Thursday, December 13, 2007

२५ days

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as I am sure you all know, this is a crazy busy time of year! So here is my first week of Christmas. I am on top of things and this week is almost ready to go so my post won't be behind! I hope everyone shares their books via Ali inspired or wherever. I love Christmas!
The first pic is my cover page
day1- Ireland's first Reconciliation
day2 Photos with Santa but holy crap batman! 20 bucks for a 4x6! I remember back in the good ol days when Kian was a baby it was a twoonie!
day 3- Kian gvae his brother and sister some of the money from his paper route so they could go Christmas shopping and he took them in the stores so I wouldn't see what everyone was getting. What a great big brother.
Day four- Vaughn saw his first snow fall and was so excited. He kept pointing out the window saying was zat was zat! He loved it even more when he got to play in it.
Day 5- I let the kids decorate their tree and unfortunately Kian had a chip on his shoulder but we managed to sneak a photo of him anyway :)
Day 6- yummy! I made a bunch of basic gray paper boxes and filled them with goodies for a cookie exchange.

The next photo is some bottle caps I did up to make napkin ring holders for christmas. I filled them with patterened paper, glitter glue and little beads. I used a mm sticker for each persons initial.

Last but not least I spent yesterday making the traditional ginger bread cookies and royal icing. The kids pick a few of their best friends and give them one of these in a pretty bag in lieu of a card cuz you can't eat cards right?
Last but not least, on a more serious little dayhome boy's uncle was killed in an accident today. He is the father of five. My prayers are with their family at this time but also
you never know how much time you will have with those you love, so make sure in this bad weather and everyday, you let those who are close to you know how much you love them, think twice before getting angry with someone over something that won't matter a week from now, take the time to do something special "just because".
Leave an I love you note in a lunch box, catch someone being good. Hugs for all you bloggers out there!


Lynn said...

Love that little album! Wish you come and do my baking for me! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy!! Gorgeous stuff and 20 bucks for a photo, that's highway robbery!!!

Linda said...

love the scrapp stuff girl. You have been very busy. Love it. Sad about the uncle though. I left a note in my hubbys medicine cabinet about 2 months ago, just a heart stamp and I heart you. He has kept it there ever since. I like that.