Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, it feels like Christmas already! I haven't meant to be a slacker but I have added 3 more kids to my dayhome and I am BUSY!!! Don't get me wrong, still lots of time to scrapbook lol! So for everyone who was wondering...someone won a pageframes prize. My blog settings have been crazy and some people haven't been able to post. I did include those who emailed and YOU can kiss Porter as he chose your name!Please send me an email with your snail mail addy.
Yes, I know it is the 14th of November but hey, these made me smile so maybe you will smile too.

you know he is my kid, this little chicken noodle always steals everyone's cel phones

again, the prize for best photo goes to auntie Jeanette! This is so hilarious! Ireland had just finished chewing an aero bar and J wanted her picture so she!

Spidey was winding down at this point but he was still cute. Our big trick or treater was out scoring some candy.
Okay, unofficial poll...anyone putting up decorations or do you wait until December first? I can't help my bad self! I love Christmas! Ireland and I found a gorgeous star to hang above our baby Jesus and it is so pretty.
No I am not knocked up or anything but you know how when youre preggers you get this urge to clean and clean? I have it bad! I have been spring cleaning like a crazy person and rearranging furniture and stuff. Maybe I will be ambitious and post pictures. We have a little photo shoot this weekend for Christmas cards so we will see how it turns out and I swear I will post pics...we even have a surprise addition that may be in a photo or two...until then you will have to be in suspense.


Lynn said...

Great pics! looks like they had a blast! Love Christmas decorating, next week it's my turn! Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

hehehe love the chicken. Too cute, I didn't realize chickens talked on the phone, but then again.... I wait until the first weekend in the month to decorate because I do real trees and the fireplace always dries them out. Plus, can't keep the dogs off of it, and max thinks it his personal version of a fire hydrant....NOT! I actually have to put a kennel around it during the day...that's bad. Love and hugs girl

Anonymous said...

Hey, cute pics and love your work in the previous post!!!! Can't wait to get your CJ too!!