Monday, September 17, 2007

ya ya sisterhood

okay, I officially feel like I should be an episode of the Divine ya ya sisterhood! I had the worst week ever! It has been raining like crazy so we have not got a whole lot done around here! I still have no fence in my back yard. I was being nice and said- cement the neighbor's first and so when it came time to cement in my posts, I had to scoop three feet of water out of every hole with a kiddie pail...super fun, don't be jealous!
We get posts in and the boys move the hot tub (onto the sod) so we can dig out a space for it and it has rained and rained...I am talking Noah's ark kinda rain people, so I still have a hot tub leaning against the fence and it is not hooked up.
I wait 2 months for a hair appointment, figured I would go darker for winter(don't know if I love it yet)

and i get a phone call that one of my kids broke their arm, passed out from shock and needs to be taken to emergency. But wait...the school didn't want to "bother" me on my cel phone so they left a message on my house phone. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING?????
It was Porter, (I didn't think it would be anyone else) and the Principal calls me the following day as Kian told them how Porter had to have surgery as he had an impacted fracture. I think they were scared of a law suit or something. I took him to emergency and waited 2 hours but they never told us how bad of a break it was. He asked for a snack and a "nice" (sarcasm here people) nurse told us where to find snacks and drinks, so he eats half a bag of cheetos before another nurse comes and says NOOOOOOOOOO! So they sent us home, no cast no drugs and we came back the next day. By the time he gets his surgery it has been 24 hours no food, water or pain medication.

baby, next time you want to spend the whole day with mommy watching return of the jedi 17 times...just ask!
I am envisioning being in the wal-mart when he says, "mommy, remember that time when you didn't feed me for 24 hours?" and he will forget to add that time I had surgery and people will be evil eyeing me calling CFS!

So I went to my first golf tournament ever! Actually, it is the first time I golfed ever! I got some fabulous prizes...for sucking soo bad!

good thing it was best ball or I would still be there. Someone knew how to golf (way to be part of the team Robin!) and he got to put his name in for the longest shot from the putt or something like that, anyway he nailed it!

my favorite part was putting and using the driver when we tee off! I look so serious lol!

I tried not to notice I was in text message hell and I got a cuddle from my boy!
I came home to a sick babe, cranky kids and to top it all off, Vaughn poops in the tub! I sat to there a God? So aftre scooping floaties, scrubbing the tub and such I come to put his pj's on and he has pulled the entire tissue box apart while his older siblings watched him with glee...some days you just can't win!
After all the crap, I did some scrapbooking and made some things for Vaughn's birthday

I never did get to make a cake cuz I was at the hospital. I do love how the goodie bags turned out though. i used a red lollipop and alphabities MM to spell stop and I put little cars in the bags that the kids could drive on their placemats.
and i have to give out big sloppy blogalicious kisses to the one person who helped to make me saner...

in case I don't tell ya enough..I LOVE YOU TO BITS! you are the best sista from another mista that a girl could ever ask for and I want ya to know I would be lost without you! So that is all. i doubt I will post before I leave. When you give birth to my God Daughter, txt me or something and I will do a dance of joy in trafalgar square! Off to England on thursday with Robin, offf to see Keith Sexy pants Urban tomorrow and Renee is coming tonight yay! Things are looking up!


Kimberly White said...

Ohhh Tannis! So sorry about Porter! Hope he's starting to feel better! Hope you have a better week this week! Kim

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my goodness. Bless his little heart!! I think I would have had a fit if they called me to say one of mine had a broken arm! He sure looks like a trooper!
LOVE the hair, and love the golf pictures!!!

Mika said...

Hope Porter is feeling better, love the pic of your sister. Mika

Linda said...

Man I feel bad for Porter. I had a serious break and man they rushed me into surgery. That sucks cuz the pain is not fun. anyway, glad that got taken care of, love the goodie bags and such, and so glad you had a good friend to help you through. Even though you have tissue all over your house now. Have a fab time in England and with Keith....yummmmm

Linda said...

Hey girl, give me a shout on Facebook, want you to join me in a new cj

Jeanette said... made my eye well up with a little tear....and all i can say in return is that I admire you and im so proud of you...what you had to deal with this last year is enough to make anyone wanna buy a gun and go glad your my life and im here for you anytime...Big hugs to you.....loves ya!

Jeanette said...

Oh ya...i stopped by your house when you were gone to see how the kids were...and there still alive...grandma hasnt gone crazy yet is so cute in those baby.!