Monday, October 29, 2007

Puke and more puke and puke oh my!

hello! It seems there is a bad link on my blog and no one is able to post.My kids decided to get the 24 hour flu but they made sure to get it one after another so I had to clean it up four days in a has been almost a month since i posted! Maybe that is why I feel all out of sorts...I miss my blog sistas!
I could whine and moan but it seems I can't catch a break. I have listed my house and I don't want to move but my world is upside down! Upside...I have been scrapping like crazy! I completed three mini albums and am half done my England album. If the camera cooperates, I will upload some pictures.
For you local gals, I received my new shipment of product including the 7 gypsies interchangeable stamp sets and new Maya road clear stamps.Also...da da da- I will soon be in a small supply of page frames albums! I am posting a sneak of the one I started and i love them! they are gorgeous!

This is the cover and keep in mind...this album isn't completed but I wanted to share

I did a layout for each of the kids and then in the coordinating envelope, I wrote them a letter on a matching Hambly transparency telling them what I learned about being a mom from them

I included a picture of each of them at birth and one recent one. All of the pics inside the album are on transparencies. If you haven't seen these amazing products, go here

I also finally finished a mini album from my golf weekend.

I stole this album design from the talent rusty pickle people. I wasn't able to complete my projects at Crop for Kids so I bought the kits and am making them my own at home.
Since I have had such bad luck, I figure hey, I am going to brighten someone else's day. So anyone who posts in my comments section between now and when I post next (promise it won't be so long next time ha ha) gets their name put in a draw to WIN a FREE page Frames album!!!
Go here to find out what is coming and how you can pre-order yours.Also-apparently my blog is blocking comments sometimes, if you can't post but want to be in the draw, email me your name!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Back in good ol Canadia!

ok first up...Keith Urban was amazing! I can't believe this picture actually turned out! What was better than Keith?

Being there with all of these rockin gals!

This was my official "i'm outta here photo"

and check Stacy's necklace! I am going to jack it when she isn't looking!

yes...we could almost smell him sweating...but we liked it! At the end, he said wait I wanna love someobody like you, and i think he was looking right at me. Now I'm no home wrecker but SORRY NICOLE KIDMAN!
My favorite knocked up gal had a gorgeous babe named Alden Justice...just in case you haven't checked him out or if ya have and love seing cute babies...go here.
I have been mia and not cuz I don't love my blog friends...I made it to London, Bath and Manchester England. It was so freaking amazing. Who did I go with you ask? Well, with someone who has a face only a mother could love...luckily I AM a MOTHER!

I didn't miss Jessi one bit...ok, maybe a small amount cuz I saw this poster and risked life and limb to take this picture for her in the underground!

I took this photo for Jude. This is milk in a stick and apparently it expires next year! Is that seriously possible? I drank it! It tasted awesome!

Our plane wasn't real reliable...some electrically challenging issues. We rigged up the headsets so we could watch t.v. On the way home we had a three hour delay cuz of an electrical problem....hmmm. I didn't die, which is always good.

and since I don't want to kill you with a million pics, there are more on my facebook account but here is Robin and I in St. James park which is just a 2 minute walk from Buckingham palace. It was fabulous. I am coming to check up on all you bad girls! I hope you were behaving yourselves!