Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Back in good ol Canadia!

ok first up...Keith Urban was amazing! I can't believe this picture actually turned out! What was better than Keith?

Being there with all of these rockin gals!

This was my official "i'm outta here photo"

and check Stacy's necklace! I am going to jack it when she isn't looking!

yes...we could almost smell him sweating...but we liked it! At the end, he said wait I wanna love someobody like you, and i think he was looking right at me. Now I'm no home wrecker but SORRY NICOLE KIDMAN!
My favorite knocked up gal had a gorgeous babe named Alden Justice...just in case you haven't checked him out or if ya have and love seing cute babies...go here.
I have been mia and not cuz I don't love my blog friends...I made it to London, Bath and Manchester England. It was so freaking amazing. Who did I go with you ask? Well, with someone who has a face only a mother could love...luckily I AM a MOTHER!

I didn't miss Jessi one bit...ok, maybe a small amount cuz I saw this poster and risked life and limb to take this picture for her in the underground!

I took this photo for Jude. This is milk in a stick and apparently it expires next year! Is that seriously possible? I drank it! It tasted awesome!

Our plane wasn't real reliable...some electrically challenging issues. We rigged up the headsets so we could watch t.v. On the way home we had a three hour delay cuz of an electrical problem....hmmm. I didn't die, which is always good.

and since I don't want to kill you with a million pics, there are more on my facebook account but here is Robin and I in St. James park which is just a 2 minute walk from Buckingham palace. It was fabulous. I am coming to check up on all you bad girls! I hope you were behaving yourselves!


Kimberly White said...

Wow! You've had an eventful month! Glad you had fun (both in England and at the concert!) See you saturday! Kim

Linda said...

Awesome for you, glad you had fun.

Ronda P. said...

Sounds like a great St. James' park. Such a beautiful walk.

jessi said...

hmmm...think i'm losing it...could have sworn i made a comment on this entry!!! Love the "posh" photo!!!

okay...update please!!!

Lynn said...

so love all the pics and glad you are back safe and sound..... the "old" atlas paper is just from staples hunny out of an atlas book so go knock yourself out!!!! Acid free? absolutely not! Have a great day....

ps I thought I posted on this one

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE Keith Urban. Mmmm....