Tuesday, July 31, 2007

passionate blog kisses!

well well well! Since arriving home from Denver, I have been in scrap haven! I am cranking out the projects, finishing UFO's and my desk is a blissful mess! Thanks girls for getting the mojo rocking. In fact, I am feeling so effervescent that YOU get your very first RAK my dear so email me your addy and i will get it in the mail!If anyone else wants to see what her RAK contains go here
This is a long "scrappy" post with pics too. First up is the 6 x 12 layout I did in the Phunktography -scrapbook division class (Has a nice ring to it "eh" sweetie?)I also used some thin green stuff over the photo to give it a cool shimmer

Then I have been dishing out the Emily Art cards so here are my last three

my goals right now


and blessed, I am feeling so blessed right now that I made a little envelope and filled it with a bunch more cards and written on them are a ton of things I am blessed with right now.
I completed an awesome little mini album for someone special

and Hey girl! I found the perfect txt message rub ons for my little impromptu txt mini album. Thanks for rawkin your mini album and inspiring me to crank one out in a short span of time!I have started it but I will be sure to post the finished product.
Are you all about to throw up in your mouth yet?So in the spirit of one who posts kids songs and lymmerics: That is not it, no that is not all...I have been scrappin and having a ball! So if you're all turning the color of green, i am not posting just to be mean, visit this chica, and that, you will become like me and the cat in the hat! New found energy, up at 6, to sand and paint and sew and fix!
Here is this month's calender layout from AYTR

I converted this beauty (taking self pics in the mirror and everything!)

to the world of scrap, and she is hooked how about that? Up until one with ink and pens, posting layouts for her friends!
I completed 3 cj's and loved your topic and how my pages turned out!Anam dear, it is in the mail! I took the cj for you ALL THE WAY to Denver and realized it had to go to Edmonton!
So I could talk your ear of about the fabulous weekend I had with my gals Connie, Jeanette and Andreanne but what will you read about the rest of the week? Off to finish at least one essay then visit everyone's blog. MWAH!


camport said...

awww! Thanks!! That's awesome! I have a little something for you CanaNdians, too, but no addy's!

My very first RAK ever...:)

You made my day, miss you all like mad!


camport said...

I lied, your address is on your ATC! BUT not your email address!


Renee said...

So the question is where would u like the nuptuals and JJ and I will get right on that...you could be like Anna Nicole and have a fake one!!! lmao...so when you coming to see me? hmmm??? oh and Keith Urban night...is gals only k? I don't want to have to fight anybody else but JJ for the kissy faces....lmao....

Miss you too girlie girl...

Stacy said...

to funny i have this cj for you that i got what friday already done did it in the bridge when do ya want it? and give me notice to the nuptials and i will save for it lol!!!jesse wants porter to come for a sleep over not sure when i can fit it in to much work yuck!!

Jude said...

I am love all your new scrappiness! I didn't get to see that 6x12 LO, and I love it!! DId the hunny like the mini??? :) Miss you girlie! I will try for the 6th by the way! LOL...

Sarah said...

I love all the stuff you've been creating....you are on a roll!!!!!

Vee said...

i love your mini and layouts and man your cards are fabulous!!
xo :)
miss ya :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow!!! Look at all that creativity running wild all over your blog today!! Love it all!!!

Linda said...

Where's your rockin blogger logo????? you need to put it up because this blog is a rockin girl. Love the new creative mojo... keep it going...love the long post and nice to see you are having fun. Just got a "HUGE" order from Frantic Stamper and it was full of all kinds of fun things and I'm in mojo bliss my self. Happy day girl