Thursday, January 24, 2008

new blog

hey gals...this blog is not repairable so all my January stuff is here, please change your link. Looking forward to your comments FINALLY! Thanks Renee:)For those of you who can't click on the link here's the addy:

Denver, happy mail 52 weeks and 365 days!

This is a serious photo post! I have almost finished my DENVER album! So check out the lovelies! I still have some pages to finish but wanted to share what I have so far.

This is the front cover and first page. I used a hambly transparency and my CIRCLE (I know u love it Karla!) punch to put one of everyone in each circle. The facing page is all our shoes at the front door. The little journal circle says:
Paradise found: there was no beach or fabulous tan but I found paradise amongst the shoes for it meant I was surrounded by friends.

This first one is of Amber, I funked it out cuz this lady has some funky style!

This is Chrissy, supermom and world traveler, and who cares what they boys say Chris, we love your sunglasses and your hair! Boys are silly heads!
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Jude played along and "Requested" a kissy face picture! I was so honored! make me pee my pants!The kids are always asking for a Karla story.

And're so beautiful, I snuck a 2nd page on this little transparency in here right in the middle of the other two! The rest of you all are beautiful too...sorry I was being shy (ha ha I know!) and I got a chance to talk to some more than others.

Kim is fabulous and my page says so! This photo was taken the day we all found out about her fab news...go check it on her blog and our prayers are working cuz her little miracle is coming on just fine!

The one and only who put it all together, the hostess with the mostess...hey what was the deal with the cup cake photo? I forgot to ask then I loved it when I was going through them again so sorry for posting a pic of you eating, but no one ever looked better eating a chocolate cup cake!

I also didn't get a lot of time to chat with Vee but I visit her blog and I am telling you this hunny has scrap mojo like nobody's business! I have jacked a few things!
So that is it for Denver so far...funny Jessi and I must see each other too much cuz there was only ONE pic of us ha ha! Almost done that page!

for 52 weeks I am a couple days late posting the quote but better late than never and I loved this photo so I thought I would post it with it:
While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about. Angela Schwindt.

and one of my pics for 365 days...I loved this cake stand I bought for Ireland's birthday so i keep trrying to find ways to use it. I treated myself and 2 lucky recipients to some costco roses. They were so pretty I had to buy them!
So happy scrappin...if you want some happy mail, go here!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy mail and holy scrap!

Well, for some reason blogger doesn't love me! I am having so many issues with the comments section! So hopefully (once again) I have the problem corrected.
On to bigger and better things.
Does anyone besides me love getting something in the mail besides bills? Well if you do go here. SHe is starting a group for happy mail. Each month you get a goodie bag from a secret pal and there are no bills included! Sounds like fun to me!
I have been trying like a banshee to catch up last year's UFO's so I can make a whole new pile this year lol! So I finally completed Vaughn's first year book. I will post another day. I am having it bound. I love how it turned out but I am so sad that my new little babes is so big! Time for another one.....NOT!!!
I have also been in scrap mode. I actually did myself a favor and packed a scrap bag with certain "pages" and used only what i had packed...amazing myself, I completed every layout I had taken with me and I LOVE how they turned out! WHat do you guys think?

Also, I have decided to partake in the 365 DAYS but pondered how in the heck I was going to get that many photos in one album.I thought of buying the cheesy album from Wal-mart but then I found a fabulous album from Making memories It has room to place one photo per square and serves as a calender. I am going to scrap my favorite photo from the month on the top. You can fit 3 4x6! The side of each calender has a lovely journal spot where I can summarize the highlights etc. I have a couple photos missing as Vaughn decided to rip off a few ( little stinker!) but here is the outside cover and the first part of January

She said she has something amazing in the works for this dilemma as well and though I haven't checked it yet, i am sure it will rock so check her out too!
Last but not least here is this week's quote for 52 weeks:
Well behaved women rarely make history, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

about a dodge...

Okay, so I know there was no horse shoe in my butt when I was born but seriously some days I wonder how crazy things happen to me. Today is a story about a dodge. Once upon a time I had never owned a new vehicle. Being pregnant with my third child, my husband bought me a lease buy back mini van that was a year old. After being left starnded on the highway several times, we did convince the dealer that the vehicle was a piece of junk. Maybe that was their ploy...sell us crap so we come back and exchange it for the brand new 10 thousand dollar more van.
So all preggers we have a freak freezing rain storm and I get in an accident with my new van. I jump out and I'm like oh my gosh, my husband is going to kill me...then the other driver is like OMG!!!! YOu're pregnant! I was a little in shock then I thought oh crap! My baby! Porter arrived via emergency cesarean...fat and healthy.
So the van gets fixed. Then shortly after we get it back all pretty our foster kid takes it out for a joy ride...minor damage but its fine.
Six months later it gets taken again and written off! My 48 months of payments loom above me as I watch it get towed to the wreckers. So then I buy (my third silver dodge caravan)van I have now. I am pregnant with Vaughn and take it to his God parents wedding as I did the wedding cake.
When I wake up in the morning prego brain grabs me and I can't recall where I parked. After a fruitless search I think oh crap! I never checked in with the desk...maybe they towed it!
So I check with the desk and they don't tow but she casually says maybe it was stolen. HUH??? ANd after frantically arriving at the church on time and then getting back to the hotel, security knocks on my door and takes me to see a video...of my car being stolen!
Maybe it is the silver color I don't know. So anyway, we get it home with a screw driver for a key, plastic on the windows and no stereo but insurance fixes it but it never runs the same again.
Yesterday, I am coming home after dropping the kids at school after the dentist and some guy rips through the school zone and turns right into my lane side swiping my silver mini van...writing it off.
Up side, I get a new van and was looking at one at the dealer's anyway. SO this guy kind of did me a favor lol!
I hope everyone else finds themselves as lucky as I have been!
please join in 52 weeks and don't forget to post. A day late due to my accident but week two is:
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. Henry Ford

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

52 Weeks

Well I am one day late but I am so excited for this new year! I took a spin off Emily's art cards and Ronna's 21 day challenge and came up with 52 weeks of quotes. You can do anything goes! This year I chose to do a book that I repurposed from an old vendors catalogue instead of the playing cards. In the end I will have a beautiful book of quotes that I can add to, I can take out and display etc. I hope you all join in this challenge.
I will tag each weeks quote so you can easily find any that you miss.


This first photo is my first quote: it says "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself"

This second photo is another view. You can write the quote and scrap book how it relates to you or what inspiration it invokes or you can just do the quote itself and make it pretty. Make it your own!

My daughter on new year's eve decided to pop all the poppers before her bedtime and she was so tickled by the huge mess of sparkles and glitter. I love the look of sheer delight on her face!

Vaughn was excited for an almost empty cone to chew. We had no big brothers as they were at sleep overs. Anyone wanting to get your Christmas pictures squared away, I have a few sets left for $25 (see previous post for photo and list) if anyone would like one let me know via email.
I hope everyone has had a fabulous Christmas and a great start on the new year! For those who had trouble posting previously, I have made some changes in the comments section etc so please post and then I will know it worked! Thanks for looking.