelly said...

That party looked liked my kind!!!!!!!Same with the ride I LOVE RIDES. I am looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month even if Trent and Robin have to have acouple drinks so we can visit, it all works for me:):)